FrostFayre 2017 & Aquarium Mats

Recovering from running FrostFayre 2017, seven of us played all day 10am-6pm.

Frantic last minute preparations in the village hall, as tables were set up, figures chosen and last minute changes to rosters were made.

Table 1-only a single car’s worth (and not even full) worth of scenery enabled me to set this one up.

And Table 2.

I was Umpire for the first set of games, and so today am rather tired as I was also the caterer, feeding the 5,000 with bread and fishes, ok, 6 of us with pizzas !

Now wading through the 70+ photos Louis took.

On my return last night, my parents provided a belated Xmas present that had been held up:-

Yup, some mates of aquarium plants. They come on plastic grids and can be popped off, or cut up in to useful “organic” shapes.

This one as you can see is about 25-35mm high, ideal for jungle terrain for Ghost Archipelago.

My parents had got me three of these mats as a bundle off of Amazon after all of us had scoured pet shops and garden centres only to be told that staff knew what we wanted but could not order them, nor could they say when they would be next in stock as it was up to suppliers.

Once again, the local shops lose out. 😦

Watch out for this stuff being carved up and added to bases shortly.

FG: Alone in the Crypt, again and again

For FrostFayre 2017, I have two total newbies, and two relatively inexperienced players, going up against three more experienced players with commensurately experienced Warbands.

To balance things out a bit, the four lowest got gifted by muggins a Captain that was guaranteed to survive the “Alone in the Crypt” scenario that appeared in Spellcaster 1 magazine…oh wait you haven’t heard of go check it out !

It’s a mini dungeon crawl that can be played solo, so i thought it’d be good. Sadly two of the 4 couldn’t manage to find time/resources to do this.


As per the scenario, a huge central hall, with six side corridors, and the mission is to escape…but there’s three treasures…and wandering undead after you !

I played Gavin’s Captain first.

A magical arrow missed and we were into combat with the two armoured skeletons closed in – see I told you you need them !

Gloves of strength were the first treasure found.

Two defeated skeletons later, and still no way out found a zombie got trashed. Loads of Xp being racked up here.

Four exits checked, no dice, and now two more zombies turn up.

Fifth exit checked, still no way out, the final treasure is checked, and Gold is found, stuff the gloves, the gold gives the Captain 20XP instead, which is good for gaining a stat/skill ! Unfortunately a Ghoul turns up.

Heading for the final possible exit (guaranteed) with all haste as a gribble appears.

That was the first time round as well.

Next up was Clive’s Captain.

Different model, same set up.

The dungeon floor tiles are by Osprey on their resources site here.

Again the first treasure is looted, the armoured skeletons trashed. The potion of healing found will come in handy because this time it isn’t Zombies that turn up as the wandering monsters.

It’s Frost Wraiths !

the first one was slain with the magical sword the Captain gains as part of this scenario. Just as well as he was down to 6 health. So the potion of healing gets glued back as the Captain searches three possible exits.

before whilst heading for a fourth potential exit he got jumped by another Wight that glided into the crypt, and reduced him to 8 Health before again being slain (phew).

Another Captain escapes, and only after a quick deviation to the treasure and gets Gloves of Strength.

In summary

An excellent little scenario. Other people have played it and its gone horribly wrong, but if you keep your head and get a bit of luck you can get out with a lot of experience and maybe, just maybe some treasure.

Richard also had a crack at this and I’ll maybe add that write up soon.

This is useful to enable a low level war band get a more useful Captain to help them along when fighting higher level waqrbands.

It would be gratuitous to try and supplement and experienced Captain though, so only new Warbands recruiting this Captain that survives this scenario.

The Captain(s), Gregory Peck, and a cat who can’t hide

So last minute painting before FrostFayre 2017 tomorrow, I decided to finish off some Captains and a few other ne’er do wells that have been loitering half finished.

First out, some Henchmen:

A crossbowman, and two thugs. All originally by Citadel, the left and right hand are now available in Foundry’s medieval ranges. the middle is not I’m afraid.

Now the Captains, and a Knight.

Citadel AD&D [Male] Fighter, bought from an old friend (Paul) a very long time ago)
Citadel  AD&D [Female] Fighter, she’s the Captain of Lady K (see next photo)
Marauder Fighter, acts as Knight, and was the infamous black knight (when undercoated only) who slaughtered three of JP’s minions in three rounds. 🙂

The shields you can get from Foundry – I have a limited stock of the original Citadel plastic ones but not the really big ones like this.

I did the Captains and Knight for a reason, as will become clear tomorrow.

Gregory Peck, from 1985, sculpted by Kev Adams, I’ll dig out the scan of the full range of Zombies after tomorrow.

His mate is from the Frostgrave Ulterior Motives scenery pack, and has a map tacked to his back.

Yup, there is a carrion crow pecking at Greg’s brain.


Talking of brainless things…

No, Black Jack still can’t hide. I “lost” him whilst having my evening meal, but a quick check of the lounge revealed his not so cunning hiding place.

Obviously, he needs to see a Public Information film on “How not to be seen”:-

A clutch of figures

Delayed by photobucket being down yesterday. Here’s a cloth of figures I’ve done ahead of FrostFayre 2017 tomorrow.

Some more skeletons, with 7 players and ~20 treasures, they’re bound to be used.

Armoured skeletons (ditto).

Giant lizard and snapping turtle for Ghost Archipelago. They were knocking around and so I thought I’d paint them before they end up at the bottom of a box somewhere, lost.

Finally, a clutch of eggs, with two hatching.

IIRC, they originally came with the Terror Bird that Copplestone did, guess I will have to paint my mummy and daddy next.


BlackJack, showing how not to hide.

GA: The Cow Incident

In late November my mother announced that unlike the previous 5 years, we would be exchanging presents with my Aunt and Uncle. So I had to revisit my Xmas list and dream up some more low value items the family could buy.

So I hit e-bay for some cheap scenery for Ghost Archipelago.

Of course, the photos are quite small, so I failed to spot the white blob on this item that I received yesterday.

Yes, a cow and calf, on an aquarium ornament. (AKA wargaming scenery piece)

For more information on small cows:


Obviously meant as a corner ornament, the back side (!) had no static grass.


…the cow was sawn off with a small hacksaw I’d bought before Xmas, and replaced with a fern (GW Barbed bracken piece).

Some more static grass.

And some more static grass for the back side.

Arachnophobia, Ghost Archipelago style (and a DOH! moment)

Whilst prepping for FrostFayre 2017, I am clearing up some items in the to do pile. This time the second box of giant spiders I found.

Painted up for Ghost Archipelago.

I added a few pieces of barbed bracken for good measure.

Base don this critter’s markings.

So far so good, I started on a third batch of skeletons…


yes, I’d superglued the torso on to the legs the wrong way round.

The perils of doing models late at night after a few too many glasses of vino collapso.

Ghoul King and retinue

Well we have to have something defending the treasure don’t we?
The Ghoul King has been loitering on the painting desk for far too long.

I had to put the model on a 40mm base as the 30mm round base was just that little bit too small.

Nice model. Wells sculpted.

Some more ghouls to flop out on to the table. I bought a job lot on e-bay. Al old metal GW items.

I expect I’ll have a fair few of these on the table for FrostFayre 2017, and I now have a bout 12 od them ready for that, and another 7 or so being done up for Ghost Archipelago. And yes there will be subtle difference.

And yes, there are some models for that I’ve finished today – too late to photo, so I might get them published in the next couple of days.

Here be Treasure 2

In advance of FrostFayre 2017 I bought some more treasure tokens, just as well with 7 players, and the usual 3 treasure tokens per player I’d need 21 tokens. Add on the Fools Gold, and Reveal secret options and we’re looking at nearly 30 tokens,

Now, I’d already got a fair number of treasure tokens, as described here, but thought I needed more.

So I set about painting up another set of tokens from Ristul’s, available in the UK via the dice bag lady (Bad Squiddo).

Good job I invested in a KR Multicase just for treasure tokens this summer !
I now have loads of tokens for different games.

The photos are a bit dark and I can’t photograph all of the items I have – they’re very good tokens from Ristuls and I have more from Citadel and Foundry, as today is the Winter Solstice and there is SFA light.

Renovations, again…more old Mordheim card stock scenery

Back in the good old days…

The original box set came with this card stock central pillar that could act as a focus point in a game.

As you can see it’s rather worse for wear after 18 years of use and abuse.

the base is only raised up by about 5mm, and the central pillar sits within it, but has inevitably sagged downwards.

So to make it more robust, I prepared a proper base, which would be flanked on all sides by about an inch with my regular paving slabs.

And then a pile of card offcuts to sit underneath and within the pillar’s base to support it so it doesn’t sag as much.

Ta – da !
I also added some skulls from the GW skeleton sprue to cover up some of the damage that had occurred over the years.

Now this can sit in the middle of a square for the FrostFayre 2017 game and I won’t have to worry about ti falling apart.

Dates for the Diaries – AVBCW & Frostgrave – Hereford 2018

The AVBCW TNG guys (Clive & Roo) were in contact today, with updates on two new AVBCW Big Games planned for 2018, so if you’re in the West Midlands region and can get to Hereford, here are some dates for the diaries:

– FrostFayre 29/12/2017

– AVBCW 17/03/2018 – 6th Anniversary extravanganza !

– AVBCW October 2018

Yes it is SIX years since JP and I held our first AVBCW Big Game in Burley Gate Village Hall.

We have handed over to “The Next Generation”, but are being welcomed back (as ever) to be special guest stars at the March game.

If you want to attend any of the three events listed above, make a comment below and I’ll put you in contact with the right people (Clive, Roo, and me).