Here be Treasure 2

In advance of FrostFayre 2017 I bought some more treasure tokens, just as well with 7 players, and the usual 3 treasure tokens per player I’d need 21 tokens. Add on the Fools Gold, and Reveal secret options and we’re looking at nearly 30 tokens,

Now, I’d already got a fair number of treasure tokens, as described here, but thought I needed more.

So I set about painting up another set of tokens from Ristul’s, available in the UK via the dice bag lady (Bad Squiddo).

Good job I invested in a KR Multicase just for treasure tokens this summer !
I now have loads of tokens for different games.

The photos are a bit dark and I can’t photograph all of the items I have – they’re very good tokens from Ristuls and I have more from Citadel and Foundry, as today is the Winter Solstice and there is SFA light.

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