2 – Experience Levels

Each Unit is assigned an Experience Level from 1-5:


  • These are the Shock Troops, highly motivated and well trained
  • A well oiled machine they are good at shooting and combat
  • They have high Initiative and are well disciplined


  • These guys have been through a fair amount of firefights
  • They have bonded together
  • You can trust them with all sorts of stuff
  • They can use their initiative a lot.


  • They’ve been trained for a good few months, have bonded with their NCOs and oicers
  • Well so you think !


  • Inexperienced conscripts and recruits
  • They sort of know what end of a gun is the wrong one, other than that they’re pretty hopeless
  • they are motivated enough to follow orders though and do something useful other than be a lead magnet.


  • These are Civilians, unwilling conscripts, slaves and the like, all they want to do is get away, they’ll do the bare minimum on the battlefield
  • They lack initiative, aren’t good at shooting but can be a bit better in close combat because they do still want to live
  • You can’t field heroes, Officers or NCOs with them – they’d make zero difference spending most of their time herding these cats
  • Similarly exciting weaponry are off the radar,they just don’t get it.
  • Think of the most unreliable units in the RCW armies these are at best meat shields for the other units, and are if anything more unreliable.

On top of these Experience Levels, are Heroes, Officers and NCOs which are specific figures that command and control your army. Typically you will have one of two NCOs and an Officer. More rarely a Hero.

Level Discipline Shooting Combat Initiative  
Elite 7 6 6 5  
Veteran 6 6 6 4  
Trained 5 5 5 3  
Green 4 4 5 2  
Unmotivated 3 3 5 1 No Officers, NCOs or Heroes allowed
Hero +3 +2 +2 +3  
Officer +2 +1 +1 +2  
NCO +1 +1 +1 +1  

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