Screw when necessary (AVBCW Supply Dumps)

Well that got your attention !

Armies rely on logistics, supplies and so on. So its only reasonable that scenery should reflect that with supply dumps etc.

Straight from the UK MOD, you read it !

Screw when necessary.


In amongst the stuff that didn’t go into storage was a bag of half painted supply dump stuff – resin scenery pieces whose origin eludes my brain cell.

So in the run up to 4th November when we are having one of our AVBCW Big Games, I thought I’d drag it out and paint it up.

Placed on 40mm round bases, I raised the resin pieces by using some card chopped off of a recent order. This means they don’t blend in/get lost in the flock.

Three of the normal pieces, made up of multiple items glued to the same base. Includes lewis Guns and SMLEs.

Great big pile of ammo boxes !

No, I haven’t written “Screw when necessary” on the sides. 🙂

I have enough for 10 items of scenery, and also found some with German helmets, and British WW1 Pith helmets, so they’ll be good for BoB stuff – to follow.

Nullmen and shiney Magical discs

The Sellsword campaign in the Frostgrave Folio requires some Nullmen in the third scenario. Whilst I’d hoped Jim and I would do the first two i feared that we might get to the third soon. But there are no Nullmen figures commercially available !

So I bought some Copplestone Castings grey aliens – there’s no mention of how tall the Nullmen are for Frostgrave so they fitted the bill and were relatively cheap.

One person on LAF has sculpted a couple of Nullmen and is thinking of casting them up, so those will be added to this lot as and when !

meanwhile I have also been doing up some magic circles for “The Keep” scenario, this time in shiney gold !

Ice Wyrm & Templar

Remember when I painted figures ?

One Ice Wyrm, and one Templar.
I’m still at it.

This Ice Warm is by Alternative Armies, and is a resin 15mm model. Very light weight perfectly cast.

However as you can see from the previous photo it is big enough to go maw to toe with a 28mm figure.

It’s on a 50mm diameter round base (GW).

the Templar being an old Marauder Fighter.

Very easy to paint.

FG: The Stars are even Wronger !

Well as I commented in the last post things had started to go pear shaped. No problem, that often happens and all I had to do was fight back.

The demon was beaten off by the Ghoul, so Klotilda did the dirty work and defeated the Ghoul.

But what’s this ?

Having been injured, KIY himself got shot and zapped to the point of death !

Wizard down.

Now that cramped my style a hell of a lot.

And then the same happened to Klotilda my apprentice the next turn.

Followed by the marksman going down.

And then a treasure hunter carrying…treasure…

Followed by a thief.

Then the Apothecary as the second treasure hunter dealt with the latest Imp.

Who was then zapped after slaying the Imp…

…by Doozlebat who had Leapt to the top of the tower to collect some treasure.

At least Barry the Bear went down to one of my Treasure hunters !

So, I escaped with only TWO treasures.
– the war hound died
– a treasure hunter died
– the marksman was badly injured and will miss the next game
– Klotilda was badly injured and soaked up 75Gc to fix

…and so I made a net loss of 17 GC overall after medical bills and replacing the dead.

Not my best of days.

As Jim commented his strategic plan was to “roll high”…which he did with virtually every turn featuring him rolling at least one natural roll of 19.

I managed to increase only two levels, thanks to casting Absorb Knowledge, which seemed to be this nugget of wisdom: “Roll high”.
My dice rolling sucked big time.

Oh well, onwards and upwards to the next game.

FG: The Stars are Wrong

Started going through the Sell Sword scenarios with Jim on Saturday, first one was the Stars are Wrong.

Six pillars set up.

Magical beams zap between them if people roll 1-4 on initiative.

We also chose a school of magic each that would not work:
– Enchantment
– Elementalism

So not elemental bolt for me, no magic weapons for Jim
No telekinesis for either of us.

But for the first turn that didn’t matter as Jim won initiative by a long way (which became familiar), and with a leap, his captain was on the treasure.

So I threw in my first Imp.

Above which was reciprocated.

KIY studiously avoided getting in between pillars.

Just as well, because in the second turn…we both rolled low and two magical spouts fired between pillars, one of them catching no less than 4 of Doozlebat’s war band.

Resulting in one death and two injured minions.

At this point I was feeling ok.

Even though the Imp had seen off my captain pushing him back and injuring my war hound.

Undettered, Doozlebat’s minions finished off the Imp I had summoned.

Picking up a treasure Dioozlebat’s minions triggered a Ghoul, which turned up behind me and promptly charged into combat with Klotilda my apprentice. Good job the demon she had summoned was on hand to help out (NOT).

Unfortunately, Doozlebat himself bone darted John Wayne my zombie, at which point things all started to go a bit pear shaped…

To be cont’d…

FG: Snow Leopards

Two that have sat on my painting queue for too long.

Leopards by Foundry, I looked up the appearance of snow leopards.

FG: Field Research 2 (Part Two)

At this point in the game, I simply wanted to escape with as much loot as possible, KIY had got three lots of experience (within 10″, within 6″, and in combat), and had three treasure chests. And with a war band divided in two was in no shape to take on Miss Mazement and Hashpot Dribbleweed.

So with Mazement’s guys bearing down on me I through in an Imp, which I should have done at the beginning of the game and hadn’t. DOH !

And just to be sure Lkotilda summoned a demon to act as a meat shield.

Just as well, because Mazement’s lackeys ran away, leaving the Imp with one target…my war band. DOH !

As a parting gift I conjured another Imp at Hashpot’s retreating minions.

Whilst KIY headed for the hills (or board edge !).

So basically I had got pretty much everything wrong.

My deployment was lousy, my tactics were not good, and my dice rolling sucked big time.

A complete reversal of fortunes from the mornings game. I only gained three treasures, and three levels of experience.

At least I lived and learned this one.


Here is Jon’s take on the day’s events.