Catitude !

After the Big Game and my overnight visitors, I had to do a lot of kowtowing to the Powers That Be – Cats.

BlackJack in particular made it obvious who he thought was in control.

Yup, my seat, is now his seat.

And he will be using the laptop to surf the inter-cat-web-net !

Popodoms, are a valid feline food choice.

Sleeping off the popodoms…or is it just BlackJack can smell a strange human has been sleeping on the futon ?

When he should have been hunting down some Pheasants and bringing them back for me – yup, loads of pheasants in the field and my garden currently.

WHFB: DS1 Dwarf Cannon

I’ve previously posted some photos of the DS1 set, a Dwarf Cannon and the rarer vacc-formed terrain piece it originally came with and the resin casting(s) I now have of it.

(NB: Picture is from The Stuff Of Legends)

Asa you can see, the crew come on very small bases, and would stand on an uneven surface. Hmm, not good. I could just see them falling over every time somebody sneezed if they were on the wargames table.


I asked Richard if he could grind off the bases, and then use magnets to secure them to the base…and he did.

Tiny dwarf feet back then, tiny magnets.
The crewman also received a repair as his lighting stick had gone AWOL, so it was replaced with a plastic one.

And more mangets put into the base (and a bit of greenstuff).

Now I have to paint them.

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Alan & Rita’s Photos

Alan & Rita are two of our new recruits:

‘Dear Sirs,
My lads and I were shocked at the calumnious imputations in certain quarters that we are in any way violent or dishonest. We are a peace-loving local residents association (the razors we carry are purely for personal hygiene), and abhor violence, but feel it our duty to fight for our rightful king, God bless him.

If, in the course of our military duties, we happen upon any trinkets lost, mislaid or abandoned we consider it our Christian duty to take them into our safekeeping until such time as they may be reunited with their rightful owners ( upon payment of a suitable fee for handling, warehousing, administration, etc, naturally). Should this prove impossible in a reasonable time (say 24 hours) we would dispose of said items through certain outlets known to us, and any financial accruals resulting therefrom would be used for charitable works in the Gas Street neighbourhood.

I hope this sets the record straight (else the boys might come knocking !).
Yours faithfully,
Frederick Lightfinger,
Lieutenant, commanding Gas Street Irregulars.

Here are their photos.

They were playing on the same table as myself – in fact it was Rita’s first Wargame.

Alan’s crack 6th Form girls advance through a field.

Whilst Rita’s forces formed a gun line to shoot them down.

Clive’s Anglican forces of the FALSE Bishop of Ludlow. 😉

Having looted the cottage, Alan’s Royalists join the BUF advance on the village.

A close up of the Royalists and BUF, their pockets bulging with looted items, their faces bulging with looted food.

Let loose the dogs of war !
(Hope they come with pooper-scoopers)

Alan’s Royalists cross the river, get shot up by Rita’s Anglicans and end up “Jumpy”.

Run for the trees !
The surviving HQ section and 6th Formers head for the trees.

here’s the point where Captain’ Arrowsmith’s tank, reversing back over the bridge (parapet) was attacked by Anglican infantry, only for the BUF infantry to chuck some grenades to drive them off – one of the few times grenades have been used in a Big Game. Hmmm….

Thanks to Alan for these photos – hopefully he did get an evening meal…we think he did as Rita won the firefight… 😉

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – And the last but not least table

Random photos from the third table: Dorstone. (NB: Two links to other better write up’s are at the bottom of this post)

Basic layout.

Royalists under the command of Rob come to the rescue of the defenders of the village.

Beseiged as they are by Sir Gilbert’s dodgy underlings including some bent coppers.

The centre of Dostone, apparently there was much running around as the attackers closed in, and it was unclear on which table edge the rescuers were coming from initially.

Fighting intensifies as Sir Gilbert’s mob close in on the hastily erected barricades of the defenders.

Royalists under Rob mass on the edge of the table to move in for the rescue.

Whilst at the other end of the village the Anarchists move in, controlled by Matt.

More detailed and coherent write ups can be found at these well dodgy sites:

JP’s Herefordshire 1938


Sir Gilbert’s View from the Hill

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – And then there’s the rest…

Some random photos of the other two tables – Kington:

Basic layout.

Kington defenders. (Royalists)

Kington attackers – Derek & Mort’s Anglican troops.

And so they advance on the town…

But not just from one side – the defenders are attacked on several fronts. Houses burn under bombardment. (Captain Arrowsmith not involved is the claim)

More improvised armour rolls in to the town.

The Royalists eventually win.

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Part Three


So things were not looking good for the BUF & Royalists – but then a few lucky dice rolls and the tank on the bridge moved forward, the BUF mortar spotter team crossed the river.

And this was supported by:

…the BUF infantry moving up in support along with Captain Arrowsmith’s command.

Whilst my tank also finally moved up along with the third infantry section. My foolish move to send the first unit across the river resulted in predictable failure with the lone LMG gunner left who was Suppressed.

But then, Clive unleashed his surprise weapon:

A pack of trained dogs with explosives attached to them ! And they charged straight for the tank on the bridge…only to be gunned down by crack machine gun fire in one single burst.

We now had the dilemma of which was worse, training dogs to be suicide bombers, or shooting the dogs ??
Call the RSPCA !

For good measure another machine gun wiped out the handlers who were further back by the barn.

The Royalists under Alan, and Rita’s Anglicans were exchanging fire and each was being whittled down. By now Alan had got his HMG across the river and was raking the Anglican lines.

Clive brought up a small armoured vehicle (aka Tin Can).

The BUF decided to take a gamble and push everything forward.So my two sections and HMG crossed the river, wiped out the Anglican advance guard, and waited for my tank to blow up the Anglican tankette.

Unfortunately, at this point, Arrowsmith’s tank crew drove into two road side bombs, shrugged off mortar and artillery fire only to lose their nerve from rifle and LMG fire resulting in them reversing back onto the bridge pushing their own infantry back. On top of this, the other BUF infantry unit got stuck crossing the hedge.

At this point we realise3d we weren’t going to make a strong enough bridgehead.

But at least I got my reWenge, and my tank brewed up the tankette, finally.

My HMG also had the final word, massacring the Rocket Launcher crew who had marched across the board to my side, and literally stood in a nice line for me to shoot them all dead in one burst.

Clive’s Anglican troops surged forward to try and take the bridge only for BUF hand grenades to devastate one section, and combined HMG and mortar fire from both BUF platoons massacre a second section out in the open.

As a result of this, and with the skies beginning to bruise as night fell, both sides conceeded it was a bloody stalemate.

The BUF and Royalists had not been able to focus their forces to make a viable bridgehad, but the Anglicans were in no fit state to take the bridge.

Another draw – the BUF and Royalists will have to stage a different gambit if they are to eveer take this bridge.

But most importantly of all, all five players had had fun.

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Part Two


Just when I didn’t want to get bogged down again, my tank bogged down again – right in the flipping gateway – delaying for another round the accompanying infantry. The command section hopped over the hedge, but the HMG unit failed their Jump test asnd kicked their heels for the round.

So two infantry sections and one HMG had reached the river at last – minus the tank and the third section and second HMG (actually, it was compromised – a random event card had resulted in them only being able to fire every other round).

Richard’s tank was now on the bridge, but under fire from everything Rita & Clive’s Anglicans could throw at it…which was quite a lot and the crew had failed their nerve test and become JUmpy. More BUF infantry were also lost as the last rockets were fired.

But that did allow the cavalry room to come on without for of being obliterated immediately.

As a result, the two BUF platoons were being fed in piecemeal against the enemy, so after lunch things were not looking good as we had failed to establish a bridgehead on the other side of the river, and there was a feeling of deja vu.

To make matters worse, Clive pushed a section forward opposite me and started shooting.

The massed Anglican firepower, which was out of range of our mortars, HMGs and tank guns.

this left Alan in the lurch as Rita’s Anglican firing poured their undivided fire into his school girls. There were mentions of who was driving home, that were countered by mention of who was cooking tea that evening !

All in good fun.

And then the BUF got a bit of luck and…