Ghoul King and retinue

Well we have to have something defending the treasure don’t we?
The Ghoul King has been loitering on the painting desk for far too long.

I had to put the model on a 40mm base as the 30mm round base was just that little bit too small.

Nice model. Wells sculpted.

Some more ghouls to flop out on to the table. I bought a job lot on e-bay. Al old metal GW items.

I expect I’ll have a fair few of these on the table for FrostFayre 2017, and I now have a bout 12 od them ready for that, and another 7 or so being done up for Ghost Archipelago. And yes there will be subtle difference.

And yes, there are some models for that I’ve finished today – too late to photo, so I might get them published in the next couple of days.

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