BoB Big Game June 22nd 2013

The scenario is currently Summer 1918 and:

  • The Germans are pressurising the Bolsheviks to eliminate the White Russians in the Kuban/Don area who threaten their advance into the Ukraine and Crimea;
  • The Don Cossacks are taking support from the Germans to hold off the Bolsheviks, and like neither;
  • The Red’s don’t like either the Imperialist Germans, nor the Don Cossacks, but must work with both;
  • The White Russians hate both the Germans and the Bolsheviks and have bounced back after the Ice March;
  • And have support from the Kuban Cossacks, allegedly…

The games will take place on two tables:

  • The Kulak settlement has been burnt ! The Reds have made a strike against clearly rich people who have two rooms and a cellar ! The table will feature burnt out ruins.
  • The next village, that also has some Kulaks !
  • The Whites are advancing on territory the Reds have pillaged, alarming the Germans, who rustle up their Don Cossack allies to prevent the White AFSR gaining a foot hold in this territory…

Details for:

Table One
Table Two

If players could arrive between 10-11am at Burley Gate Village Hall. We aim to start by 12.00 and end by 18.00.

A post game curry after we have cleared away is scheduled for 19.00 at my house.

Charge for the day is £10, including cost of the hall plus a buffet lunch laid on, all local and mostly organic produce, its gone down a treat before. Curry menu here. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR ORDERS BY FRIDAY 8PM.

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