Here be Treasure !

Both Mordheim and Frostgrave centre round getting treasure in its various forms. So in both in digging out Wizards, and downsizing the Lead Mountain range, I found a lot of old Citadel treasure chests, and then some more, and then some more…

So here they are including a Foundry one (open lid). I went for gaudy colour schemes, because SHINEY STUFF lies within.

These are suitable for Frostgarve, and many other skirmish games. Most are long OOP.

The bases are by Renedra.

They arrived in double quick time, and even better I received a refund, as I’d placed a second order for slightly large ones minutes later in one of those idiot moments.

Then with a gleam in my eye (or was it just wind ?), my brain cell had another idea !

My Mordheim Wyrdstone tokens, the old precept card ones from the original box set (now a venerable 16 years old) were looking a bit scruffy and tired.

Yeah, the highly onerous task of spraying some gravel pieces picked from the driveway, sticking them to some bases and painting. A bright green highlighting the edges, and then giving the entire pebble a green wash.

The only downside is that we won’t so easily be able to do the random placement we occasionally did by chucking the card piece onto the board.

And then I did some more of both on a different coloured base, just in case. 😎

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