AVBCW: The Amalgamated Hop Pickers Union & Related Specialists

The Amalgamated Hop Pickers Union & Related Specialists (pronounced Ah P URS), is a traditional trades union formed by the Hop Pickers and other fruit pickers that travel down from B’ham to Hereford and Worcester during the harvest season. It was originally organised by Arthur Wormley a staunch socialist who recognised the need for organisation soon after the Moseley regime took power.

The union is dedicated to protecting transient workers in the West Midlands and West Country from the rapacious greed of the local farmers and land owners. Members were mostly Hop Pickers in Hereford, when Arthur was voted in as President

When hostilities broke out between the various factions in late ’37/early ’38 lead the union members to organise to ensure that law and order (and wages) were restored. On a more equitable and socialist basis as many of the union members were unable to return to their home towns due to the hostilities.

He swiftly commandeered a farm, and from there drove off the local LDV lead by a local retired Colonel who he had executed following the LDV’s failed assault on the farm. After this he set out to acquire more union members and supplies in the locality.

One Response to AVBCW: The Amalgamated Hop Pickers Union & Related Specialists

  1. Chris Moody says:

    Sounds like Wormley is not one to be messed with.

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