The King In Yellow welcomes you to The Lost City of Carcosa.

Here you will find there’s a place for everything, and everything has it’s place
And anything can happen.

In the centre, in glowing majesty, are the Wargames the Byakhees and I play.

The Cats, are also a key component in the Lost City, being ambivalent and mercurial. Hungry, possessive and jealous.
Please see the comments policy before posting anything.

Over there is the Climate Change Denial suite of toilets, where we can flush their weird and wacky science, conspiracy theories and junk away before impressionable minds get tainted and start to believe what they see on TV.

So basically, as a decrepit wargames player, I’ll serve up:

  • hot new battle reports for WHFB, AVBCW and Laserburn;
  • comments on new products;
  • luke warm reports on older battles my flock of Byakhees and I have played;
  • some ‘how to’ tutorials;
  • some AGW related stuff;
  • and other assorted stuff like music, film and comedy.

Feel free to comment !

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