For Sale

Citadel Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys.

These are the original pre-slotta Citadel Regiment of Renown.

Lot One:

27 Miniatures

Harboth, Standard Bearer, and Musician.

Lot Two:

I have a second Standard bearer and a second Musician. There are an additional 25 troopers.

All are either stripped or have never been painted. All in good condition.
Foam trays not included.

Golfag’s Ogre Mercenaries

These are the second edition, on 40mm square plastic bases.

In the original RR box.The box is scuffed at the edges but given its age is not tto bad. The polystyrene tray has a couple of breaks – not a collector’s item, but interesting history…

Full command squad: Leader; Champion; Standard; and Musician. Plus 7 troopers.

I can reference my e-bay (100% positive) profile to re-assure any prospective buyers

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