FG: The Dark Cauldron

Second scenario…picking up where we left off in Thaw of the Lichee Lord.

So here we go Cultists and the dark cauldron, AKA Alan’s paint brush pot !

So I rushed the cauldron whilst using telekinesis to hike the treasure. I wasn’t sure whether I’d destroy the cauldron or keep it.

Lots of combat !

REinsesoap has a grudge against my Marksman – so shot her twice….

Well for 25XP I upended the cauldr5on to prevent any more Zombies turning up.

Minions on the other side take down another cultist.

Unfortunately their boss, Rinseoap, got a bone dart in the head – a natural 20 rolled. Wizard down.

Amnd then my war hound killed his war hound.

And another cultists downed by my opposition that had held them up.

Mansplainmming Rinsesoap’s Captaion destroyed the cauldron to prevent me from claiming it, only to leave him exposed (in more ways than one).

But a bone dart, means a boner is lost… 😉

But then I got carried away and my apprentice got an arrow in the face in return.

Overall I won, but …

FG: The Ice Palace

This year’s pathetic resolution is to write games up as they happen…so Alan and I had two games yesterday, the first of which was The Ice Palace from The Wizard’s Conclave book which we are working through.

First out for Henrietta Quaadaloop as a new wizard in her own right (see the main rule book for how).

Three tables, 3×3…



Great minds thinking alike, Aland and I deployed our warband on the tables in almost the exact same manner – Wizard on 3×3′ table, Apprentice on 2×2′, and Captain on 1×1′ table !

First turn, and my (unnamed) apprentice rolled a 1, and crashed through the floor onto the 3×3′ – no name for her as I’d only just built her using the new plastics set of fame wizards ! So now my mid tier table had no spell caster.

So with judicious use of telegenic, Rinsesoap (Alan) had then upper hand and I wasn’t going to get either of the two treasures on the mid floor.

Two skeletons turned up on the lower floor – the first of many monsters.

And two more on the upper floor which were taken out by my war hound, and markswoman.

Whilst Rinseoap’s Captain finished off a Zombie at the same time.

On the lower floor I used Leap top get my treasure hunter out of harms way and next to one of the exits, which was just as well because…

..because the Ranger got mobbed by Rinseoap’s minions and went down.

Meanwhile Henrietta danced around out in the open because she’d managed to cast Invisibility on herself.

Meanwhile the apprentice joined up with the top tier group running downstairs and encouraged them (group activation. to RUN AWAY.

As were Rinsoap’s minions – again great minds think alike – wee had the loot now get out !

A complex scenario we expected to be more complex, turned into a equal result with 3 treasures each and only one person falling through the floor.

Which gave us ample time to move onto the next scenario picking up from where we had ended in Thaw of the Lichee Lord.

Frost Fayre 2019 Afternoon

For the afternoon, Rob and Brendan swapped sparring partners.

Brendan rolled for scenario and we came up with The Keep, so we placed the four magical discs of teleportation…

On Table 1, Aland and Rob went for a head to head again (I think).

Rassilon took his chance and stepped on to one of the magical discs and was zipped off to the other side of my own board (phew !).

Mud !

The thug picked up some treasure. So now he was at half move due to carrying treasure, and half of that due to Mud ! An excellent way of slowing down your opponent from getting treasure off the board. Kudos to Brendan for having the template printed out.

Next, Brendan moved his Barbarian onto a disc, and it popped up next to m.

Unfortunately, right in front of Rassilon and the apprentice who promptly blew him away in a hail of bone darts.

But that didn’t stop Rob’s Witch bregoo, casting loads more Mud spells, and kudos to him, he had even more mud templates printed out !

Mud, mud, glorious mud !!

On the other flank, my Templar caught an enemy in a co-ordinated attack – still not using Group Activatrion.

And another one went down, but with a judicious Leap spell, the third enemy carrying the treasure got away !


Alan and Rob were having a right kick off.

Alan’s thug hauled off an easy win.

Walls were being magicked up to protect downed wizards and bears.

And bears were also used to feed off wandering monsters.

From our table what we heard was:-

Sounded like 20-20-20-20-20…20……20… have another 20… for a while from tother table.

So we’re up for another game in February now the appetite has been whetted.

Frost Fayre 2019 Morning

Four of us staged the latest frost Fairy – diminished due to drop outs and illness, nonetheless we had a good time.

Two table with two players on each.

Table 1 – Alan and Brendan (Hashpot Dribbleweed and Beagoo, respectively).

Table 2 – Rob and myself (Pwl Dan-y-Uls and Rassilon, respectively).

Rassilon’s band rushed into the centre to claim the treasure after picking up some easy pickings, despite failing to cast Raise Zombie, or Reveal Secret.

A well placed Sigil blew up the war hound however.

The easy pickings were dragged off the table.

As did Pwl with his easy pickings.

Another well placed explosive rune ! Between Rassilon and his apprentice ! Rob was getting the hang of this and came armed with small change.

So we had a set to about one of the other treasures, first down Pwl’s war hound.

And then a ranger down.

And another one down ! My treasure hunter was doing well.

Rob learnt the lesson about Group Activation.

But that wasn’t enough to stop Pwl blasting my thug an inch before getting off the board.

And then blasting Rassilonm, as the Treasure Hunter swooped in to hump the treasure off the table.

A physic victory for me.

Meanwhile on the other table, Alan and Brendan had a very one sided battle going on.

And then it was found that Brendan was using a d20, that only ran 1-10, so it was no wonder he couldn’t roll in double figures DOH !

Which allowed Aland to get away with a lot of loot !

Armed with a proper d20, Brendan did manage to even the odds bit.

Not least by using Control Animal, on Alan’s Bear which made a difference in the swirling melee.

So Rob and Brendan as relative newcomers came off worse to the seasoned Alan and myself – we’ll get them there.

next up – game 2 when awe swapped tables.