Laserburn: The Missing Forger

Expert forger of documents Niloc Blythe has escaped as he was being transported to the space port. Niloc is however going blind and failed to get to the rendezvous point he should have and is now wandering the streets of the port district. The local criminal gang has offered a bounty for his “rescue”, as have the authorities for his recapture.

Providing a gang has not previously been outlawed, then they choose to be bounty hunters accredited by the authorities.

Table set up, Deployment and Special Rules

The table should be set up with a suitable landing pad in one corner of the table, and the clutter of a busy space port. Players should take turns in placing scenery.

In addition, once the scenery is completed, 6+d6 civilian models should be placed on the table, no more than 25cms from the table centre.

Players should roll for deployment, highest choosing side and deploying 20cm in.

The civilians are moved at the beginning of each turn, using direction dice and a d10, players should alternate rolling the dice each turn.

To identify Nolic, a model from a faction has to get within 10cm of him and on a roll of 1 on a d6 its him ! Once identified, Nolic will then accompany that model from then on even if it is from the authorities (he’s just been re-arrested), and is placed within 2cms of that model.


A storm is on its way ! At the beginning of the first turn onwards, the player with the highest initiative rolls a d6 to determine effects of the oncoming storm. On a roll of 1 or 2 the weather deteriorates, on a roll of 6 there is a temporary abatement:

  • Level 0 – Beginning level, no effects
  • Level 1 – Visibility reduced to 50cm
  • Level 2 – Visibility reduced to 40cm, Movement is half rate, and all shooting is at -10 unless using Infra red
  • Level 3 – Visibility reduced to 30cm, Movement is at quarter rate, and all shooting is at -20 unless using Infra red
  • Level 4 – Any model not in light armour or better, must immediately head for shelter, and may not shoot or engage in combat. Otherwise as per Level 3
  • Level 5 – Game over – everyone heads for shelter !

Objectives and Victory Conditions

Primary Objective is to rescue or recapture Nolic. Any faction that gets him off the table gains 50 points of experience for the model that identified him, and another 25 for the leader. All other experience point gains are also allowed.

Any faction representing the authorities, may also choose to exercise extreme justice, and shoot Nolic, in which case the model shooting him gains 25 experience points, and the leader authorising this gains 10 experience points. All other experience point gains are also allowed.

If there are simply two (or more) rival gangs, then shooting Nolic is not an option.

The game is over once Nolic is off the table, or dead. The game may also end as the storm deteriorates and everyone heads for shelter. The final end of the game is if all civilians have been eyeballed, and none of them are Nolic – obviously he’s somewhere else and this is a wild goose chase.

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