Legal stuff

Please note:

  • All photos, text and materials are copyright of either this website owner, or an associate that has agreed to its publication on this website.
  • In all cases, we require that you contact this website’s admin to confirm use of any of our images, text or material to ensure it is being used in an appropriate manner.
  • In all cases, use of these photos should only be used as covered by Fair Use law unless agreed otherwise.
  • This is a private blog site and is not funded directly or indirectly by any commercial organisation.
  • This website does not seek to promote any particular company’s products.
  • Any recommendations for products and services are based on the opinion of the website owner or associates, based on their own experiences.
  • If you think your company, services or its products have been unfairly represented please contact the website admin to discuss a solution.
  • If images from commercial organisations are used, then it is intended in Fair Use – if you want your company’s images removed please contact website admin ASAP.
  • Basically please contact the website admin if you have an issue with any of the photos or comments on this web site.

Otherwise we will unleash the Cats on you.

Further details on Copyright issues.

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