AVBCW: The Church of St James’ Militia

Sir Guy as an evangelical and leader of his church in hereford city itself was unlikely to take the unceremonious removal of the Bishop of Hereford his spiritual and religous beacon lying down. Having inherited some land and being a leading light in his local council, he quickly mustered a small but determined force of militia from the Church of St James.

What particularly irked him was the imposition of a new lay preacher, Sir Hugo, clearly not local and most likely an imposter from the BUF who allegedly had carried out attacks on other Anglican communities in the Three Counties. Only the renowned Sir Bruggan (an insolent fool) had raised Sir Hugo’s ire thus far. Honour would have to be resolved, so it was a fortuitous co-incicdent when Sir Guy found Sir Hugo was aiding and abetting the Baron of Foy in the “Third Way”..thus Sir Guy volunteered his small force to lead the way over The Bridge Over the River Wye….

Their unofficial motto is:

The ammunition is being passed, and the Lord’s being Praised

Sir Guy also has access to a number farms with herds of Hereford Cattle, with their distinctive ginger coats, and recommends their milk as a way of strengthening the bones and spiritual aspects of the soul. And milk churns are great for making bombs.

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