The March Violets: Well it’s a little punk thing

Wandering around unattended by any responsible adult (Byakhee, cultists or deity), I encountered an older Liverpudlian in a yellow “Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks” t-shirt pushing a young child in a baby buggy, who exclaimed:

Blo**dy Hell, I never thought I’d see someone wearing a March Violets t-shirt in ****ing Brom****

Give them doubt and sell them fear.
Well it’s a little punk thing,
Back of my brain,
Keeping me sane.

Made my day.


Special Guest Superstar DJ: WHFB Empire

Yes, another Empire army !

This time from Byakhee Stuart, who I again did a special interview for The Carcosa Times:

My old Empire army was the first Warhammer army I collected. I guess at
the time I wanted to stay in my comfort zone to something that vaguely
resembled a historical army with the classic ‘horse, foot and guns’ make
up. The colour scheme started off being simply red and white as an
homage to my beloved football team, Arsenal. However I started this and
I felt it was missing something and going on my basic colour theory of
complimentary colours I opted to go for a dark green accent.

I was more into painting than gaming, the same goes today really, and
liked to give individual touches to the various units. In my naivety I
thought that the Empire was supposed to be a German speaking nation, my
mind was thinking ‘Holy Roman Empire’ and as a result all the writing on
the banners are in German with the common phrase ‘Wir haben vertrauen in
‘ or We Have Faith in Sigmar. I wanted to stay away from all the
skulls ‘nonsense’ as I thought it and as such I went for more benign
symbology such as the Tudor Rose on the knight’s banner. IT was my first
foray into the whole Warhammer uninverse and at the time I didn’t really
get the whole dark, gothic feel to the Empre.

The collection was pretty straight out of the box really and did not
have that many conversions as such. Favourite model was Luthor Huss, I
still have a soft spot for the old firebrand and if I do Empire again I
will certainly have him there again.

This army was sold on to another collector years ago so if I did Empire
again it would be from scratch. If I did do it again it would be the
full on Warhammer Empire crazyness eith flagellants, priests, wizards,
monsters and steam tanks. I must admit the release of the new war altar
and griffon models has severely tempted me….

More photos of this army are here, if you bought this army from Stuart, feel free to comment/get in touch and update us on its travails ! 🙂

WHFB: Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers

Yes, the one and only piece of artillery Dark Elves get. And we get a measly 3 crew figure options with two crew for each bolt thrower: the ubiquitous raised sword in air pose; and two others. Well this is going to be a fascinating paint job when you have SIX of them to paint. Then there was the perennial problem of how not to paint them black all the time, and introduce some unit coherency.

So, as they are bought in WHFB in units of one or two bolt throwers, I decided their cloaks would be different colours, that’s the best I could think of. So two Dark Grey (almost black), two dark green (to again fit in with the army theme) and two dark purple (ditto). Again some of the scarves were painted an ice blue colour to help brighten up these figures and tie them in with the army overrall.

Gosh how exciting.

I based them on round plastic bases GW used to do, mostly to give them more structural strength. As usual GW have gone for very small contact areas on large pieces of white metal. Despite using stupid glue, all purpose adhesive and impact adhesive nothing lasted more than a few games and its a bit embarrassing when you pour a pile of components on to the table in front of your opposing player’s beautifully painted army. I left the crew separate though.

Then of course, having built these nice pieces of artillery, storing them became a problem. Having sold figures to buy GW storage cases and having ~60 of them I was not disposed to move to a new system. Luckily Kaiser-Rushforth supply foam trays of varying sizes that fit the GW cases. Byakhee Anthony had just invested in a load for his army and they were really good so after a test order, I got some more.

As you can see the pick and pluck system allows you to use the plucked foam to cushion the large bits easily. Well worth the money. The downside of building all these items is that your army mushrooms from a few cases to dozens of cases, hence the re-assessment of my projects given the amount of room that is taken up.

Also, you run the risk of bringing the wrong box for the battle – something I frequently do when going to Byakhee Jim’s House of Doom, Byakhee Richard has apparently solved this by having a few cases but far more trays and then mix and matching before setting out.

WHFB: Harpies & Hydras

Harpies are fragile but dangerous units to field, ideal for flanking attacks, and for menacing warmachine creew as they each get 2 Attacks. Normally a unit of 5 is enough to take on human, goblin, Elf and similar crew, but for Orcs or Dwarves I’d field a unit of 10.

I have the GW Harpies, and have added to them with the new Foundry harpies. They’re all good sculpts but Foundry win out as they are single piece castings, and their wings stay on if you look at them, whereas the GW ones have wings that fall apart on sight.

Here they are in their brand new skirmish movement trays:


I’ve got 40 of them now, which I think is enough !

Of more substantial stature and threat to the enemy if the Dark Elf War Hydra, here are my two darlings – I really must think up names for them but so far its eluded me:

Byakhee Rich helped assemble them with his pinning skills, and then it just seemed rude not to extensively use them. the Byakhees quickly learnt:

Open fire, all weapons !

Renovating Scenery – 4

Lots of glue later, here’s the finished scenery piece.

As a reminder here’s what it looked like:

And this is what it looks like now:

From above:

The rubble as commented was chopped up plastic sprue for the most part, roughcoated, glued into place, and then highlighted. I also added some large bricks I’d received, to simulate the larger stone blocks. I think the mixture works ok.

Some of the lichen bushes were then added, and some rubberised horse hair as well.

This time round I tried to ensure there were space at the corners/ends of the ruins for figures to be placed. Overall I hope its an improvement. And finished just in time for a JIT game request by Byakhee Jim on Saturday. 🙂

AVBCW & BoB: More Movement Trays

A glutton for punishment, I ordered some more movement trays from Sarissa. This time I asked for some custom movement trays suitable for round based figures for AVBCW and BoB/RCW. I specified two types, each for 10 figures. The first would be spaced half an inch apart, the second would be a full inch apart. Some game systems allow figures from the same unit to be up to two inches apart, but I thought that trying to use trays when that far apart would be far to cumbersome and visually intrusive.

Here they are:

And with some fine upstanding BUF populating them:

I think the first option, half an inch apart works well and from memory and use of the Mark 1 Eyeball, looks about what we field them on the table normally.

The second, spaced one inch apart now seems to be very big, and could be cumbersome to use on the table.

Here they are with the normal skirmish tray:

The only problem I have found is that when both base and tray are flocked, its a bit of a tight fit:

Therefore I have done another small order and asked for the holes to be 2mm wider in diameter to cope with this.

Any players of AVBCW or BoB, please comment on what you think of the two new options:

  • Would they be useful ?
  • Do they look ‘right’ ?
  • Would they be ok on the battlefield ?

Thanks !

WHFB: Dark Elf Shades

As you’ve guessed, I’m an avid Dark Elf collector and gamer. I have collected them ever since the first metal based designs came out, and have always loved Cold Ones. I’ve virtually finished painting enough to field at least one of each unit, though my collection is easily twice that, more like three times that size. In all I estimate I have 15k points of Dark Elves that could almost form a ‘legal’ army. The stuff not yet painted is going to feature a lot more conversions and oddities.

Anyhow, here’s some more photos, this time of my Shades – when they start shooting, Byakhee Jim is now duty bound to exclaim:

Ballistic skill 5 ?!

…before doing his Mutley impression
Here they are with their smart new skirmish tray:

I used dark green for their cloaks, mostly Foundry Bottle Green but there is some old GW/Citadel Jade in there as well, and then I’ve gone for a buckskin effect on their breeches.

For the champion, I chose an appropriate stance and then paionted the coat purple to ensure he stood out:

A very useful little unit that really distracts my enemies and threatens artillery crew units. The other units I use for these purposes are Harpies.