FG: Scenery by TTCombat

Some time ago I bought TTCombat’s Savage Domain Ancient Beacon. First item from this company, its cheap and I didn’t pay P&P.

Its quite a chunky piece of scenery, with two main storeys 3@ high each, with what I call a pergola on top.

Nice big stairs so for once you can get halfway up the staircase and leave the figure there.

So how was it it to put together as an MDF kit ?

Mixed experience, overall good. The staircase was complex but fitted together wonderfully. As did the pergola, which had a lot of pieces to fit together.

yet the bulky tower section really did not fit well – the lugs and holes were far too tight and I ended up trimming many of them.

The pergola roof, 6 steps, on each side to make this, and 4 top pieces – so 28 in total. These fitted in perfectly.

So I’d recommend them with some provisos – you’ll need some experience, and a sharp craft knife/clippers. YMMV as this is a sample of one.

Vac formed ruins 2

Here are the other bits.

I didn’t use the masonry paint on any of these as the detail is shallow.

Another simple and cheap piece.

Ideal for both FG, RoSD and other games.

Vac-formed ruins

I’ve bought from Amera before, but took a punt on some more ruins suitable for FG and RoSD.

The detail is soft and shallow, but can be made to work with some good dry brushing.

But this beastie is only £9, so you get a lot of value, and in this case, a nice centre piece for any table.

Or £1 for these two wall sections, simply cut the plastic with a good pair of scissors.

This reminds me of the Bellona scenery I had as a kid.

Painted with my usual textured masonry paint which gives it a bit more heft and rigidity.

Usual stone coloured emulsion, my new light stone emulsion 9another tester pot)…though that was marred when two copulating flies landed in it and had to be fished out.

Puddles made using Agrax eartshade and Camo green washes mixed to make them look like dirty puddles.