Renovations, again…more old Mordheim card stock scenery

Back in the good old days…

The original box set came with this card stock central pillar that could act as a focus point in a game.

As you can see it’s rather worse for wear after 18 years of use and abuse.

the base is only raised up by about 5mm, and the central pillar sits within it, but has inevitably sagged downwards.

So to make it more robust, I prepared a proper base, which would be flanked on all sides by about an inch with my regular paving slabs.

And then a pile of card offcuts to sit underneath and within the pillar’s base to support it so it doesn’t sag as much.

Ta – da !
I also added some skulls from the GW skeleton sprue to cover up some of the damage that had occurred over the years.

Now this can sit in the middle of a square for the FrostFayre 2017 game and I won’t have to worry about ti falling apart.

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