AVBCW Big Game – Hereford 2013

Following on from the Big Game JP and I ran in 2012, we planned another event in 2013 to continue the ongoing warfare in Herefordshire. Again, the focus was on Ledbury, a town besieged by Royalist and BUF factions opposed to its beleagured Anglican and Socialist defenders.

The game is planned to be played on two tables 6×8 or 6×10 depending on number of players. There will be a preponderance of BUF and Royalist troops to offset the defensive nature of the Anglicans and Reds who have some trenches and better cover. There will be limited opportunities for exchanges of orders and troops between the tables.

Each player will be playing using a platoon as generated by Mort’s platoon generator. Experience levels will be randomly generated – the umpires will have been in contact with players wrt this.

  • The Defenders will be allowed to set up half of their forces in the trenches and defences on their side of the board, up to 8″ in.
  • The Attackers, will then set up all their forces up to 8″ in.
  • The Defenders may then choose to set up the rest of their forces or use them as Reserves.
  • At the start of the second turn, the Defenders, may roll a d6 for each Reserve unit they wish to bring on. On a roll of 5-6 the unit comes on as they wish. On a roll of 1, their opponents determine where it comes on (on the Defenders’ side)

Orders must be issued at the beginning of the game. Please write them down, show them to an Umpire and then hold on to them. Reserves may have their orders issued to them when dicing to bring them on. These orders may be simple, like “seize the woods in front of you”, they must not be generic “kill the enemy”.

  • Thereafter orders must be issued only by the controlling player, providing their leader or a member of the command squad are within 12″ (otherwise follow the next rule)
  • Orders from allied players must be relayed by runner, or signallers with a range of 24″ per turn, or (between) radios and telephone boxes. As such, the unit receiving the new orders takes a turn to respond. So in turn 2 they receive new orders, but cannot act on those orders until Turn 3.
  • These orders from allied players must be written down, in no more then three sentences (in English, grammatically correct !), remember to be a gentleman.
  • Units may make sensible changes to orders based on experience levels: Veteran always; Trained 4-6 on a d6; Green Never.
  • Movement between tables may be done, assuming a nominal 12″ separation. However, the controlling player must continue to control the units, meaning you’re dashing between tables. Allied players cannot issue those units orders !
  • Bombardment between tables: Requires an order from the other table, and again assumes a nominal 12″ separation.
  • Each Turn is synchornised between both tables.

The Players:

The Anglican League:

  • Jim (Table 1)
  • Mort (Table 2)

The BUF:

  • Richard (Malvern) (Table 1)
  • Scott (Table 2)
  • Tom (Table 1)

Not Royalists/BUF:

  • Tym (Table 2)

The Royalists:

  • Richard (Kington) (Table 2)

The Socialists:

  • Rob (Table 1)

Rules will be “Went The Day Well ?” v9 (maybe the published version if we can get hold of them!) plus some scenario inputs.
Here’s a link to some of the files.

Please note we have some rules amendments from experienbce:

  • Artillery versus Buildings: Buldings are rated as Small, Medium or Large. Casualties: Small, All ootentil; Medium d6+3; Large d6. No automatic Deviation when firing at Buildings
  • Overwatch: Instead of Move; Nominate area (up to 12″ square within direct LOS); Shooting only on a Coherent Unit; otherwise at GM’s discretion. NB: Don’t try and run one figure at a time across the area as this breaks unit coherence and the Umpires will not allow this !

Please note, we will be using my group’s House Rules for etiquette, in particular, no photos of other players, and no extraneous material on the playing tables when not in use. These rules are non-negotiable.

Lunch is provided (any dietary requirement please let us know). As we have to pay for the catering and the hall, there is a basic charge of £10 per player, £5 for people who come for a look see and grab some nosh, nothing if you’re not eating nor playing*. We will be laying on drinks (tea, coffee, orange juice and lemonade), and a buffet lunch:

  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Bacon Rolls
  • Sandwiches
  • Stromboli Breads
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Crisps

After the games session, players are invited to come back to the dark tower of Carcosa, and enjoy an Indian Take Out.
Menu is available here.

Please e-mail your order to JP. You will have to pay for what you eat ! It will be delivered and there is a surcharge for that*. Please bring enough cash to cover your order, or provide details for a payment via Paypal beforehand.

* As this is in deepest darkest Hereford, we are at least 15 minutes drive from the nearest shop that could cope with more than half a dozen people serving anything other than crisps (and even they are 5 minutes drive away). As a round trip would therefore be 35-40 minutes it is easier to provide lunch during the day, and then get a curry take out delivered to prevent people disappearing for long periods of time !

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