Starfire Elementals, and a new Inn (WIP)

Two more quickies as I grind through the Rangers:-

Starfire Elementals from the Maze of Malcor.

Quite simple to paint, using a 30 year old pot of mettalic blue paint that I have yet to source a replacement for !

I built this Inn some 19 years ago (I hope the Rangers don’t take me this long), but neglected to finish off the tiling until a month ago.

I used the inner cardboard tube of a kitchen roll towel to make them so they have a slight bump to them.

I was a third of the way through undercoating it before I realised a black blob is not photogenic, so here is part of it, its a big construction using my usual techniques, but with added balconies and large bay windows.

Its going to take a long time painting…hopefully not another 19 years ! 😀

Lockdown reading – more and less

Latest reading:

The latest RoSD supplement, which looks like good fun – about to start it this week.

have worked my way through all the others bar Incinerator, as I’ve not managed to lose a Ranger yet ! (Fatal last words)

Least favourite was Temple of Madness which was a slog fest – needs more clues, ideas and treasure.

Really enjoyed Ghost Stone which has got me building and starting to paint Gnolls at long last.

Less reading – The Miniatures Page (TMP), whose regulars finally drove me out with overt alt-right American centric politics and comments. Shame, it was once very useful.

Cultists and Skeletal Knights

Lockdown has led to a bit of ennui, I’ve had these figures 95% complete for two weeks. I finally pulled my finger out to finish them.

Culktists from the Rangers of Shadow Deep (RoSD) range.

Painted to match with my FG cultists. The Temple of Madness scenarios require a lot of cultists so might as well recycle FG cultists.

Sketon warriors which I’ll use as Skeletal Knights etc. Middle one is from the RoSD range, the other two from Artizan’s random fantasy range…probably the same sculptor as they are very similar in size and style.

Now onto some actual Rangers !