AVBCW: The Bridge over the River Wye

Planned for 28th September 2013 JP and I have started writing up the scenarios to be played out on two tables:


During its southwards journey from Hereford to Ross, the river Wye meanders in a series of dramatic S bends (over which runs the Hereford-Gloucester railway), creating almost isolated peninsulas of land, such as the parish of Foy.

With the railway rendered unusable by the retreating Anglican league, a direct advance from Hereford to Ross would have to go through this landscape of undulating fields, looping river and steep wooded banks. However much of the intervening land is under the control of the powerful Landowners’ Protection Association, and the authorities have no wish to antagonise the landed gentry. At any rate, in the eyes of central government, the royalist forces of Herefordshire have already fulfilled their objective by recapturing Ledbury, thus opening up links to Gloucester and more importantly maintaining Herefordshire as a buffer for Worcestershire and the King’s residence at Madresfield. This, plus the expense of mounting an attack on Ross so soon after Ledbury and the pursuit through Much Marcle foundering among the hills and woodlands, has cooled the royalists’ ardour and given the Anglican League some breathing space. Or so it was thought…

The aforementioned parish of Foy, recently under the protection of the LPA, is in a state of change. Sir Peter Mandie-Benjamin, a prominent government supporter and ardent right-winger, has recently been made a life peer under the title Baron Benjamin of Foy and has set up shop in the local manor. Almost surrounded by the Wye and flanked by the deeply cut railway to the west, he intends to turn this isthmus into a fortified staging point for a future operation against Ross and while establishing his fiefdom, is beginning to gather arms and munitions in Foy village.

Furthermore, Foy is determined to repair the damaged railway line to Ross and is rebuilding the bridge over the River Wye at nearby Backney Halt. POWs are being shipped to the area and under the watchful eye of the BUF, and construction work has already begun. Once again the Anglican League must risk an offensive, destroy the half built bridge and eject Foy from the Anglican’s front yard (liberating his considerable stocks of materiel in the process). Failure to do so will be the final nail in the coffin for the League in Herefordshire.

All the Royalists have to do is man their defences and see off the Anglican assault – should be easy shouldn’t it?

The Players & their esteemed forces:

Table 1: The Bridge

The Golden Valley Invincibles – Doug (Anglican, Socialist, Welsh…who knows ?)
Anglican/Socialists – Matt
South African Royalists – Roo
Sir Hugh The Dispenser’s LDV – Scott (BUF)
The Church of St James’ Militia – Jim (Anglicans)

Table 2: Foy

Stowfords Pressed Men – Gavin H (Royalists)
The Teddy Bear & Bull Militia – Mort (Anglicans)
The Oughtawashmorr Occidental Legion – Msr Crapuard (BUF)
The Duke of Farnham’s Militia – Rob (Royalist)

JP & I have determined that we will reward those with backgrounds an extra something to help ensure the game is not a simple head to head.

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