Laserburn: A Campaign

In various postings for my 15mm sci-fi and Laserburn stuff I’ve alluded to a fictional setting I want to place our games in.

So inspired by Aliens‘ Hadleys Hope:

I’ve started planning a campaign on a planet being terra-formed. A bit further on than Hadley’s Hope the climate is not so inclement, with the first grasses and vegetation becoming established on the surface out in the open.

Hence a vary dark rocky base board. Scenery pieces have lots of rocks, craters and other terrain. Most of the buildings are utilitarian pre-fab items as befits a new colony

The GZG vehicles and others are ideal for this.

Of course having a very dark board, and drab utilitarian buildings is a bit boring. So to make things more interesting, we’re going to have to think of how to liven things up. Of course, all we have to do is watch some source material. (Oh woe)

So in low light level situations we’re looking at a lot of hi-vis clothes and structures.
So a lot of my landing pad crew are in bright orange and yellow suits. The structures also have bright yellow surrounds and doors.
Lots of winking lights to warn off low flying air/space craft and also ground vehicles.

Take a look at the deck hands of aircraft carriers of the UK and US, same thing applies. This is also reflected in the outfits that Chief Tyrel and Cally in BSG sport in the first few series when they are on the hanger decks.

So there we have the structure of the paint schemes for the figures and scenery.

Now how about the narrative ?

A colony planet, well that opens up the scipe for smugglers, pirates and an under resourced law enforcement group. A frontier colony also opens up opportunities for aliens, hidden and ancient ruins and all the techno/xeno archeologists that go with that idea. Plus the “just passing through’ crowd. With a few local gangs trying to struggle for supremacy…

Add in a few rules for weather and visibility and we should have a good game.

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