Baygar and the Beggar

Another couple of golden oldies.

Baygar from the C02 Wizards range. Often mistaken for the Agyar Mistletaine model, of which it is an obvious variant.

This one I painted back at uni some 25 years ago, and the basing just isn’t up to scratch. There were also a few knocks chipping off the paint.

So I tidied up the chipped paintwork, and re-based him. Obviously you can tell. 😉

FSS 11 hunchback beggar on crutch – must have got this as part of a job lot a few years ago on Evil-Bay.

The old beggar Jon Priceless always in need of Lead Cross parcels. He claims to have had two daughters and a wife, but lost everything on the roll of a d20 in a gaming session….

No known gaming use but one ion those nostalgic pieces that just cry out to be painted

Its a study in sludgy browns. The hood is Bay brown, the cloak Quagmire, the trousers Tan, the stick Spearshaft. All Foundry paints.

FG: With Magnetic Force

Alan and my second game was this scenario from the Folio. We both used new Wizard’s so expected little and in Alan’s case got even less !

I was playing a Soothsayer, provisionally called Kenny, with his Apprentice – Craig (see below)

My enemy Silas Crow (where does Aloan think this names up from ?) cast an Imp first off, which had to be dealt with as my Ranger nabbed the first piece of loot.

My thug and Apprentice acquired the second piece of loot, that set off the giant magnets. Luckily as neither warband was wearing mail armour the effect was minimal even if it did stop us using our paltry magical powers.

Silas and minions move forward.

Another Imp is thrown at me, and is killed by archer and war hound, delaying me.

And then my archer was shot by Siulas’ archer !

Worse was to come, as my Apprentice (Craig) covered the escape of the thug with loot, he got int to a bit of a fracas.

Good job Kenny was on hand to zap the perpetrators and ensure that the thug got off with the loot.

Though the entire escape did require another thief to bite the dust. :-/

Overall I won, with more loot, and Alan’s comments about his new Wizard are unrepeatable.

next up, 3 games JP and I had which especially the third one “titanic”…

FG: The House of the Golem

The third and final scenario of the Golem campaign.

Alan and I had a gaming session and finished the campaign off, played on his newly fashioned white battle mat (courtesy of his wife Rita).

We also borrowed the Golem from Jon.

The enemy, clearly aiming to move in, and cross the bridge (RHS of photo).

Shazamm!’s minion raced forward only to be stymied by a Wall spell cutting the war hound of from his owners, poor mutt. You can guess what the puppy killers did next.

And then the Golem spotted my minions, and charged into combat. Luckily I had three in combat with the stone construct.

Meanwhile things kicked off in the middle of the table where the Golem had been.

M<y captain decked the Golem (shamefully both Aland and I forgot to roll to see if it exploded, as I often say, if we get it wrong, make sure we get it consistently wrong so no-one is disadvantaged).

Shazzam! – in combat with a zombie summoned by the enemy (Hashpot Dribbleweed).

All too easy !

But things weren’t all going my way…

Hashpot had a pyhrric victory, losing 3 minions to my two, but gaining the treasure.

The battle swung in Alan’s favour, with the Captain being downed by an Elemental bolt.

And then Marvo III was cut down similarly – he survived on the recovery roll.

Shazam! cut down another enemy, but it was too late to rescue much of the loot.

Alan’s Wizard conclusively won the battle with 4 items of loot to my two.At least I had no casualties.

Now on to the next battle with two new Wizards…

GA: 2018 03 10 First time around

At short notice, Byakhee Jim asked for a games session, and we settled for Ghost Archipelago, which other than a couple of solo games I’d done, we’d not played before.

But barely had the pixels been sent, then I had to deal with real world stuff nd the session was truncated to just the morning.

So round to Jim’s place. He even had a boat that was the right scale.

So we bent the rules, and placed a few treasure tokens closer together than is usual.

My set up.
My first mistake.

Bottom of the picture are the cards from the accessory pack. Normally I am leary of buying these fripperies, but on this occasion because players will have two different sets of attributes (let alone all the rules for gear they have) I splashed out and think they are worth it.

Jim’s forces, I don’t think he’d yet thought up a suitable name, I fear it might be Doozelbat III.

Jim’s Warden cast a spell summoning beasties, and sure enough he got lucky and could place them where he wanted which distracted a couple of my warriors, and this was the second problem I had all game and led to my downfall. (Getting the excuses in early)

My Heriotr Vicky raced in retrieve her treasure, but was beset by three of Jim’s ship’s crew, which after spending Health points for the Sprint, lead to an untimely end before her crew could wade in.

Skeletons. Again Jim rolled high and placed them where he wanted them, cutting off my escape route.

Having lost my Scout, a wounded Savage, and unwounded Crewman waded in to try and get the treasure.

By more beasties were turning up.

Then my Warden Chardonnay got zapped after injuring Jim’s Heritor.

My crewmen were still being distracted by a never ending list of beasties, and whilst killing them, were also taking wounds.

Ground Sloths are no fun either.

My only ray of sunshine – my crewmen put down no leas than FIVE of Jim’s crew. But had to flee before picking up the treasure because…

Yup a Saurian Monarch turned up.

By now my Herbalist had acquired one treasure piece.

It was agreed it was time to call a day, with me coming off very much the worse.
My Heritor Vicky was Badly Wounded so starts the next game at -5 Health.

Quite a different set of abilities to Frostgrave, and the campaign system is still to be bottomed out, but most importantly we had a good time.

So what went wrong for me ?
– Hubris, I’ve got too used to playing high level wizards in frostgrave
– dividing my forces at the start of the game
– failing to pick up the treasure under my nose
– the summon beasties spell that then hemmed me in, trapped my crew into pointless battles.

The Office of Saying NO

So ten days after my last osting, things have gone awry with my plans.

Free badge given out at Sarah Millican’s gig on Sunday, one of the few highlights of the last week.

I’ll be wearing it at council meetings I think.

Another highlight, Rangers as done by Richard – the antlers are separate from the heads which are separate from the body. I have been told not to buy anymore of them.

Couldn’t decide which base size to put them on. 32mm or 23mm ?

Asking the College of Wizards on the Frostgrave LAF forum, the feedback was 25mm.

Citadel C05 Ranger, just cannot photograph this guy sharply, mainly because he is leaning forward.

I love the detail on these, several of them come with bunnies attached to belts, or stuffed into bags.

More to come including my first proper Ghost Archipelago game (from last Saturday with Jim !), AVBCW Ward Force, and later after tomorrow a write up of another AVBCW Big Game.

Shazzam, is a word

Finally now the gloom of snow has lifted I’ve finished off a few more items, not as many as I’d like, and not all photographed due to running out of time.

The eponymous Shazzam ! that I played in the last game of Frostgrave with Jon.

Actually a C03 Cleric, but look suitably magical anyway.

An Ali Morrison sculpt with suitably weird ice cream cone style head gear. 🙂

His apprentice will be along shortly.

Foundry medieval knight, does what it says on the packet.

May not say “Ni”

Another Foundry medieval figure.

Better light levels caught this back shot of the figure.

Infantryman for Frostgrave.

Again a Foundry figure, this time a Ribauld. The original shield long missing was replaced with a small round GW plastic shield.

And the final CP Models treasure item – a bag of potions. So now I can set up a scenario where players can chase after specific types of treasure for better or worse.

And as for the title of this posting, Pantene Pro-V is not a word…

More to come tomorrow light levels and Highway Agency staff permitting (Council matter).

Block Painting & Bison

Dreadfully slow progress on the lead mountain due to the inclement weather here in the UK.

A male Bison – a freebie from Foundry earlier this year. Quite a nice big model, so I didn’t feel like giving it away. No idea what I’ll use it for, but seeing as I’ve used Lions in AVBCW something will come to mind.

An easy paint in these low light levels.

These three fellows were painted before the snow, and then took a day to be photographed, again due to rubbish light levels.

I now have all but three of the Chaos Familiar models – another unexpected project. I find having the Familiar Spell for Frostgrave wizards almost mandatory to give those extra 2 health points.

So with the poor light levels, I thought what could I do ? Well these guys have been loitering undercoated for over a decade, so I decided to start block painting them as that can be done easy enough.

I have another 6 figures including two wizards awaiting highlighting, and am working on another 6 or more so it’ll be bonanza time if the weather is lifting as they forecast in the next few days.

It also means I won’t have two cranky cats sitting in front of me angry I have not turned the weather off !

Thieves, Cultists & Treasure, sounds Familiar ?

More poor lighting, a couple,ncil meeting then topped off with a stomach bug, so here’s a catch up of stuff done late last week and this week.

Two C04 Thieves, one of which is my Tunnel Fighter for the new “into the Breeding Pits” campaign with Jon.

Each of the C04 thieves are unique and in way a regimented figure so take a lot more time to paint. You can see how much clutter they have on them. Still, very good figures to have.

Mordheim Chaos Cultist, another one that has been kicking around too long, complete with Hannibal Lecter face mask.

I said I wouldn’t get side tracked with treasure, but I was finishing these two items off.

Again, some treasure specific tokens – scrolls and grimoires.

Two more familiars. One I bought on evil-bat recently, and the other from way back when rebased and tarted up.

The “bird thing” familiar has multiple arms including a dagger hidden behind its back.

Yet more !

The mannequin will do as both familiar and small construct. It’s a Failcast version, the club is ever so slightly bent.

And then there is Cousin IT. (Addams Family)

Bought on evil-bay, rebased, not my paint job.

Nice item.

FG: Fungus Foray

Byakhee Jon and I agreed to start new war bands and start the Into the Breeding Pits campaign following the descent of his main wizard whose name I have entirely forgotten. 😉

So at a day’s notice Jon organised another gaming session. Due to another meeting I had, we only had two hours.

My new Wizard and Apprentice were part painted as was the Tunnel Fighter.

The first scenario was the Moving Maze where fungi start moving things around and violent fungi turn up to defend their patch.

Shazam (with two A’s) and Marvo deployed the war band – Illusionists.

Against Jon’s new war band led by a Chronomancer ette.

Though I won initiative, this allowed Jon to dictate what scenery was moved by the fungi…thus cutting me off from my rightful loot. Luckily I had managed to cast both Fool’s Gold and Reveal Secret.

Picking up the treasure triggered the Violent Fungi to appear, as placed by the opposing player (Jon), guess where…

Which was reciprocated.

easy to kill, but injuring/killing them releases spores causing models to be wounded.

Good job I had also taken the Heal spell !

Unless you passed a Will test like my war hound did.

I closed in on my fifth piece of treasure, the Chronomancer’s thief having been tricked by Fool’s Gold.

Wizard’s Eye -a late hope to use it to cast Elemental Bolt.

We’d spent so much time fighting the Violent Fungi we’d barely exchanged blows, but here my war hound finished off a thug, before being mercilessly cut down with a plaintive yelp by an archer.

And so to the departure lounge – in Into the Breeding Pits, you exit via doors/archways only. Shazaam (spelt with two A’s) escaped with a load of treasure, which was mostly gold but alas no grimoires !

A good start for my new wizard.

Jon was completely hampered by poor dice rolling when it came to casting spells. And he didn’t even roll any 20’s in combat :-O

Sadly we did not have time for a second game as we would have spent too long setting up bases, counting treasure and so on…so the saga has only just begun.

A Little Challenge (part 2)

Well it did take me more than a week to finish off the figures I’d planned on doing in a week

An Apothecary and a Crossbowman.

.These were done within the week as hoped, and photographed a few days ago.

Holbron Toddlebrew, and his Apprentice, Gideon.

Lots of books and scrolls.

Holbron is the Sigilist I’ve been playing since November 2015.


It has taken this long for me to replace the two original figures with properly colour co-ordinated and based figures.

Just in time for frioday’s scenario of “The Bone Wheel” from the Thaw of the Liche Lord supplement.

The fifth figure, the Savage didn’t get painted. It’s sitting there rather unloved for an unknown reason. I suspect that it’s to do with the low light levels meaning I want to prioritise the figures i’m likely to use in the next month or so, which is rather sad as the Savage and many other Ghost Archipelago figures are really good !

So stand by Friday/Saturday for some updates in the form of an AAR.

I also have a couple of familiars to finish off before Friday, and am halfway through some more Wizards and minions.