FG: The Pits of Null – 3

Flippin’ Null men !

My Captain and Demon failed to kill off the Null man, and my Captain was down to 1 health.

With another Telekenisis spell, KIY dropped the treasure chest at the edge of the table where Klotilda picked it up using the demon as a meat shield.

Just as well, as another Null man distracted the possessed knight !

This time round, the tables were turned.

KIY escaped with 7 (!) treasure chests.
The 6 as per normal, plus a Reveal Secret spell.
There were two Reveal Secret Treasure Chests as well.
Plus a Fool’s Gold treasure chest, so yes the board was littered with treasure chests !

I stole one from Doozlebat with a well timed Control Undead spell. Jim had placed his Zoimbie and Reveal Secret treasure out on the flank, unfortunately I gained line of sight with Klotilda and walked the zombie off the table with the treasure and in to my clutches. A clever tactic, that I usurped by luck.

The scenario was very different, and on reading the exact XP rules after we finished, we found you had to cast five DIFFERENT spells to gain XP. Fortunately both of us had so Jim’s wizard Doozelbat did not go away entirely empty handed.

Another good scenario that we hadn’t played before.

FG: The Pits of Null – 2

Doozlebat also got jumped by another Null man, and again, models spent time (well a round) dealing with it.

As did my demon.

Which allowed KIY to nick another treasure chest, which conveniently fell at DrArcher’s feet, and I used some Rangers as meat shields.

Jim’s bad luck continued with more Null men spawning behind his lines.

Again tying up his troops for a turn.

Meanwhile his Possessed knight was on the rampage as I threw demons in to act as meat shields whilst my minions carried off treasure.

In yer face !
KIY gets the same treatment as Doozlebat’s apprentice summons an Imp who moves into combat…a short lived move.

With 6 treasures off the table, Doozlebat was desperate to get a second treasure and prevent KIY from winning big time, Dr Archer fell short. Literally.

Now it was my turn to get Null men getting in the way !

To be cont’d…

FG: The Pits of Null – 1

Back to the frozen city, with another scenario from the Frostgrave Folio – Sellsword section. This time the Pits of Null.

After last time’s kicking I was eager to get my reWenge on Doozlebat (Jim).

I used the magic circles instead of pits as I didn’t have enough to hand. With a golden one in the middle.

Doozlebat’s set up.

KIY’s set up.

For once winning initiative, I started off with an Imp being thrown in to the mix on Doozlebat’s front.

First Null man down.

The scenario ditches the normal XP rules entirely and has its own rules, which brings a very different spin on things.

5XP per Null man.

The first of many Null men killed by Doozlebat’s minions.

Having picked up a treasure, an Imp was alerted to our activities and turned up and promptly attacked Doozlebat who swiftly dispatched the annoyance.

But it kept him busy !

Meanwhile, a Nullman charged into combat with my war hound, before Klotilda my apprentice summoned a demon to help out, alas, my dice rolls were not good.

Unlike Doozlebat’s POSSESSED knight who trashed the Imp I had summoned.

But another treasure I picked up, spawned another random creature, again turning up behind enemy lines…

Jim’s cunning plan to cast Control Animal went awry when we found White Gorillas have a Will of 8 ! So it also went into combat with Doozlebat, again tying him up for another round.

This was unlucky !

To be cont’d…

GA: Thoughts

Right well I had the first game and then followed it up with the after game rolls.

Reading through the potential outcomes was very interesting. If you lose your specialists, your Warden or Heritor, a trip to the Mainland is required to replace them. If you want to sell stuff, ditto.

But that’ll cost you 200GC straight off. So you are going to be saving up for that trip, and you’ll have to have even more money/items for when you get there.

Players of frost grave will think so what ? I mean the last couple of FG games I got nearly 200GC easily (one was even 800GC)…which brings me on to the treasures in GA…

There’s only five treasure counters in the standard GA game. One less than FG. One has to be placed centrally, which overcomes one complaint I have heard about FG and players being a bit too beardy.

But what you get is a step down from FG. So my Heritor Vicky, got a grand total of 60GC from her 3 treasures, and the opponent 105GC.

This means that going to the Mainland is going to be some time – probably every 5 games or so.

During that time accidents happen !

Sio you’re going to have to be very careful about using your crew as “meat shields” as the specialists won’t be easily replaceable. Ditto kitting out your crew as you won’t be able to get the fun stuff often.

Similarly, as the ship can only be upgraded back at the Mainland !

Another series of challenges that are very different and makes GA a very different beast to FG.

FG: Ghost Archipelago product overview

Frostgrave’s first spin off has arrived: Ghost Archipelago.

Jim:- When you say “gone for it”, do you mean the big £200 pack?

KIY:- Looks at ground, stirs dust with foot, and petulantly says “might have”.

yes, I did, the Level 4 Kickstarter. I have loads of pirates, dinosaurs and jungle scenery plus assorted exotic types. (Frogmella may have to be a name I use)

Delivered yesterday by courier, on time, as promised.

The full lot. Well packed, nice and shiney.

The Accessory pack, cards and a special dice. The cards cover Heritor and Warden abilities. Minor niggle, they should have different backings so you can distinguish them.

The really shiney stuff – the figures.

The large critters (dinosaurs) are resin, with metal add ons.

The figures are well cast and I’ll review them tomorrow now I’ve unpacked them all. IN particular, I’ll look at the plastics and compare them all with the frost grave and other figures most of us already have in our collections.

There are also 5 unique treasure tokens which are already the stand out items for the extra items – very nice pieces that would benefit many many games.

The plastic crewman sprue, very piratical.

A quick read through the rule book shows it is very similar to frost grave itself but has significant changes, not least, there’s less treasure in normal games.

I’ll be giving it a bash tomorrow for a quick play test and photo’ing the figures now I’ve got them out and based them up. This’ll be raw metal, plastic and resin I’m afraid. An hour’s pinning session with Richard this morning and associated travel completely precluded any notions of painting !

There’s quite a lot to say and nearly all of it is positive.

Nullmen and shiney Magical discs

The Sellsword campaign in the Frostgrave Folio requires some Nullmen in the third scenario. Whilst I’d hoped Jim and I would do the first two i feared that we might get to the third soon. But there are no Nullmen figures commercially available !

So I bought some Copplestone Castings grey aliens – there’s no mention of how tall the Nullmen are for Frostgrave so they fitted the bill and were relatively cheap.

One person on LAF has sculpted a couple of Nullmen and is thinking of casting them up, so those will be added to this lot as and when !

meanwhile I have also been doing up some magic circles for “The Keep” scenario, this time in shiney gold !

Ice Wyrm & Templar

Remember when I painted figures ?

One Ice Wyrm, and one Templar.
I’m still at it.

This Ice Warm is by Alternative Armies, and is a resin 15mm model. Very light weight perfectly cast.

However as you can see from the previous photo it is big enough to go maw to toe with a 28mm figure.

It’s on a 50mm diameter round base (GW).

the Templar being an old Marauder Fighter.

Very easy to paint.