Bats and broken railings

I mentioned when making the railings up last week that a few snips would easily make some broken railings. So I did just that.

Ta daa !
The figure is a Frostgrave cutlets 80% done that should appear shortly.

These should make nice linear pieces of cover that don’t impede movement too much.

Two giant bats, one metal from the old Vampire Counts range and the other a plastic Heroquest one.

Painted with Foundry Charcoal Grey and Bay Brown, and then washed black so you have to look carefully to see they aren’t just black blobs !

I went with the dried grass again as I seem to be doing for a lot of my nasty undead creatures.

Talking of which there should be some more of them in the next couple of days.

Ghosts and Ghoulies

Some Undead next up.


A Citadel C18 Night Horrors model I’ve had for years, and a a more recent Copplestone Castings one.

I think this may have been a Banshee, but I think is better suited as a Ghost.

OPianted with the same palette as I used for the stairway.


I’ve got a fair number of Ghouls already painted up, but here are two more.

I had these for a couple of years, and seeing as Jp wanted a couple of Ghouls for the game this friday thought I’d paint them up.

So now I can flop my two ghoulies on to the table. 😉

The right hand one is actually an old Citadel AD&D Ghast.

This chap, is a Fantasy Tribes Undead type, later in the Citadel undead range.

Painted using a mix of Foundry Grantie and Flesh to give them a sickly hue.

Numinious Occulum

One of GW’s recent releases.

Again made out of very chunky plastic, and a few pieces make a very complex piece of scenery and isn’t for novices.

Lots of greenstuff was used to fill the many gaps – again the mould is not good and the pieces are warped and not true.

The pieces of the “cockpit” fit together well, once you’ve worked out how the jigsaw goes together.

Having built Airfix aeroplane kits, I did remember to paint the inside of the cockpit before putting the top on, and the walkway.

The walkway was painted with GW Khemri Stone, with highlighting in light bronze.

The completed cockpit.

The walls are covered in lots of detail. It was tempting to paint in lots of the details with more bronze and gold, but I felt I wanted to keep it slightly plainer, as my intention is to keep the focus on the figures.

I kept the greys as per previous efforts – either Foundry Slate Grey or Arctic Grey.

The first floor of this scenery pieces is nice and big, so you could easily put treasure up there and stage a scrap.

The floor is about 3 inches up, so a bit higher up than my normal home build scenery.

Overall, this is a really good piece of kit aside from the green stuffing required.

It should look really good on any table, and for the price its worth it.

The Cult of the Yellow Sign

Finally finished off some inDUHvidual figures for my new Frostgrave Warband under the King In Yellow (KIY):

Klotilda Ironface, an old C01 Fighter, and a pre-slotta Chaos Warrior.

The Apprentice and Captain respectively. I have yet to name the Captain.

Lots of yellow, added to with Foundry Buff Leather for the cloak, and then a lot of bronze and gold ornamentation.

The yellow which seems to be going ok so far is Iyanden Darksun foundation paint from Citadel, with layers of Foundry Yellow on top, with a wash in between of a very old Citadel Yellow ink wash.

Should establish a strong theme for the Warband.

I knew I wanted an Apothecary for my cultist war band, and it came with the Marskman figure as well – one of my first purchases for Frostgrave as opposed to my resurrection of old stuff.

I’d only played two games with this war band, when I rolled a Magic Weapon on the treasure tables, and it was a Crossbow. Well that sorted the issue – I was having a Marksman even though I hadn’t planned to.

Last but not least…

Another C04 Thief painted up – should be useful as an assassin type for Frostgrave. I didn’t paint him to go with my cultists, as I want all my thieves to be “freelancers”. 😉

Two down, another 10+ to go !

A trio of Demons

Light has been against me again with downpours in the last two afternoons.

Here’s the last three demons I bought from Foundry:

The middle one is a greater demon, on a 32mm round base…it was a bit short in stature so I slipped in a 25mm flat round base underneath to make it appear taller.

Wings painted Foundry Granite to avoid the boring black/dark grey option.

The two ordinary demons have their teeth painted GW Mithril Silver – they’re demons so who said demon teeth are bone coloured ?

Now on the search form some Imps, smaller than these demons, but can only find one here, one there, most frustrating !

Demons & Thieves

Light levels here have been bad, so not quite as much progress as i’d like. However…when I did the Foundry order I also got some Demons from their Casting Room Miniatures range. There was a 20% sale on, so I thought that they’d be worth the price, and thought they’d be good for Imps.

As you can see they were quite a bit larger than I’d anticipated. The red one is big enough to be a greater demon, and the green one a normal demon.

The models themselves are very simple ones, but for the price and amount of time they’re likely to last worth it. I used the Foundry Triads (Madder Red & Caverous Green) with appropriate wash and that was pretty much it.

The Thief is really just a re-base and touch up job but the first of the C04 Thieves which are my latest project.

The rest of them have been based and the flesh base coat and ink has been done. I also acquired a pre-slotta their (Ronald Byggs) on the right hand side which is a good match size wise.

Look at my rack

Paint rack that is.
Both of them.

the long overdue sort out has happened. the two trays at the front (baking/roasting trays) are the left overs and spares.

I ditched a good 30 or so pots of paint that had dried up or were unsalvageable.

Spare rack, where I will temporarily house the “in use” paints.

MDF racks, bought as kits about 10 years ago from Miniaturcanium, who no longer do them. 😦

Very handy for keeping things in order.

Just the GW/Citadel paints to sort out.

I managed to save some of the semi-dried out paints using Revel Colour Mix:

very good for rejuvenating paints, stinks to high heaven much like their Painta-Cleaner that I use to wash my brushes in (diluted with water).

In aditionto rejuvenated paint pots, a small Lead Cross parcel (TM), will be going to JP with the endless supply of Slate Grey and Boneyard (and others) I had. Space limits mean I have to pass them on to a good home.