Mordheim: Mercenary Ogre & Conversion

Here’s a couple of figures I did some time ago (back when I wasn’t whining about chopping myself up with potato peelers):

The basic Mordheim Ogre, now long OOP.

Complete with back pack, of a basket with the remains of a Skaven peeping out.

Came as a three piece kit sculpted by the Perry twins. Naturally, this gave rise to a coversion effort.

I replaced the two handed axe with Orc Choppa hands from WHFB 6th Ed plastics which fitted beautifully. ISTR this was something done in an edition of White Dwarf or Town Cryer.

I also replaced the back pack basket with items from Foundry’s General Purpose range and Darkest Africa range to give two totally different Ogres. Just dug the coversion out and restored the back pack, hence the posting.

Scenery: Babbling Brooks

For the AVBCW game was I “booked” to produce some river sections for the third table. For a couple of reasons, what I produced didn’t get used. But here they are anyway – very simple to make and I’ll be making more sections to cope with the different bridges and their genres.

Slice & Dice.
The usual artists mounting card, sliced with a cheap disposable knife and metal ruler.

Paint the back matt black emulsion, and see it warp !

And then paint the other side with my usual biscuit/soil colour emulsion, and watch it warp back again.

Watch an inappropriate film…

The two warps have cancelled out (occasionally with help, or is that a pelvic thrust ?), add the “banks”.

More paint. This time using tester pot from Dulux from B&Q as ‘m not wasting Foundry paint on this amount of terrain !

A ford section.

Add flock to cover up the banks.

I’ve done about 8 foots worth of straight river. Each section is a foot long.

The ford completed.

Section for a bridge.

Section with the bridge (not stuck down). The bridge is from Hovels.

I have another couple of bridge sections to do and want to do wider river sections, along with some bendy sections. All good generic scenery.

AVBCW: Brigands 1

At long last I ahve managed to break the block (?) I have on the Brigands figures.

First up, The Boss.

Light not good but…Obviously inspired by the 1936 film: “Of Things to Come” by H.G.Wells which is also an excellent source of ideas for figures for this genre.

A good film (for its time) and plenty of ideas for dystopian futures.

The first five riflemen. A mixture of IRA and Brigands by Footsore Miniatures.

As you can see, though sculpted by Paul Hicks, using the same basic dollies, they are all different and clad in rag tag military and civilian attire, which is probably why I had painters block as they all had to be different. So instead of a plaette of 3-4 colours I had to extend to a palette of 6-8 colours instead. That sort of critical thinking helped break the painters block.

Took a hell of a lot of time though.


I’d got a bit bored of the Malvern Hills Conservators flags I’d done about 4 years ago, so I contacted Peter Barfield for some suggestions and he came back quickly with a new flag that reversed the colours:

Much better than the white flag that got me a lot of abuse !

here’s how I do the flags:

Laserjet print out. Pete provided me with the flag ready done so I didn’t have any double sided backing nonsense.

Musketeer (now Footsore Miniatures) LDV standard bearer with hands drilled out by Byakhee Richard. Steel pin pole by Foundry.

I use an all purpose adhesive that B&Q sell (DIall is the new brand name). It is fairly strong and sets in about 30 minutes so much faster than PVA/Wood glue.

Wrapped round the pole, its flat and boring, so with about 30 minutes to go…

…it can be warped and folded to give the impression of it billowing in the wind as the hero charges the despicable BUF/Reds/Anglicans (delete as applicable).

I twisted the corners as well to make it truely three dimensional.

But the edges are still white paper – and though you can’t see it well in these pictures Pete has added gold(ish) tassels to the flag.

So a dab of paint along the edges is in order – this is something I have seen other people not do this despite being otherwise good painters/modellers.

Anyhow, two new standard bearers with funky flags for my MHC LDV.

Thanks Pete !

PS: You’ll see that Pete’s latest illustrations for flags have been published in the latest AVBCW book by Solway Crafts.

Special Guest Superstar DJ: Dead things

Byakhee Stu has come up with some more goodies…

Just to keep up with the hobby-fu going on back here I’ve attached some more photos for you which you may or may not want to use.

Duh ! Given my output, everyone else is putting me to shame so here they are:

There is a regiment of skeleton warriors using Mantic models for a change. That’s right I got Frantic with Mantic. Some of their stuff is okay IMHO and to combat the cost demands of WFB I was changing over to alternative manufacturers for rank and file and just using GW for character or specialist models. The unit pictured is from the End Times and is one of Neferata’s units rather unimaginatively called the ‘Un-named Legion’ – hence the plain shields and lack of any heraldry, they are like that in the book so I’m not being lazy :).

What I would say in Mantic’s favour is that they seem to be more robust. I say this because whilst taking these photos the rear rank fell off the movement tray onto our concrete path but none of them were damaged. If they had been GW skellies they would have been in peices.

The other two images are the plastic Wight King – which I’ve always loved and Krell. If anyone has read the End Times they will know that Nagash summonded Krell to babysit Neferata and give her some martial support. Neferata is a schemer but her wily seductive ways aren’t much use on a battlefield. Also Nagash did not trust Neferata one bit and with good reason, Neferata only ever looks after Neferata.

Next up will be some Mantic ‘Revenants’ which to my mind act as Grave Guard and be Krell’s Legion of Doom (I am sure they were a WWE tag team..)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Special Guest Superstar DJ: WHFB The Golden Host of Mahrak

One from Byakhee Stuart:

I’ve just finished another End Times Tomb Kings regiment – the Golden Host of Mahrak.  After being cursed to eternal undeath and being from a prosperous and ostentatious city their skeleton warriors marched through pools of molten gold.

Most of the warriors have been painted head to toe in gold although some bone still shows where the skellie didn’t get fully submerged. Spears and headrests painted black fir contrast sake.

The freehand shields took a while but I am happy with them. I should have another regiment with you soon….ish.

Good stuff, an has inspired this slacker to pull his finger out…

Back to the grindstone

Well, given all the things going on in my life I have not put brush to figure (or scenery) for nearly two months. Time to break the hiatus. Which I did in style on Saturday morning. By highlighting some ladders for Mordheim. Break out the champagne ! 😉 I’ve only had them 13+ years and never got around to finishing off the paint jobs. As I was expecting Byakhee Jim to turn up I started setting up the board for Mordheim. We had originally planned WHFB but both of us for different reasons were too tired to contemplate a big game so opted for a couple of short games. BlackJack oversaw the construction process. Though as usual, licking his bottom did take precedence at times. Next up: two games of Mordheim.