The Captain(s), Gregory Peck, and a cat who can’t hide

So last minute painting before FrostFayre 2017 tomorrow, I decided to finish off some Captains and a few other ne’er do wells that have been loitering half finished.

First out, some Henchmen:

A crossbowman, and two thugs. All originally by Citadel, the left and right hand are now available in Foundry’s medieval ranges. the middle is not I’m afraid.

Now the Captains, and a Knight.

Citadel AD&D [Male] Fighter, bought from an old friend (Paul) a very long time ago)
Citadel  AD&D [Female] Fighter, she’s the Captain of Lady K (see next photo)
Marauder Fighter, acts as Knight, and was the infamous black knight (when undercoated only) who slaughtered three of JP’s minions in three rounds. 🙂

The shields you can get from Foundry – I have a limited stock of the original Citadel plastic ones but not the really big ones like this.

I did the Captains and Knight for a reason, as will become clear tomorrow.

Gregory Peck, from 1985, sculpted by Kev Adams, I’ll dig out the scan of the full range of Zombies after tomorrow.

His mate is from the Frostgrave Ulterior Motives scenery pack, and has a map tacked to his back.

Yup, there is a carrion crow pecking at Greg’s brain.


Talking of brainless things…

No, Black Jack still can’t hide. I “lost” him whilst having my evening meal, but a quick check of the lounge revealed his not so cunning hiding place.

Obviously, he needs to see a Public Information film on “How not to be seen”:-

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