Time Crystals & Chronohounds

Reading the Perilous Dark, I found the scenario “The Dog Days”, and by coincidence have planned a gaming bash on the 29th April, so why not have a very “time” based scenario ?

So I brought some of the Gale Force Nine crystals, here they are for size with a Knight (Foundry/Citadel) for size.

And here are some more with the Chronohounds painted up – definitely not the Hounds of Tindalos ! 😉

Obviously I thought of another jolly wheeze for the scenario which I’m writing up. Decisions on actions have to be completed within a timeframe until a certain item is destroyed, so I thought I’d get some traditional egg timers so each player has 3 minutes in each phase to declare their actions.

The two egg timers arrived in the post today, in a box more than a foot long and nearly as wide and deep, with card wrapping, bubble wrap, for two items less than six inches already enclosed in plastic blister on card stock.

Talk about waste !

The scenario is entitled “Out of Time”, and I mean that both for the scenario and for our environment.

FG: The Maze of Mirrors

Next Alan and I dipped into the next scenario from The Wizard’s Conclave book.

I had originally hoped to get some little mirror tiles, but they weren’t available, so fortunately Alan had created some mirrors with the simple and expedient use of silver foil.

Once again I leapt into action.

Perhaps rashly, Henrietta went forward to analyse a mirror (and gain XP), only for her to be pounced on by Hashpot’s pesky Barbarian, who in turn was pounced upon by two of my minions, so a swirling melee ensued.

Whilst my apprentice leapt a treasure hunter to the edge of the table with a mirror she’d analysed – more XP !

My captain “Starbuck” closed in on another mirror, with some casualties in her entourage.

But Hashpot’s minions were also falling down.

Freed from the melee, my Ranger and treasure Hunter engaged in a second melee with dashpot’s Mansplainer captain, hound and tracker.

With three mirrors in my hands, two analysed, I was running for it, only for my apprentice (as yet un-named) fell to a well aimed arrow.

Another good game, with another good haul. Swapping between the books certainly livens things yup and helps us get through a lot of new scenarios.

FG: The Bone Wheel

Alan and I continued the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign, with this scenario, the penultimate scenario.

Starting in the corners, we were faced by a banshee each.

The enemy !

Of course, having painted up the second banshee, I promptly killed it in the first turn, and Alan (Hashpot) did the same with his, as we now both tooled up to deal with the undead.

Then we both steadily looted the bone wheel. Hashpot was clever and used telegenic to remove the loot as it slowly turned to me so I had to make a few “leaps” of imagination to collect my fair share.

But then the wandering monsters turned up, right be=hind Hashpot…

And then his apprentice !

So a brief scuffle with Hashpot being saved by an archer.

Henrietta’s minions collect and flee with the treasure, but wait…

There’s 25xp for examining the bone wheel to be leapt at.

As did Hashpot !

A good game, with dashpot winning due to a reveal secret spell to gain the extra treasure. Henrietta’s first outing went well.