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Film: Rogue One

Well its been a little while since I’ve done a film review, but I felt motivated enough to do this one.

Telling the story of how the Rebel Alliance got the Death Star plans this is a stand alone film set in the Star wars universe.

I wondered if it’d stand up to the behemoths of the ongoing story (the original trilogy and the start of the new one).

It does so very well.

The style, aesthetics and props all tie (!) in with the main films seamlessly. The plot is a good one and as others have mentioned is more of a war film than a space opera.

I’ve watched it a couple of times now and really enjoy it, in fact its main drawback is that all the main characters die – I’d have loved to see more of them ! Even the supporting characters could have had a longer life IMHO.

Minor quibbles – the opening ten minutes or so has a few too many new locations and jumps around a lot so repeat viewing is a bonus.

There’s a lot of new Imperial Stormtrooper types that aren’t seen in the original trilogy (maybe in the next trilogy ?) so a bit of a discontinuity error. That and the whole “Bothan spies” comment in SW:ANH.

Stand out supporting character was the droid, K-2SO. At first you think he is just a pale imitation of C3PO, but it soon becomes apparent that while he is a pedant, he is also much more cynical and perfectly capable lof a bit of direct violence.

Criticism has been levelled at the CGI of Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) and Princes Leia (Carrie Fisher). Whilst I have not watched in HD, the former is easily part of the scenes and does not jar. The later is slightly more “plastic” but as it is towards the end and very limited not a major problem for this film.

Go get it, and watch it a couple of times, its a keeper.

FG: The Silent Tower III (Part Two)

One wizard down…

And my Captain goes down as well.

As does my Apprentice to an arrow (another 20).

The swirling melee continues with another Imp summoned.

On the other side of the board, a fleeing minion is pounced upon by a wolf.

And then a second one, and in the ensuing melee all models died !!

The Imps despatched, a construct lunges forward after my fleeing thief. So KIY summoned a minor demon for the first time.

At this point, I forgot the summoned demon is also bound.

A well placed wall, separated the demon from its victim so (unbound) he killed my archer instead.

As my war band was picked off one by one and the last their cut off from escape, KIY retreated giving supporting fire.

…before getting an arrow in the face !

So other than forgetting that my demon was bound and should not have attacked my own war band models, the game went well. Not least downing the enemy wizard raked in a lot of XP !

FG: The Silent Tower III (Part One)

The second game Jim and I played, was The Silent Tower as he had not played that one – this is my third go at it.

Using the pringle tube towers that have been in the news recently.

Now with a base (an Inn) KIY had recruited a Captain, and raised a Zombie.

Ramses (Jim) sets up opposite. Having learnt Reveal Secret, KIY casts it and gets another treasure chest plonked in front of his Zombie.

two turns in, and playing a telekinetic tug of war with a treasure chest, Ramses is tempted to come out into the open so I speculative shot from an archer, hit but failed to wound.

The good old Wall spell put a stop to any more speculative shots !

So I sent in a war dog, only the minions to turn up, and which started a swirling melee lasting half the game.

Jim had borrowed my Constructs for his Enchanter Ramses to use.

Jim insisted on this dramatic photo, with the newly summoned Imp (an old Citadel D&D Satyr model), in the claws of the scorpion, which had just killed it.

KIY had summoned an imp as had Klotidla his apprentice (or Appendix we joked, more of which later).

Ramses then made a big gamble and teleported behind enemy lines to try and cadge a treasure chest off the shambling Zombie – great move…

Unfortunately, KIY turned round and zapped the interloper with an Elemental Bolt, rolling a 20 on the to hit roll…the first time a wizard has killed a wizard !

To be cont’d….

C04 Thieves from the archives

Now many people playing both Frostgrave and Mordheim have raided their lead mountains to find useful old figures that aren’t suitable for massed combat, many of them from the good old days of D&D style dungeon crawls.

For me I did this too, but my “in between” houses status and the ned to reduce the lead mountain range to a modest hill helped focus me, and one of the first things I did was to ensure that all the Thieves I had were with me in my few boxes.

As you can see in varying states of painting, this lot are the first generation(and last) of Citadel’s C04 Thieves range.

All 12 of them and ideal as Thieves, Thugs and ne’er do wells in Frostgrave and Mordheim.

I’ve had to jack a few of them up on greenstuff as they are slightly smaller than modern day models (scale creep !).

So my plan is to paint them all unto modern standards and use them in anger – a side project from the general Frostgrave stuff I am doing more of which later.

I have a few of the even older metal based ones and they’ll be done up too.

Here’s the original advert from the Spring 1986 Citadel Journal. I bought this magazine on holiday in Yorkshire and its seen a lot of use.

(NB: For once Stuff of Legends has got it wrong)

As you can see the photos came complete with rules for units of Thieves in WHFB !

FG: This town ain’t big enough for both of us (Part Two)

The “bear” moved in to defend the loot that Jim’s war band had filched, only for me to mob it with two thugs and a war hound.

A randomly provoked wild dog bit the dust, as KIY summoned an Imp (in the back ground) to try and distract the advancing hordes of Jim’s war band to allow my own thieves to get off the table.

Leaning out of the ruins, Jim’s Apprentice also used Telekenisis to move the treasure up into the building next to him, only to get shot with an arrow (20 rolled !). So promptly fell out onto the ground below (dramatic licence applied in this photo)

Dodging the wandering dog, imp and even a Planar Tear, Jim’s Tracker got into combat with one of my treasure carrying thieves and was again mobbed by a Zombie and another minion.

In the centre of the board, Jim’s Zombie (Zom!) takes down his first victim.

And then his second.

KIY fries another wandering do with an Elemental Bolt.

Before frying Zom! with another bolt as it pursued the now wounded Klotidle.

First game was good, second to follow after a musical interlude.

FG: This town ain’t big enough for both of us (Part One)

Monday and Byakhee Jim became the first of the unsanitary crowd to be my guest round at my parents’ for a game of Frostgrave. He was very well behaved, with both cats deigning to be in the room and falling asleep. Good job as Jim is allergic to cats.

We both had new war bands as I had lost my rota for The King In Yellow (KIY) and couldn’t remember much, and as my other two war bands are levels 50+ it was deemed to be a bit unfair. KIY is a Summoner. So much like JP’s Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) consorts with the undead and other demonic allies.

We opted for a simple head to head to start our new war bands off.

i deliberately set the scenery up at diagonals to the sides of the table to disrupt line of sight and make us work for our loot.

Jim brought figures for a themed waqrband – the old Khmer models – so the scorpion is actually had the stats for a bear.

Half his war band started up on the first storey to go after the loot.

His Wizard was an Enchanter. (Despite his looks)

My war band – Klotilde Ironface is the unpainted figure in the background is/was my Apprentice, even though she was actually a Citadel C01 Fighter.

The game begins, I win initiative (something that never happens when I play against JP) and I get the loot with a well timed `Telekeniss spell.

The two guys on their side are climbing up the wall for the next piece of loot.

Jim drew first blood shooting one of my climbers the next round, but a well aimed Elemental Bolt from Klotidle zapped one of his guys as they tried to carry MY loot away. 😉

This was her first successful cast, as she had already racked up about 6 points of damage due to failures.