Ruined Tower

Many years ago I bought a couple of kits at Colours, from Antenocenti’s workshop, that were made from customised Hirst Arts. This first one I opened and discarded the packet and accompanying picture years ago. I thought it was about time to take the pile of bricks and make something of it.

No instructions, so I had to do several dry runs on assembling something that used all the pieces (or at least nearly all of them).

As this was a round tower with a spiral staircase inside, I undercoated and base coated the pieces before gluing them together.

I managed to get it built and painted in time for the game w/e before last, but took until Friday to finish off the details like an additional highlight for the stones, and extra washes of brown and green, plus some grass so that this item can be used for WHFB.

This was my first crack at a scenery piece made of plaster, and so I gave it an extra coat or two of varnish just to provide added protection from scratches and knocks.

The final product is good.

However, it weighs in at 255g, so I would be wary of trying to make bigger pieces, or even think about transporting them anywhere.

The second kit has been started but is more delicate and complex.

FG: The Wizard’s Mansion (Part Two)

Two of my Treasure Hunters had lepton it to the top of the tower after the treasure.

Whilst the rest of the war band moved in to supporting positions as the treasure from the upper levels was removed.

I’d summoned a demon again, as they are proving reliable and funnily enough a special candle and serious study had reduced the casting value. 😉

But a sneaky archer managed to get round my defences and shot KIY !!!

Whilst Jim’s Animal Companion trashed a thug.

Leaving Klotilda Ironface, and a Ranger to cover the retreat.

Jim had snaffled more treasure than me, and done a serious amount of injuries to my war band, which evened up the day, and illustrates who wins by the dice, loses by the dice.

the scenario worked out ok, might do a few tweaks for the future, but again it was a fun time, which is the important bit.

FG: The Wizard’s Mansion (Part One)

Well having made a bespoke piece of scenery that would dominate a games table, it had to have a special scenario written for it.

So I kept it KISS.

Set up the table as normal, with the mansion in the middle of the table, and with one or more walkways leading to it’s upper storeys.

Please 4 treasure chests in the mansion itself, one per level. Two more treasure chests are placed elsewhere on the board as normal.

Special Rules: treasure chests in the mansion get an extra 10XP for each level they are on, so on the first storey they are worth 60XP, second storey 70XP etc.

A bit of beast this piece of scenery !

Walkways added.

On the fifth storey, in the tower, a treasure chest worth 100XP.

And off we go !

Jim deployed his wizard opposite on a third storey.

His war band didn’t blink, even when I summoned an Imp to try and slow them down as they collected the first piece of treasure from outside the tower.

Whilst his wizard teleported into the tower to collect an item of treasure.

Whilst i collected my second piece of loot (the first being Reveal Secret, carried away by John zWaynbie…

Alas, my Captain was the first of my crew to go down. he really hasn’t had much luck compared to my Captains in my other war bands, and still remains 10XP short of his first level !

To be cont’d…

FG: Genie in the Lamp (Part Two)

Jim’s war band chased after mine, so I threw a Demon in the way to slow them down, and aid my timely escape.

Unfortunately, his helper, the Ranger went down too quickly.

To make matters worse, John Wayne my zombie went down to a couple of wandering monsters that turned up behind my lines. (Spiders standing in for Giant Rats)

And them my Marksman got critically by one of Jim’s archers !

Dog bites rat.

Rat bites dog. 😦

Telekenisis spell brings the treasure to the Apothecary’s feet.

Time to RUN AWAY !

Then the Captain went down.

More Imps summoned to slow down the pursuit – they only lasted a round, but a round is a round.

Last off was Klotilda, the Apprentice.

So, I got 5 treasure chests, but took a lot of casualties, probably too many as I shouldn’t have dallied. The Genie held Jim up long enough for me to escape.

We had another game, and that write up will follow shortly.

FG: Genie in the Lamp (Part One)

A game on Saturday with Jim, the Genie in the Lamp scenario with my newly painted figure.

Including a new item of scenery (to be showcased shortly).

I targeted three treasure chests, and fingers crossed another via “Reveal Secret”.

The Cult of the Yellow Sign deploys.

Jim had brought the wrong box of figures so had to do a lot of “counts as”, however, he hadn’t counted on finding the rather annoyed Genie first go.

And tragically he had no magic weapons to hand !

So he mobbed the Genie, whilst his wizard rustled up an Enchant Weapon spell.

Which allowed me to snaffle both my Reveal Secret treasure, plus three others – though a few casualties were taken due to pesky archers.

So I had to move in more minions to be sure.

To keep Jim’s lot busy, I threw in a couple of Imps for XP and laughs.

Resulting in a complete set of mayhem as the Genie finally went down to an newly enchanted weapon.

This freed Jim’s war band up to start chasing after the rest of the loot I was slowly hauling off the board.

To be cont’d…

Abby-Normal & the Armoured Skeletons

Possibly one of a trilogy of posts about painting stuff that is not a joy to paint.

Five armoured skeletons – some of the latest GW plastics, which were ok to paint but a right *** to glue the torso to the legs.

Minimal painting as wandering monsters they will get trashed quickly.

Unlike watching “Young Frankenstein”, the next item was not much fun and provided no laughs.

Flesh Golem, from Northstar. Similar to a few of their other metal offerings for Frostgrave, this item is much smaller, almost 25mm in sized and way smaller than the skeletons and so on.

Whilst the sculpting in itself is fine, and the casting is fine, the sheer disparity in scale with other figures simply meant my heart was not in it. I think it shows in the paint job which is serviceable.

A missed opportunity.

Still, it has a name.

Magewrath Throne (Part Two)

Well that took longer than expected.

A very lively council meeting on the 1st took up a lot of time mopping up the blood, especially after crushing a Vicar in public, and being described as “intimidating” (at a range of 15′, in a mid green t-shirt sitting down).

What also took a lot of time was the green stuffing.

I had four joints each about 5″ long to seal up.

Some of the houses I’ve been looking to buy, need a lot of greenstuff as well. :-/

I left the finished pillar by my parents’ Aga over night to cure properly before I undercoated and started painting.

Here it is !

I have left the throne component (now glued together) separate.

The throne alone can be used for Frostgrave or Mordheim, whilst the entire edifice can also be used for Warhammer.

Painted using Foundry Boneyard triad.

Another box of bits sorted out, many more to go.

Should make a nice scenery piece for any fantasy game.