ROSD: The Outpost (Part 2)

And now for Rita’s snapshots.

I’m to the left, Alan top right.

So Thorin and Matilda’s war bands charged in – and Thorin’s take the only casualty of the day on the good side.

My three, running away, using copious amounts of Heal and Eldritch Recall !

Lady Matilda vaults effortlessly into the keep, and starts hunting down the clues.

All three Rangers’ companions got stuck in to defend the keep whilst the clues were unravelled.

With all the clues found, the beacon lit, time to get out !

Especially as nasty things like Gnoll Shamen were turning up.

Run away !

So now we have all the clues including who the spy is, I have foolishly offered to write up a couple of follow up scenarios. Seeing as I’ve finished all my pieces for the Community newsletter, processed all the photos here, no excuse not to getting cracking on with it.

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