A New Start

One of the problems with Frostgrave or indeed any game that uses XP, is when people mix and match between opponents, so Alan and I started afresh with new Wizards,in my case Old Mother Parma based on the 1984 character in the Citadel “Blood on the Streets” supplement.

I built new war band from the new female warriors plastic kit by Northstar but utterly failed to paint them in time. Old Mother Parma was the original figure complete with hearing horn.

As a Witch – good old fog !

Whilst the Captain picked up the central treasure, my X-bowomen shot the enemy in the face.

This was a straight up head to head.

Meanwhile, elsewhere my warband was looting the place !

A bit of dogging. 😉

His war hound killed mine. 😦

More fog was conjured as Mother Parma’s ladie3s retreated from the field of battle.

But not before one last fracas with a wandering monster and the enemy !

End of Hiatus

Well I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus on the blog due to council related stuff.

The referendum has been won – 85% in favour of our neighbourhood plan.

The village hall committee have been removed and are being replaced.

I now have ~9 games to post. And another couple tomorrow planned.