Arachnophobia, Frostgrave style

One of the wandering monsters or random encounters in frost grave are Ice Spiders – singular and plural.

I have had a couple of packs of the Copplestone Castings Giant Spiders for a good ten years or more, so when clearing the house decided I’d bring them with me and paint them up.

the sharp eyed amongst you will notice the packs include 8 of the arachnids, and only 7 are shown painted…

Because one of them had become damaged and was missing a leg.

So here is the eighth critter.

I painted him upside down leaking a horrible blue goo, so it gives a better photogenic results when they inevitably get slain by a war band minion !

They’re on 32mm round bases from GW. I added the flock first and then sealed it in with varnish, then glued them on as the contact area is quite small. Dead grass was added afterwards and the entire lot sealed in again with varnish.

IIRC the original e-mail announcing their release came with the comment, they’d make great ear ring decorations. 😉

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