Magewrath Throne (Part Two)

Well that took longer than expected.

A very lively council meeting on the 1st took up a lot of time mopping up the blood, especially after crushing a Vicar in public, and being described as “intimidating” (at a range of 15′, in a mid green t-shirt sitting down).

What also took a lot of time was the green stuffing.

I had four joints each about 5″ long to seal up.

Some of the houses I’ve been looking to buy, need a lot of greenstuff as well. :-/

I left the finished pillar by my parents’ Aga over night to cure properly before I undercoated and started painting.

Here it is !

I have left the throne component (now glued together) separate.

The throne alone can be used for Frostgrave or Mordheim, whilst the entire edifice can also be used for Warhammer.

Painted using Foundry Boneyard triad.

Another box of bits sorted out, many more to go.

Should make a nice scenery piece for any fantasy game.

Magewrath Throne (Part One)

Amongst the detritus of the house move, I had the Magewrath throne, so I started putting it together.

I finished the throne.

I didn’t glue it together.

The throne is currently sold by GW in this configuration.

However the kit I bought was a good few years older.

AS you can see it had the throne on a large column of outsize SKULLZ !

The column is made of four pieces, none of which really have any connecting pieces to each others, and no there were no instructions. AS with other large GW scenery pieces, the castings are also not very good with no snug fit of pieces.

So I had to think of a way of putting them together.

The only guiding lugs of use were under the throne piece itself.

So I used the usual CD base to provide an anchor for this column.

There was a lot of swearing nonetheless, but I put it together.

But there is a lot of gaps to fill…

To be cont’d…

Wizard’s Mansion

After a long time, I’ve finally finished a big piece of scenery – the Wizard’s mansion.

First mentioned a few months ago, a large scenery piece with a tower made of a pringles tube.

I made it some 15-16 years ago, and never got round to finishing it I have.

basic foam board shell with plastic and metal window pieces from various Citadel Morhdeim and earlier sources.

Balsa wood added for the half timbered upper storeys.

Lower storeys had stone work added – the usual offcuts of thin card.

After painting, I added the dolls house floor, got a roll of it cheap for 70p, basically printed paper that i cut to shape.

I added some ballast/flock to the edge to mask the edge of the paper and blend it in with the weathering.

And another view.

The top of the tower that was a separate item made out of the bottom of a hot chocolate drinks pot.

The tower is the 5th storey, which is OBVIOUSLY where a treasure chest is going to be placed, and the walls though ruined are over 1/2 inch high…so no telekinesis spells will get the treasure out. 😉

Ulterior Motives – Archway

One of the two missing items from the Ulterior Motives scenery set that I posted yesterday.

An archway, simple enough. Obviously I had two of them. As it is plain on one side, I decided to put them back to back to make a proper item.

Then my brain cell had a thought to make it into a bit more of an interesting item. I decided to add some transparent plastic with a “gate” effect on it.

Cut from a blister pack, one piece added to the back of each archway piece, with stupid glue.

To sandwich another piece of plastic with metallic blue and silver paint to represent (poorly) the gateway to another location or world…

Added to a base, and with greenstuff to mask the gap between the two scenery pieces. Looks a lot better than a single sided stand alone piece. I think.

Red Herrings – Ulterior Motives scenery +1, -2

I bought the Ulterior Motives scenery on the Nickstarter, and got two sets which is just as well as you can end up requiring two pieces of each scenery type depending on what cards are drawn by the players.

Two statues – nice to have.
Two magic circles – nice to have and I haven’t got any others as yet. I have just about manage to dry brush the dark grey and black respectively to avoid over brushing the gold symbols.

These were done in a hurry for Saturday gone, in case we needed them – we did but they played little part ion the game.

Pits and trapdoors. Easily fabricated from scratch but they came with the set and are nice pieces easily painted up so iff you are short of time why not ?

Standing stones and sarcophagus.

I managed to get the runes right on one of the standing stones but failed on the sarcophagus.

Again nice times, can be replicated elsewhere but for the price on the Nickstarter, they were worth it.

The standing stone did get used in our game on Saturday YAY !

Both items are generic enough to be used in any number of different games as general scenery.

Finally, the +1 and -2:

A small piece of scenery that has been knocking around for a long time.

I think it is a piece from a Grenadier Red Dragon set.

Anyway, with a nice big red jewel it makes for a nice scenery piece and objective for Frostgrave/Mordheim.

The attentive Frostgrave fans will note the Zombie and Archway from the Ulterior Motives scenery set are missing.

they’re to follow as I have done some kit bashing with the first, and used the second as an excuse to paint more stuff !

Pillars (Of Irem ?)

For the scenario The Complex Temple six pillars are needed. I used to have some old plaster pillars used for cake decorations, alas long gone and I had dreadful problems finding any, so I simply hit evil-bay…

They’re five inches high, and I got a deal on 3 lots of 4 as it saved money, and leaves with six spares that I can use for other scenery pieces as and when.

They came as plain white plastic and hollow.

To keep wight and costs down, I packed the central hollow part of the pillars with screwed up kitchen roll.

The ends I then plugged with ready made flexible polyfilla.

This gives them some weight so they don’t got knocked over by a breath of wind or an angry look, but not too much to weight me down.

Railing against reality

Renedra managed to sneak something out that i was interested in – Railings.

Here’s the contents of ono packet of railings, enough to make six doubles length pieces of railing (17cm).

JP had got some MDF railings and they were good for making a long linear obstacle that could be seen through but not moved through (easily).

Helpfully, they have also done some big Gates to add in to the mix.

I did a quick and dirty job of painting them up – my basic stone grey highlighted with Foundry Light Slate Grey, and a similar dry brush job of GW dark steels.

The gates are good, and I’ve left mine freely shining in the wind.

I bought two lots of everything, and so I’ll be taking the clippers to another set to make some smashed up railings to break up the pristine lengths of walling.

I think these will be really good to break up and disrupt movement across the board, without breaking up line of site.

I had considered brass railings, and maybe I’ll do that for the future.

These kits are ideal for pretty much all of the periods/genres I play so are well worth the money.