LOTR Ruins

For both Mordheim & Frostgrave, another batch of ruins. This is in preparation for a fvostgarev session on the 29th December in Burley Gate Village Hall.

I bought one of the multi packs of the Gondorian ruins.

They are a bit of linear scenery barriers, and especially this one doesn’t have much depth.

So I’ve based these, with the dolls house paving to give them more depth and make them more substantial.

Got carried away with the Biel-Tan green wash on this one, but never mind.

One of the small ruined sections, alongside the original LOTR scenery pieces.

the original ruined sections are nice enough but very thin, so the newer items are much chunkier and more realistic.

Foamboard Frustration & Frostgrave for the Festive season

Foolishly, I have started to organise a frost grave session for the 29th December, and have hired the Burley Gate Village Hall, so if anyone in the vicinity of Burley Gate in Hereford fancies a game of Frostgrave, drop a comment here and I’ll be in contact.

We have four players already lined up and 2 possibles, so we’re hoping for a straight head to head set of games in the morning and then a big board with all of us on it in the afternoon.

In anticipation of this event, I’ve been doing some more scenery and in particular getting some more Walls done, which has proved more difficult than expected.

All I wanted was some foam board 10mm thick so that the walls stand up by themselves and don’t take up too much space.

So I thought I’d hit the art shops for the foam board….

The Worcester art shop I used to use don’t stock it, and the head office couldn’t say when they could get it and deliver it to the worcester branch !

Hobbycraft said they didn’t stock it and wouldn’t order it in for me !!

The Hereford art college didn’t stock it, and when I asked if it could be ordered in told me I couldn’t come in to it because of child protection issues !!!!

No wonder high street shops are going out of businesss.
The Amazon order I did late Monday and was delivered this afternoon.
There’s no competition in terms of time cost and quality of service I’m afraid.

Five A3 sheets in the box, so more than enough for another half dozen walls.

I might finally get round to the long promised tutorial on I did do that in making the foam board buildings !

GA: Scenery

Whilst wading through another tranche of photos from Friday’s gaming session, and with a training course tonight (Data protection), I thought I’d throw some new photos of the scenery I’ve been working on.

One of the GW Gondorian ruins pieces complete with creeping vines and ferns, also by GW on a CD scenery base.

The creeping vines are again made out of the soft plastic the ferns are, and can be, with a little persuasion, be wrapped around scenery pieces.

Same painting techniques used.

Makes it look good I hope !

And of course some statues.

I bought the GW Gondorian ruins multi pack which is a really good bargain from the evil empire !

Should be good scenery to let these pirates run amok over. 🙂

The new Ghost Archipelago crew plastics by Northstar.

GW even squeezed out a freebie (!!!!!), a badge with the WH40K logo on it.

Half Cut Farmhouse & AVBCW

A week of furious painting, so no updates, but much like busses, there’ll be a whole load of stuff posted shortly.

Reason ?

We had an AVBCW Big Game Saturday 4th, and I had to buy, assemble and paint an entire force from scratch as all my forces were in store – tragic eh ?

I also had a Ziterades Watermill/Farmhouse kicking around. So I did that up at the last moment.

Some form of foam based product, very nicely done in plain grey and red. A present from Rich a couple of years ago.

Done 10-11pm, so very much just restricted to highlighting and adding in some more colour.

But for a war-games session perfectly acceptable.

Called Half Cut Farm, due to the fact that not only was it late at night, but on a Friday after consuming some wine !

I stil have the water wheel and will consider that option with a base later when I have my own gaff again.

Also worth noting is the material used is very “thirsty”, so I had to keep refuelling my brush even though I was technically dry brushing anyway.

Final one, at the games session one of the other players, Rob, gave us a book:

Looks like a good read about WW2 “stay behinds”, which should give us an idea fro more AVBCW stuff.

So stand by some pictures of the AVBCW Big Game, in which I was double crossed, as were virtually all players, and in which Commanders died !

I had my reWenge.

Bracken and GA scenery

Earlier in the year, to bulk out an order with GW to avoid punitive P&P, I bought some of their new bracken scenery.

Fur sprees of the same pieces, made out of a soft plastic reminiscent of Airfix soldiers ! (Stuart will recognise what I am talking about as will others of a certain age)

Two painted with Foundry Cadverous Green washed with Citadel Biel-Tan, one painted with Foundry Bay Brown and another Storm Green, again washed with Biel Tan.

Copplestone Castings 15mm eldritch statue.

Good to go !

The Cadaverous Green with wash looks very similar to the plastic aquarium pieces I have so should fit right in.

Screw when necessary (AVBCW Supply Dumps)

Well that got your attention !

Armies rely on logistics, supplies and so on. So its only reasonable that scenery should reflect that with supply dumps etc.

Straight from the UK MOD, you read it !

Screw when necessary.


In amongst the stuff that didn’t go into storage was a bag of half painted supply dump stuff – resin scenery pieces whose origin eludes my brain cell.

So in the run up to 4th November when we are having one of our AVBCW Big Games, I thought I’d drag it out and paint it up.

Placed on 40mm round bases, I raised the resin pieces by using some card chopped off of a recent order. This means they don’t blend in/get lost in the flock.

Three of the normal pieces, made up of multiple items glued to the same base. Includes Lewis Guns and SMLEs.

Great big pile of ammo boxes !

No, I haven’t written “Screw when necessary” on the sides. 🙂

I have enough for 10 items of scenery, and also found some with German helmets, and British WW1 Pith helmets, so they’ll be good for BoB stuff – to follow.

Not so quick win

This item has been on my table for over two months and I have been dragging my feet about finishing it.

GW’s Ophidian Archway.

A solid piece of scenery that in should be a nice piece to paint – simple thin linear structure, with an upper storey and a large archway.

BUT, it suffers from a huge exuberance of detail that is just OTT.

The detail of a dragon/wyrm coiling round the piece is great and on its own wouldn’t be too bad. But it is the back ground detail that merges with it that makes it way more fussy then most people will want to have on a piece of scenery.

Having broken that painting block, I cracked this out in just 2 days.

Again LOTR scenery, plain and simple and ideal for Saturday’s jaunt.