Scenery: The Silent Tower

For one of the Frostgrave scenarios I have been building the requisite “Silent Tower” from Pringles tubes. My deadline was Saturday when I had a game lined up with Alan,m which I almost met. Or at least enough to deploy the scenery.

I hadn’t highlighted the stones, and missed out the top most piece, but it was good enough.

I used a very old (and very soft) lead ladder to reach the top level, gluing it into place for added strength as it was very bendy.

The top most level I added an overhang to, just to make it different and provide more room.

The two walkways were pre-existing false wood ones.

Now on to the games…

Scenery: Another Pringles tube tower !

Right, a project that has been loitering with intent to not get finished.

For the Frostgrave scenario The Silent Tower, I need two small towers, and one large tower.

Now I had already done one of the small towers (two storeys high), but the second was resisting my charms as scenery boy.

As Oper my previous post, the tube had been cut up, and then covered in masonry paint. Unlike the previous tower, which was more open and used ladders, I went for the insane idea of spiral staircases.

here it is, yes two spiral staircases all made out of balsa wood. The base of the tower also had more of the dolls house flagstones added, just for completeness’ sake.

So two small towers now complete.

Now for the big tower which will be 4-5 storeys high – I’ve painted the inside with masonry paint, and added two lugs to support the second floor.

Now all I have to do is complete this for Saturday when I hope to run the scenario – nothing like a deadline to focus my braincell.

Unfortunately, I am out Friday at JP’s gaff playing games, have visitors Friday PM, and then the lads arrive Saturday morning. So I now only have 48 hours to complete the tower really as I am out this evening !!

Scenery – more walls

For Xmashammer, I ahd to dig out some plastic walls I had for the third scenario.

But Quelle Horror – they were unpainted.

So I decided to very quickly paint them and add to the scenery pile I could legitimately use.

They were from the GW Empire Farm set (now OOP, as ever). Rather than grey coping stones I went with reddish ones for a bit of variety.

The gate sections.

Useful for WHFB, Frostgrave and Mordheim.

Whilst I was at it, I found an offset of foam board, and made a 5th Wall for Frostgrave.

Now all I need to do is model some walls with Cats on top of them.

As my neighbours’ cat knows, walls are only there to help them get higher up into the trees, and their next snack.

Jobb’a the Huts

I finished the huts off for the Frostgrave scenario Haunted Houses, and have finally photo’d them.

Yup six pringle tube ends.

I’d originally intended to paint some of them cream to vary the colour but was running out of paint before Xmas, so painted them grey but with the blocks of stonework picked out in Foiundry Granite as a compromise.

I got time to start on the Wizard’s tower scenery as well before running out of black undercoat before Xmasday. So here is the first half tower. The ladders are made from bamboo skewer and balsa woods painted a different colour brown (Spearshaft) to help them stand out from the grey and brown.

All of the buildings have the usual dolls house stonework on the ground floor.

Hopefully some pixies of figures (remember them ?) tomorrow as I clear the decks for Xmashammer 2017.

FG/MH Graveyard

When I played with Byakhee Jim, he fished out an old Graveyard I’d made for Mordheim, on the grounds he was hoping to raise a Zombie and thus was in keeping with his character’s background. As it happened things didn’t go his way and the graveyard didn’t get much of a look in.

Just as well, because it had warped on its base, and my old polyfilla covering had become chipped. So having rebound the piece, I decided it would be a good idea to renovate it, after all JP’s wizard Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) also practices the dark arts…

So the gravestones, a mixture of metal and plastic items were removed, the base was bent back almost flat (a lot better than it was), and then a healthy amount of masonry paint added.

The original graveyard had a grey surface, so that went as it was too plain, with my generic biscuit earth colour. But to compensate I added a short entrance path of the usual pizza box flagstones.

The graves were marked out with an unusually healthy looking grass, whilst the rest of the yard had unhealthy sickly looking burnt grass added.

Some graffiti was added as I used to do to many of my scenery pieces. No prize for guessing which TV series I nicked it from…


Following on from an earlier posting, and despite the flu, I managed to get some painting and scenery making done.

Having forced myself to eat Pringles, I started making the first of 6 huts I need for the Frost grave scenario “the Haunted Houses”.

The first one, I tried using masking tape as cheap stone blocks to enliven the walls, but the masonry paint covered them up too easily, so for the second side of the hut I simply cut up strips of the rest of the Pringles can and added them.

The door posts were balsa wood, so this was a very cheap item to make. I lined the floor with the usual dolls house flag stones.

I have another 5 to do, and seeing as it is rather boring grey I will probably do some different colours (cream, and then red sandstone) to enliven the table some more.

The figure is for scale purposes, but also because it was on my painting table – Nice the Apothecary – which I have almost finished reviving for the 21st century. She and three figures are being done up for a games session JP and I have planned for next Friday. All of them are classic Citadel figures from the mid to late 1980’s. Which is one of the nice things about Frostgrave (or indeed Mordheim) you can dig out the figures that have languished unloved, unused and unpainted for decades and get them into battle.

Mordheim – Ongoing renovations of space & Gaudy Baubles

The second Mordheim ruin I was renovating is finished.

Originally seen here it was one I’d used polyfilla on to give texture.

But I wasn’t happy with merely touching the paint work up, I decided to go on a proper overhaul.

So Byakhee Rich provided some flaming braziers for the door, which itself was painted marble white, as was the second storey window, and the tiles were red rather than grey.

I then added some graffiti. I think most people know what AOS is. 😉

Part of the second floor flooring had become damaged and hung at an angle, but I left it like that deliberately.

I also added some paving outside the front of the house.

By coincidence, I was watching a certain show when i realised this ruin had ended up looking similar to one of the locations.

Points awarded for guessing which comedy I was watching.

Jack Dee: Points will be awarded, and what do points mean ?

Brucie bonus point for what show that comes from.

Whilst I was at it, I also finished off some more gaudy baubles.