Railing against reality

Renedra managed to sneak something out that i was interested in – Railings.

Here’s the contents of ono packet of railings, enough to make six doubles length pieces of railing (17cm).

JP had got some MDF railings and they were good for making a long linear obstacle that could be seen through but not moved through (easily).

Helpfully, they have also done some big Gates to add in to the mix.

I did a quick and dirty job of painting them up – my basic stone grey highlighted with Foundry Light Slate Grey, and a similar dry brush job of GW dark steels.

The gates are good, and I’ve left mine freely shining in the wind.

I bought two lots of everything, and so I’ll be taking the clippers to another set to make some smashed up railings to break up the pristine lengths of walling.

I think these will be really good to break up and disrupt movement across the board, without breaking up line of site.

I had considered brass railings, and maybe I’ll do that for the future.

These kits are ideal for pretty much all of the periods/genres I play so are well worth the money.

Numinious Occulum

One of GW’s recent releases.

Again made out of very chunky plastic, and a few pieces make a very complex piece of scenery and isn’t for novices.

Lots of greenstuff was used to fill the many gaps – again the mould is not good and the pieces are warped and not true.

The pieces of the “cockpit” fit together well, once you’ve worked out how the jigsaw goes together.

Having built Airfix aeroplane kits, I did remember to paint the inside of the cockpit before putting the top on, and the walkway.

The walkway was painted with GW Khemri Stone, with highlighting in light bronze.

The completed cockpit.

The walls are covered in lots of detail. It was tempting to paint in lots of the details with more bronze and gold, but I felt I wanted to keep it slightly plainer, as my intention is to keep the focus on the figures.

I kept the greys as per previous efforts – either Foundry Slate Grey or Arctic Grey.

The first floor of this scenery pieces is nice and big, so you could easily put treasure up there and stage a scrap.

The floor is about 3 inches up, so a bit higher up than my normal home build scenery.

Overall, this is a really good piece of kit aside from the green stuffing required.

It should look really good on any table, and for the price its worth it.


When I bought the Foundry Demons, I had expected some small little fellows as I commented. Pleasantly thwarted, by the average to large size of the figures that ended up being Demons, I trawled through various producers for 4-6 Imps to no avail.

I therefore asked on the Frostgrave discussion board on the Lead Adventure Forum, and got pointed to some Reaper Bones figures.

I had wanted to get a good number of Imps in one go rather than having to get one here, and another there, with all the attendant hassle and cost (P&P). So I ordered two sets of these three little devils.

As Reaper Bones figures they’re softish plastic, but once mounted on 25mm round hard plastic bases and properly varnished they should be ok.

Arrived promptly on Saturday, finished painting today as the car was in the garage for servicing.

Painted in bright colours, to match the demons.

Apart from this one, painted flesh coloured, with an orange wash, and a mop of 9dried grass) hair, which I have named Little Donny Groper, who harasses pussy cats everywhere with his ickle hands. 😉

And the Imps with wings and lots of mouth tentacles are definitely not related to this fellow – a 15mm Eldritcvh Statue from Copplestone Castings, who is Dead but Dreaming. Also painted up as it is a nice size for 28mm skirmish games – also done for Back of Beyond.

Arcane Tables & Altars

Some more arcane scenery for Mordheim/Frostgrave, to give the interiors of the wrecked buildings some allure.

From Ristul’s Extraordinary Market (see also later for a UK supplier) some arcane tables and altars, I’msure I can work up some scenery rules so that Wizards gain casting powers or learn new stuff when in base to base contact with these items.

In the resin, a couple of the tables need assembling, and I used Renedra bases as usual. In fact this set pictured is probably the worst for flash, but even so it is very thin and easily removed, and the main pieces are very well cast.

I’ve got a couple more sets of these tables, so I’ll be painting them in even more lurid colours to jazz up the table.

I got my sets from The Dice Bag Lady, (Bad Squiddo Games), who is/are very reliable and prompt.

Gate & Templar

At last, I managed two break the dry spell of not painting any human figures. I painted a Frostgrave Templar.

But first, I’d finished off one of the Gates I’d bought as featured previously.

Quite a large chunk of scenery as you can see.

I painted the inside crackly weird stuff violet and highlighted it with a metallic purple/violet just for good measure.

First human figure painted this year, so getting back in to the swing of things ahead of a games session with JP on Friday.

A Templar by NorthStar, nice simple figure to paint, and very similar to…

…the armour rack/suit available in their extras range.

I deliberately painted them the same colours to make that connection, plus blood red helps the items stand out on the table top.

Unlike the Constructs, this figure and scenery pieces are much more weighty and in line with both their plastics and most other 28mm figures.

A tale of two kits

On the last GW order I placed, I got the two gateway kits. I commented previously on the stairway needing a lot of green stuff so i was a little concerned about how much the two would require to “fix” or if quality control was being applied properly.

This gate went together like a dream. Only a few pieces but they were all easy to snap together and some joints were so tight I could have got away without glue.

The floating effect and the stairs are surprisingly robust.

This one however, as you can see needed/needs a lot more work.

The design of the kit is ok, but the execution of it is lousy. The corner pillars though they have lugs/holes to fit together, don’t. This is because the plastic is warped, probably due to the mould not being accurate.

So I’ll be using a lot of green stuff to fix all these gaps and holes.

Which is a shame, as it is a nice piece of scenery with the plastic being think to make it look and feel like a real wall, and lots of detailing – maybe too much.

Arcane Ruins (Sprues)

Just a quickie, and without wishing to showcase a GW product, well except that its good value for money…

The entire set is quite large, as can be seen by the depth of the box (28mm frost grave figure for scale).

You get three of these spurs to make the trilathons. (Hah, beat spell checker)

These have the ruined upright columns on, plus the decorations of various skulls, skulls with horns, and demonic faces.

One set is not enough to turn these decorations into useful gaming markers, but two sets might just be enough – skull makers for those wavering units for example.

Next ups should be some actual figures I’ve painted.
(Quelle Horreur)