Fade to Grey

Here’s a taster for some of the BoB stuff i was doing during the last few weeks:

Just a White Artillery piece, with in the background two more sections of hedging for the AVBCW game we are planning for March 14th.

The White gun crew are joined by a crewman from the Red Artillery set – as I have multiple setsw of both I am swapping figures round so that each artillery piece is unique.

Not an original, one I nabbed from another blog, but quite funny given the piles of grey plastic sprues us wargamers accummulate ! 😀

Special Guest Superstar DJ: More Tomb Kings

Byakhee Stuart has been busy with the End of Times stuff, and after much carping on costs splashed out on one of GW’s new models – Nefereta.

I particularly like the colouring on the bones – bones aren’t white ! One of my other mates is an archaeologist and regularly sends me macarbre pictures of bones he’s dug up.

The Tiomb Kingsa re an army I have little knowledge of, but seem quite interesting from what little fluff I have read of them -0 Stuart is keen on them though and that shows in his painting.

And here are some of his Tomb Warriors, and he is planning on merging is Vampire Counts and Tomb KJings armies in line with the End of Times schtick.

AVBCW: Blunt Scythes (Editted)

The second game Byakhee JP & I played on Thursday.

The board was changed a bit, so that there was a wide strip in the middle of the woods that wass “open” terrain. Neither of us wanted to have a repeat of the same game – JP was wanting to test out the brink of Battle combat rules.

Both of us marched 3 of our figures down the same flank and ended up in a shoot out. Un fortunately for me, his leader was a gross out superhuman (we checked the ruyles all legit but still a f*ing pain), having killed one of his troops for two of mine, my final riflemand beat a hasty retreat through the field of KILLER GIANT BUNNIES. Something that later turned out to be a very wise choice.

In the woods the two forces macrhed uop toward each other to see who would blink first.

At this point, the Twiggy Mommet troops from the flank used the handy style to try and outflank the MHC in the woods. Outnumbered, outflanked, and facing a superhuman I was not feeling like it was going well. But wait. I cut down one protestor and sent another fleeing !± Maybe there was hope after all.

Well up to a point, the protestors closed in, stealthily working through the bushes…

The last rifleman on the flank, through a series of VERY LUCKY roles downed JP’s leader with one shot !

The MHC and TwM lot mixed it up, with the MHC coming off the better, as they came in, the last of the protestors were picked off by other riflemen.

And to cap it all, in an amazing piece of serendipity and good luck for me, the hedge that JP had made, had had a chunk cut out of it at just the right place to allow my rifleman a line of asight to pick off the final flanking member of the protestors.

Both of us were now on bottle tests, and because I had knocked off so many of his horde, my chances were greater than his of forcing him to retreat, and the stats didn’t lie.

So one all each, the MHC and Twiggy Mommet Priotestors are building up a track history of emnity.

Sadly at that point I had to wussy off due to man-flu.

Until next time pumpkin head !


JP explained that under the brink of Battle rules half his points had to be spent on his elader as he was leading a Horde. So this explained the insane Comabt, and other attriobutes this guy had, and why he literally laughed at the hail of bullets I( had fired at him in the forst game, and the first half of the second game.

Having realised I was only able to deck this guy with some very lucky rolls of the dice, I spent all the rest of the second game shooting his much weaker followers, hecne the high number of casualties that resultewd in JP’s Twiggy Mommet protestors breaking. It was only a VERY lucky set of dice rolls from my lone rifleman that finally nailed his leader.

Photos by JP
His version of events is on hios blog roll.

777 th post

Yes, this is the 777th post on this blog, I celebrated the 111 (hundred and eleventy), and I knew the number 777 had biblical/occult meaning so thought I’d use it as another marker in the progress (?) of this blog.

Christian religions consider 7 to be a Holy Number because in Genesis the first book of the Bible it says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day, therefore 777 is thought to be the antithesis of 666. Because God rested on the 7th day, that is the reason for the observance of the Hebrew Sabbath on the last day of the week. The 7th day of the week is indicated on the Hebrew Lunar calendar containing 13 months of four weeks each. According to the American publication, the Orthodox Study Bible, 777 represents the threefold perfection of the Trinity.

So there you go.

Sadly, I have to knock this post on the head with another Cat picture !

yes, BlackJack has turned up after a fight with the giner tom-cat Timmy, rather worse for wear. As well as the sliced ear, he’s bleeing in an other copuple of places. No serious injuries, though his general demeanour indicates his pride has taken a tumble. I will wait until tomorrow before deciding whether its a trip to the vets…

AVBCW: More Mayhem in the Malverns

The Scythes were out – Byakhee JP & I had a couple of Brink of Battle games before I cried off due to Man-Flu.

For the first time, JP had enough scenery to cover the field of battle. He had some help from one of his daughters, who introduced the awesome field of killer giant bunnies.

Silliness aside, the scenario of the first game was that the local Twiggy Mommet protestors had half hinted a load of armaments, and that I (the MHC) would be retrieving the stolen goods.

As you can see the Twiggy Mommet chaps are not keen followers of fashion, but they do have lots of them, armed with lots of scythes and far, far to many rifles.

The boxes of weapons were hidden in the Wyche Woods, legended to be haunted. This meant that lines of sight were down to 4 inches, and movement wasn’t much better.

The MHC shot at, and got a response, after finding the few(!) Twiggy Mommet fighters with rifles.

Even my flanking unit managed to find the flipping Twiggy Mommets with rifles and got shot down.

That was quite a quick game, even though we were playing with c500 points under the Brink of Battle rules.

JP had chosen a horde of troops, and the short ranges imposed by the forest outweighed my troops’ higher skill and better weaponry.

We moved on to the next battle…

Cat !

There you go, that should boost the ratings – any mention of cats is bound to get loads of hits because the internet was invented for pictures of cute cats.

So I finally got round to painting this Reaper cat – from the wizard’s familiar pack. I was given this by Byakhee Rich after he funded a kickstarter campaign. JP got the weasel for his weasely wretches.

Of a a medium soft plastic I painted this up as my cat BlackJack, complete with eyes lit by the fire of hell itself (I call him Satan’s Emmisary on Earth).

Updates have been few of late due to a combination of factors:

  • I was manically painting up lots of Bolshevik and Chinese Cavalry for my BoB game on Saturday
  • …which all ground to a halt on Thursday due to Man-flu…
  • …followed by a bereavement in the family.

Now I am back to health and almost firing on all cylinders. So I have some photos of BoB stuff, another Special Guest Super Star DJ posting, and a couple of AVBCW games AAR to come.

AVBCW: But have they paid taxes ?

Seeing as hedge Funds are in the news and their potential tax avoidance schemes, it is timely that I finished off some hedges of my own:

Yes, another nine foots worth of hedging, with three stiles to break up the scenery. based on artists mounting card, usual flock base, the stiles are laser cut MDF, and the hedges themselves are left over Woodland Scenics clump foliage.

It seems for our AVBCW Big Games JP & I can never have enough hedges !

When I took the box of them up to the garage to be sprayed with varnish, I found a lone GW section of fencing that had got stuck underneath them.

The one that almost got away…
I am of half a mind to put some of these very short sections of fencing onto longer strips of card to make them more useable.

Mordheim: Renovated Ruins err ?

Another game, and the damage and or incomplete paint/modelling of bits of scenery shamed me into renovating another piece of scenery.

GYes, I’d managed to assemble this double building using raw plastic parts, black undercoated parts, and added debris that was wither unpainted or base coated only.

A right mess ! And a roof section had come off.

I carved of some of the flock at the front of the building.
Then I added lots of paving slabs, cut up pieces of thin card fresh from the pizza box – waste not want not.

Once stuck down these were given brown and green washes and then all the stone work was highlighted with grey.

Looks much better IMHO. And this is one of the original Mordheim card buildings.

Even the skeleton got painted.

I added some paving inside the building – with hindsight the base should have had these added before gluing the building on…

And the details even had some gilt corbels/tassel/bragger. 😉

AVBCW: BUF Quadricycle of Death – with red go faster stripes

I bought a second Quadricycle of Death to paint up for my BUF, or as it is increasingly Captain Arrowsmith’s BUF contingent.

In a totally altruistic move Byakhee Rich has built these two beauties. The first one had been underfcoated before being photo’d, so the amount of work put unto building them wasn’t apparent.

As you can see, each of the four wheels had a new brass axle drilled through the body of the machine, followed by greenstuffing to make it all sealed in. So you can drive the model up and down going “brrrmmm, brrmmm” if that’s your sort of sad stuff…brrrmmm, brrrmmm… oops….

So I painted it up in standard BUF colour – BLACK.

But I thought that wasn’t enough, so after the usual BLACK colour scheme I’d add a Go Faster Red Stripe. 😎

I think it actually works quite well, emphasising the red background of the BUF markings (transfers).

Should help Captain Arrowsmith at the Big Game on 14th March JP & I are planning.
That and other mobility enhanced devices…. 😉

Mordheim: Sometimes the plans do come right !

Third scenario on Saturday was: Surprise Attack…and I was the victim.

I had to spread out the few warband members I had 8 inches apart, and only 2/3rds of them even turned up. One ended up in the “crow’s nest”…funny he was an archer…

The first thing to do was gather my forces together, so there was a lot of running and sprinting. My leader finally turned uop with a couple of others and rescued Agyar the Warlock, who with his two spells managed to always roll “Luck of Shemtek”, but apart from twice never the more useful “Fires of U’Zhul” with which I didn’t cause a single wound.

Anthony conceeded defeat when my warband was on high ground and intact apart from one failed initiative roll resulted in a henchman going out.

Fourth and final scenario: Wyrdstone Hunt.

Anthony rolled a 2 on the d3 so we had three pieces of Wyrdstone to fight over. Randsom tossing of the tokens followed and choosing of sides indicated we’d probably get a piece each, and the fight would be over the final third wyrdstone.

I’d got two warband members with the Sprint skill, so obviously they were up for nabbing the wyrdstone, with the others to support them and shield their retreat off the board with the loot.

First turn and I’d secured two wyrdstone shards, now I needed to get them off the board, in the centre of the board, the stunties had moved forward so there was an opportunity to have a bit of a scrap and see if I could also bring down Anthony’s beardling who’d gopt the third wyrdstone.

As it was, I didn’t manage to stop the dwarf getting off the board, and following casualties, Anthony’s Black Beard’s bottled voluntarily.

So 2 games each over the day.

Now, I chose two buildings that needed some TLC to repair. Also as a way of breaking up the khaki hordes of Bolshevik cavalry, and their Chinese Warlord enemies that I’ll be painting over the next couple of weeks.