Some links to places that I may like:-

Pygmy Wars, post WW1 cionflicts including the RCW
Real Climate
Skeptical Science
Steve Dean Painting Forum
The Miniatures Page

Some Blogs:-

The Green Man
Hereford ’38
Tales of Frostgravery
Mort’s Scrapbook
The Ooh Shiny Complex
Small Epiphanies

Some Gaming Links, especially AVBCW/Pulp 28mm related…

Copplestone Castings
Foundry – they’re Not Dad’s Army range
Footsore miniatures AVBCW
Mutton Chop

A full review and links of AVBCW figures can be found on JP’s excellent site.

Some Gaming Links, especially 15mm related…

Dropship Horizon, Laserburn
Ainsty, large ranges mostly for 28mm but much can be used for 15mm as well
Amera, plastic vacc formed scenery, excellent stuff and cheap
GZG, Jon possesses a time machine to deliver your orders

Some Music:-

Art Of Noise Hey ! Hey !
Barry Adamson
Fields of the Nephilim
Jello Biafra (at the end of a Ministry gig more politikill content but here are the spoken words)
Joy Division
The March Violets
New Order
The Prodigy Hey ! Hey !
The Sisters of Mercy
Skinny Puppy
The The
Utah Saints

Some Comedy

Joking Apart
The Order Of The Stick
Peter Rabbit, Tank Killer by Beatrix Potter & Sven Hassel
The Young Ones

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