ROSD: The Outpost (Part 1)

So after 5 months, I finally got my first social occasion, a games session with Alan and Rita.

Not only that, it was my first proper games of Rangers of Shadow Deep (ROSD).

We played outdoors, under a gazebo, in the shadow of a two storey garage/games room, with a fan…but it was a VERY hot day.

We played a scenario that I had written – RoSD The Outpost v0-B. (NB: A few changes will be made following the action, but it gives you an idea)

So, we had set up top left corner in the first photo, and the shield bosses were the clue markers, with the Gnolls setting up in all three other corners.

First blood to Lady Matilda (Rita), a Gnboll archer cut down.

Alan was playing Thorin, and myself Adeltharium. Thorin and I were higher level rangers than Lady Matilda so we were assigned virtually to take out the roaming creatures and get the clues outside the castle keep.

\Fortunately this bunch of Gnolls kept ambling around well away from us.

Unfortunately, this lot got stuck in with Thorin (Alanb’s) henchmen.

As there were three of us, and this is a collaborative game, each of our Rangers only came supported with 2 companions.

So when Alan lost one of his companions early in the game it was a blow.

Adelatharium and co get stuck in, pathetic archery on my behalf.

Ruckus !
With the Gnoills getting the worst of it.

Ditto !

Fortunately, after a major injury or two, Heal, Eldrtich Recall and Split Cast were emp

loyed to heal Adelatharium and Hannie the Scout were restored to reasonable health.

A skeletal knight turned up whilst Thorin’s crew searched the body of a fallen knight.

Unfortunately, whilst Thorin and ±Matilda got to the castle keep, the random monsters started spawning, leaving me to deal with them.

The beacon was lot, the treasure and clues retrieved, the enemy was confronted on the stairs.

The Gnboll Sergeant and Cultist were dealt with.

Just as well…

because the monsters were piling up outside.

Time to: RUN AWAY.

Adelatharium m y ranger being the last to achieve his Climb roll and get out !

part 2: Rita’s photos….

Even though were were outdoors, with a fan, under a gazebo in the shade the heat was so intense we stopped the second game that afternoon.

lesson learnt – it was a great collaborative game which the system is good at delivering with all of us working to enable each other.

This does give me time to write up two more follow up scenarios as to who the spy was etc…

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