A Very British Civil War

I often have to explain what A Very British Civil War (AVBCW) is about. So here’s my stock answer:

AVBCW, is based on an alternate historical timeline:

Edward VIII:
– Who does not abdicate;
– This precipitates a constitutional crisis;
– The C of E refuse to support him;
– All the main parties in Westminster fail to back him;
– He appoints Oswald Mosley as PM;
– a low level Civil War results;
The Battle of Cable Street writ large;
– The C of E and most conservatives organise as the Anglicans;
– The BUF organise;
– Socialists and Communists organise;
– Scotland declares Independence with it’s own internecine violence;
– Uncle Tom Cobbly et al arm themselves.

Brought to life by:
Richard III (film by Sir Ian McKellen);
Dad’s Army (don’t tell him Pike !);
The Ghosts of Cable Street by The Men they Couldn’t Hang;
the BUF/Fiendflug
Jeeves & Wooster;
The Black Shorts – Roderick Spode;
– Went the Day Well ?;
– It Happened here.

And in particular the research you do to your local area.
In my case that is the three counties region of Gloucester, Hereford and Worcestershire.

You can deploy late WW1 stuff, and early WW2 stuff, plus weird interwar vehicles. My gaming friend JP has a website listing many of the figures we use (and abuse).

This is not the Spanish Civil War, this is A Very British Civil War, where cups of tea and scones are very important. Gentlemanly conduct is paramount, winning is not.

Communist and Fascist forces are deployed, but this does not in anyway mean the players support or condone these political ideologies or their historical representatives. In fact, more often than not, we will lampoon and exaggerate their ineptness such as the Black Shorts !

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