FG: 2015 11 27 The first game

So, with a fresh warband sort of constructed I popped round to JP Towers…along with some familiar scenery…

The first game we played was a straight up loot scenario. JP had done up some very nice Treasure Chest for the loot counters.

My warband moved forward.

By happenstance, I had chosen my Wizard (Hoblon Toddlebrew) tyo be a Sigilist, and in the Frost Grave rules this is oppossed by the daemon worshipping, puppy killing, baby eating Summoners – which is what JP had chosen his Wizard to be adept at.

The evil forces move towards me, and the treasure. In this first game I won initiative every single time. I also managed to fire off every single spell, whilst JP struggled to do anything.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t fully appreciated the issue that the Wizard is the be all and end all of the warband…So his single minder got zapped with an bone dart and then he ended up in combat with predictable consequences.

His apprentice, learning quickly, decided to encourage the remaining warband members to scarper with the treasure.

But not before the war hound had savaged the summoned Imp.

So a marginal victory for the forces of Evil.

Frost Bitten

Byhakee JP has been bitten by the Frost Grave bug (there’s a lot of it around), and seeing as its very similar in concept to Mordheim, at his request I indulged in a gaming session.

he sent me a couple of e-mails and some attachements which meant SFA, but I did up a warband in preparation anyway as I was interested to see how a d20 based skirmish game would pan out – plus I have yet to play a games system that I actively loathe, and more often than not come away with some good ideas to modify my favourite games.

Holbon Toddlebrew and Apprentice !

Both painted in my years at Uni, and have never graced a gaming table some 20+ years later, so this was a good excuse to get them out of the very dusty box and field them.

Yes, I was intensely lazy, simply copying the name from the Citadel 3rd Compendium (image from the Stuff of Legends).

The Archers, Thugs and Warhound (Warhound posed by a Model har har as the one I had on Friday was unpainted !). Painted for Mordheim.

I took an Apothecary – it seemed like a good idea until I read the rules. And for the second game recruited a Treasure Hunter. Again painted (or part painted) at uni and never fielded.

Group photo !

As stated, with only partial info I slung this warband together and entered into the fray…

AVBCW: A Typical Herefordian Bridge 1938

Just for Byakhees Doug, Rich, Roo and Clive…

A double span bridge, which will be the first of my wider river sections, so cut out the buttresses and add card etc as usual.

All painted up.

This paint tester pot at £5 must have done 10′ worth of river and is still good for another for a few feet – much cheaper than model acrylic pots !

The river covered in GW Agrax Earthshade. I didn’t include this step in the previous posting.

And there we have a typical bridge in Hereford in 1938 – complete with BUF armoured behemoth dominating the terrain.

Now for the weather forecast – likely to be Frosty.

AVBCW: 2015 10 17 Kinnersley

Late, but still relevant, Byakhee Roo has produced a rather spiffing take on events:

This has been a public service announcement.

Scenery: Babbling Brooks

For the AVBCW game was I “booked” to produce some river sections for the third table. For a couple of reasons, what I produced didn’t get used. But here they are anyway – very simple to make and I’ll be making more sections to cope with the different bridges and their genres.

Slice & Dice.
The usual artists mounting card, sliced with a cheap disposable knife and metal ruler.

Paint the back matt black emulsion, and see it warp !

And then paint the other side with my usual biscuit/soil colour emulsion, and watch it warp back again.

Watch an inappropriate film…

The two warps have cancelled out (occasionally with help, or is that a pelvic thrust ?), add the “banks”.

More paint. This time using tester pot from Dulux from B&Q as ‘m not wasting Foundry paint on this amount of terrain !

A ford section.

Add flock to cover up the banks.

I’ve done about 8 foots worth of straight river. Each section is a foot long.

The ford completed.

Section for a bridge.

Section with the bridge (not stuck down). The bridge is from Hovels.

I have another couple of bridge sections to do and want to do wider river sections, along with some bendy sections. All good generic scenery.

WHFB: Tomb Kings, one for Stuart

Those pesky mounted archers:

Four got cut down by the Dwarf Rangerererers before they fled, and the last one played tag with Yoric Yaffle my Runesmith.

AVBCW: Another HMG for LDVs

B’day present, the good old Foundry Home Guard HMG (WW2015).

I teamed the two crew up with the third crew member from the LDV HMG crew from Footsore (previously Musketeer)

This is probably my fourth or fifth LDV HMG – why so many ?
As Roo commented:

Could anybody envisage the day when (JP and Giles aside) I would ever need 3 platoons in a single game? On a scale of one to highly unlikely it would be highly unlikely right…so why does my workbench have a third platoon of troops shaping up on it…especially when technically they would fight on the same side as my Royalists and Hereford Territorials…utter madness…

Well it’s because JP & I lend out entire platoons to people, especially newcomers who haven’t got their own forces to fight with. Plus it gives flexibility to our own forces and ensures each unit is unique.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…
Actually we didn’t warn you – we encouraged you – bravo that man!