AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Four

I was now reduced to the command squad, two troopers and a damaged section. Having expected to be out of the game after lunch it was now 3pm. I ralleid by one remaining section having been chased across a field by Welshmen. They turned and opened fire ! Roo, having seen off the cavalary distraction moved his section towards the centre of the table only to take a direct hit from the Welsh artillery and loose 4 troops in one shot. In the meantime, his other sections continued to fight over the mill house. They were locked in combat for four rounds – JP’s (other) veteran unit literally had their backs against the wall with no way out. His reinforcements on a random event card imbibed too much cheap ale (like Roo had the previous evening) and were unable to make a difference. Slowly Roo’s forces ground down the Welshmen. We caklled it a day just before 4pm, after some 5 hours of gaming. The “defenders’ had carried the fight to us very succesfully. I had held on, albeit with only 5 infatnry left plus command squad. I had held my flank and inflcited a lot of damage, knocking out “Maude”, holding up a unit if veterans and a unit of regulars with my all Irregular infantry.


Roo had eventually cleared the Mill House of the enemy, and had held the railway crossing against the Welsh Cavalry and infantry. So the stout Herefordians had beaten off the Welsh interlopers (barely)…this time..

AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Three

With two Welsh sections having forded the river, my central section deciuded to beat a hasty retreat, in case Maude machine gunned them again.

My section in the copse put up a gallant fight in a shoot out with the veterans, but it was a losing battle.

Roo landed a number of shells on the Welsh including the medic (nurses were a visual treat only), dforcing back an infantry unit.

And the cavalry, again…

My section was reduced to two, the NCO was dead, the mortar however…

…knocked out Maude, as a last gasp before they were mown down by the veterans as they emerged from the copse of trees. My command unit marched up to defend the flank and held them at bay with the two remaining infantrymen 9LMG with BAR) for the next three rounds.


The Rooyalists all but wiped out the yo-tyo unit of Welsh cavalry. In the meantime, his other two sections of infantry started to storm the Mill itself where JP had hidden a section of infantry.

Petty acts of revenge were also carried out against sticks.

AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part Two

We made JP deploy his “defending” Welsh Nationalists first (hordes of them). We had written the scenario together, and as he was facing two other platoons, had decided to give him 1.5 platton’s worth of forces, which turned out to be massive ! 🙂

Including “Maude” an improvised steam power A/C.

Roo’s Rooyalists deployed. Roo also rolled for my troops’ experience levels, and let’s say, it waqsn’t far down to the bottom in terms of luck thereafter…

In what turned out to be a rinse and repeat cycle, the Welshn Pit Pony Cavalry advanced (and retreated), advanced and retreated, advanced and retreated…

My Irregulars advcanced into the copse, to be confronted by…

JP’s Veterans…OUCH…. My mortar shelled Maude sveral times before immobilising it/her.

With some help from the second squad I had, and the quad bike, that unfortunately died very quickly with a shot from JP’s BOYS rifle.

My third section advanced to the T junction, and in one lucky shot, JP wiped them out – all nine troopers !!! :-O

It wasn’t even lunch time and I’d lost over a third of my force.

AVBCW: The Battle of Bullock’s Mill Part One

Or Cottaging, Dogging and Sheeping.

JP, Roo & I played a game today.

With Titley Junction finally cleared of the Welsh invaders, the local forces of Government are looking westward to Kington. If the troubled border region is to be properly secured, then the Welsh Nationalists must be ejected from this small market town.

The most logical route from Titley is to follow the railway line, which negates the need to get tangled up in the narrow and twisting country roads. However following the railway has it’s own perils, for it runs along the steep-banked valley of the River Arrow.

It is for certain that the retreating Welsh will throw forward defences somewhere across this valley, most probably near the disused Bullock’s Mill, where the railway crosses the Arrow twice in quick succession, and where there is a crossing point for the road from Lyonshall village.

The valley is steep and flanked by woodland, and no Government convoy could advance without having to force the crossing points or clear the valley slopes. Yet this is what they must do.

Hearing news that a platoon of Welsh Nationalists is throwing up defence works in the area, two Government platoons have been dispatched to see them off and reclaim the crossings for the King. However it is rumoured that Welsh reinforcements are hurrying from Kington to shore up the defences.

A show-down is imminent. Will the Arrow valley echo with the sound of ‘Land of My Fathers’, or ‘Long Live the King’?

mysterious makers appeared before the battle commenced, planted by the Welsh Nationalists…

Mordheim: Defend the find (again)

The second game we played of Mordheim on Saturday. Again we rolled for the scenario, and got the “Defend the Find” scenario.
Jim chose the central group of four buildings to defend.

And then promptly remarked, he’d made a mistake ‘cos he was armed mostly with pistols and only two black powder guns.

He set his forces up, and then I planned how I was going to rush him, by surrounding him on all sides.

<img src="” alt=”” />

Including his new recruit, a young blood, known as “Kate”, which is short for “Bob”, as everyone sensible knows. (We had a conversation about he was introduced to “Kate” at university. We weren’t sure who was sadder, Jim for asking the question for what Kate was short for, or me for knowing it was Bob.)

Two of my scrofulous (and cheap) “marksmen” moved in to pick off the rather not well concealed Pirate.

And on the other side Claes von Geld my Captain lurked, in flouncy organe finery.

Whilst his la`ckeys moved in from a third side.

Jim decided attack was the best form of defence and mobbed the scrofulous marksmen rendering them useless, but taking up a lot of his force.

This allowed me to move in my Captain and CHampions and evict him from the buildings, and also giving “Kate” a good going over. Ahem.

Victory me again.

Mordheim: Breakthrough again

First scenario Byakhee Jim and I played was the “Breakthrough” scenario – one warband trying to get through to the other side of the board.

The board set up (sans Cat).

My Captain (Claes von Geld), and a swordsman to protect him. And Agyar Mistletaine from The Magnificent Sven scenario that I painted some 20+ years ago whilst at uni, and until now have fielded twice (both in the last year!).

First blood to me – a rare bow shot that actually oput someone down.

Jim’s Pirates (Marienburgers) creep up on my flouncy (orange) Marienburgers.

My Captain charges in, and gets mobbed. Agyar got knocked out in combat.

One of my champions comes to the rescue only for a Pirate to try and intercept.

My Captain finished off hism opponents, and the Pirates were thwarted, and Jim failed his bottle test. Victory to Claes’ “Wealth Re-Distribution” scheme.

Back to the grindstone

Well, given all the things going on in my life I have not put brush to figure (or scenery) for nearly two months. Time to break the hiatus. Which I did in style on Saturday morning. By highlighting some ladders for Mordheim. Break out the champagne ! 😉 I’ve only had them 13+ years and never got around to finishing off the paint jobs. As I was expecting Byakhee Jim to turn up I started setting up the board for Mordheim. We had originally planned WHFB but both of us for different reasons were too tired to contemplate a big game so opted for a couple of short games. BlackJack oversaw the construction process. Though as usual, licking his bottom did take precedence at times. Next up: two games of Mordheim.

AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 5 (the final)

Here was the final denoument.

The veterans paused for breath as the Black Shorts advanced on the hapless remaining irregulars.

A Road Traffic Accident. One of JP’s sticky bombers failed his attempt to move into contact and blow up my armoured van, so having failed his green cross code, he need the Red Cross.

My veterans charged the Black Shorts, and were promptly charged by the Iron Hooves in the rear – much like a bacon roll, the filling easily breaks out.

The veterans saw off the Black Shorts, turned round and trounced the Iron Hooves.

I now controlled one farm, and was advancing up the road.

JP moved his remaining Cavalry into the central farm – which was disputed territory still. I still had a few troops in the stables, and he occupied the barn and farm house.

Game Over !

So at the end of the game, and as per the scenario rules, we rolled for where the crown jewels were. Turns out they were in the farm I’d occupied all game (and I didn’t even have to look down my pants to find the crown jewels as Lord Flasheart would have said). 😉

A good game:

  • Nice balanced lay out and ideas.
  • JP used his cavalry to tie down two of my sections and the Lanchester for most of the game.
  • I got lucky rolling the status of my units (Veteran, Regular, Irregular).
  • And then managed to redeploy them when JP looked like he was going to get away with it.
  • Both of us suffered bad dice rolls – JP more than I.

Another chapter in the opngoing battles in Hereford AVBCW.

AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 4

Being outflanked, I had to act quickly to stop the fascist rotters.

So Spades came to the rescue – one of my A N Other units…

Having shot up the BUF cavalry, they retreated to where they thought they might make a decisive breakthrough.

My armoured van rammed JP’s armoured van. In the background, my squad ran across the road and into my central area to provide support (the guys behind my green van).

Lady Luck deserts me.

At this point BlackJack, worked his EVIL EYE on the enemy.

A salvo of gunfire and the mortar sent the Black Skirts packing much to both of our surprise. JP blamed the dice, and he was using the ones Doung had sold him, and we all know Doug’s Dice are Dodgy…. 😉

JP’s second armoured van had ventured up the road, and now faced my Lanchester which had returned to the fray.

And got knocked out by HMG fire, with the crew bailing out.

My veteran infantry charged the Iron Pooves, and sent them packing, again a combination of bravado and poor dice rolling by JP.

JP’s armoured van crew deploy the Italian clutch (Reverse).

AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 3

Later than previously advertised, some more AVBCW pictures of our game.

Under BlackJack’s excellent supervision, I had deployed my troops, and now sprang into action as JP and I raced to get to the two farms on the flanks.

This was where JP’s two sections of cavalry came in handy moving far faster than my foot sloggers. He seized one farm.

Whilst I seized another, and had to leave the section there to fend off the marauding cavalry which was his (cxunning) plan.

On the road, my second section loitered unsure of where his cavalry would go. With a few lucky shots, my armoured van knocked out his, and was still in action against the other. The Lanchester meanwhile faffed around rolling poorly for movement, and eventually returned to the main road.

Meanwhile, both sides occupied either side of the central farm and engaged in a brisk and deadly firefight across the farmyard.

A well placed mortar round felled several of his troops but his leader survived.

My irregular infantry encountered a lot of Black Shorts and crumbled away.

With my flank crumbling, JP poured in the Iron Hooves in a flanking move, supported by men in skirts.

It didn’t look good for me, as he’d also shot up my brave gamekepers who’d rushed the central farm with their shot guns in an effort to get in close.