BoB June 22 2013 – Table 2

The AFSR have been tipped off that the Reds are moving through the district and are torching Kulak villages, and are determined to stop tis. The Germans are eqally determined to support their reluctant allies.

The table will be composed of an intact village of buildings.

  • AFSR – Mort
  • AFSR – Giles
  • Germans/Dastardly Huns – Tym
  • Don Cossacks – Rich
  • John – Reds

Again the scenario is a simple occupy and conquer, however, as can be expected, with the combination of Reds/Don/German factions things might go a little bit wrong.

Scenario Special Rules

  • All units may deployed up to 12 inches in from the edge.
  • At the beginning of each turn, the German/Don/Red forces must test for each Infantry and Cavalry unit (not including Command, HMG, Artillery etc), and on a roll of 1 on a d6 the unit does nothing as they squabble, prevaricate or threaten their so called allies.

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