WHFB: 2015 03 22 An Inevitable Disaster

So the first round went quite well for me. Jim’s turn ended in not much happening with his untis failing charges left right and centre.

One nasty surprise:

Turns out this Pegasus had a breath weapon attack, and crisped two Dark Riders !

Jim’s Bone Grinder Ginat decided to charge the Carnosaur, wounded it, took some wounds in return and promptly fell over, crushing the Carnosaur in the process. Well at least the Carnosaur got on to the table. There it lay, outside the charge arc of my Giant, and I was wary of sending in my DE High Sorceress…

Meanwhile two Pegasus charged in against my Sorceress on the Arcane Fulcrum – at which point we found only one model can fight against a wizard on a fulcrum…which against the odds and thanks to the Ward Save (3+) meant my Sorceress held the combat. My plans for Dark Riders toppling Ogre Butchers off of fulcrums was quietly shelved.

Instead, I charged the CoK, the Dark Riders and the Wa`rlocks into the Ogre Leadbelcher unit. The Dark Riders failed their charge but at least were out of the pesgasus’ charge arc.

I lost three CoK on the charge and another when in combat, but managed to knock off 4 Ogres in the process of combat despite Jim managing to cast some regeneration on them.

I lined up flank and rear charges for the Dark Riders and Harpies on the Ogre bulls, but at this point it all went a bit wrong.

My giant failed his charge against the Ogre Bulls and top toed forwards. My Sorceress took and dealt out a wound but…

…The Ogre Bulls unit, with 5 characters in it flank charged the CoK who were still locked in combat with the Leadbelchers.
And then Jim roled 23 dice for his magic pool, against my 11. 😦

My Silver Talons were nowhere to be seen, other than ambling round the centre of the board. The CoK were destroyed and the Warlocks survived if somewhat damaged.

At this pointI called it a day, as I had no heavy units to take on the Bull Ogre unit.

A withering glare from BlackJack.

Lessons Learnt:

  • I had the wrong army to fight Ogres !
  • I had way too much Fast Cavalry, and whilst good against man sized infantry, cannot take on monstrous infantry like Ogres
  • The Harpies, intended on picking off artillery and lone wizards ended up a waste of points
  • I got plain unlucky on a couple of key rolls (like the Giant failing his charge)
  • I wasted points on the pack of Cold Ones shielding the Sorceress on Arcane Fulcrum
  • Next time the points will be invested in the Sorceress’ having some magical weapons to up their chances of defeating attackers in combat
  • I’ll revisit the Executioers and Black Guard when facing Ogres or similar beasties in a Beastman army.

WHFB: 2015 03 22 Ogres vs Dark Elves

Byakhee Jim & I held a short notice WHFB game using the Storm of Magic rules. because he was short on time it was a base of 2.5k PV plus the extra 25%Short on prep time I mangled my previous list as he had suggested he would be bringing an alliance of Bretonnians and Undead. I was determined to field the Carnosaur this time !

What I got opposing me was an Ogre Kingdoms army – a somewhat different prospect !

The set up.

Hmm, lots of Fast Cavalry against two massive blocks of Ogres.

And some Harpies, the bane opf any Ogre army…at least I did have a Giaat and a unit of CoK.

Witht he wonders of Vanguard move, and then winning the toss, my Fast Cavalry got round the side of the Ogre flank quickly. I also had a very good magic phase.

Getting off some spells to reduce the effectiveness of the Pegasus, and the Giant (which turned out to be a Bone grinder giant, so better than my ordinary giant).

Whilst pumping up the CoK, in case Jim decided to charge his Giant in against them.

BlackJack, looked on with approval.

To be continued…


All has been quiet here, but not in real life. Meetings of the Parish Council, Community Shop and Village Hall have soaked up time along with preparing for May’s elecgtion in which I am standing.

That said, I am no editing pictures of a Warhammer game from last Sunday which saw me thrashed by Ogres, and I’ve started a couple of simple projects:

Mason, over at the VBCF has produced some “Ladies” for the AVBCW game, and I naturally bought them. Arriving in double quick time these well scuplted and cast Ladies are armed mostly with shotguns, a few rifles and the characters pack has a Lewis Gun and second, and the leader has an SMG.

A cheap, quick and simple nostalgia project distracted my brain cell, and I got some sand dunes from Amera.

All busy being sprayed.

Sadly I don’t expect many more updates, as I am on the campaign trail Monday-Wednesday, with another meeting on Thursday evening. 😦

Maybe I’ll be wrong…I am being encouraged to finish off my Bolshevik Cavalry…

Oh and another 4 hours was lost to another exercise in how to do filing properly.

AVBCW: 2015 03 14 Part Four – The Other Table and Porky Pies

Here’s some shots of the otehr table at the Big Game. Following on from last year’s game, the bridge at Titley Junction had been seized by a bunch of ne’er do wells, and the Royalists decided to dislodge them in a return attack ! Below this write up is a couple of links to other people’s blogs/propogande mouthpieces.

Roo’s Big Beast of a hill and bridge were back in action.

As were his colonial troops lead by his South Africans.

JP’s Royalist’s deployed.

Including a cunniongly disguised vehicle.

A/C’s climb up the embankment.

To fight the waiting Welsh and their AL allies.

Fighting on the ridge again.

Steve’s forces fight over the railway line.

The Royalists (JP, Roo & Steve) were triumphant, with the Welsh (Tom & J) conceeding defeat and withdrawing in good order.

Some other blogs – beware of the propoganda !

JP’s Hereford 1938 blog

Sir Gilbert’s View – from Doug of EM-4 miniatures.

AVBCW: Big Game 2015 03 14 Part 3

By now the BUF had secured the bridge and were racing to reinforce it, leaving my forces (the MHC) facing the Bishop of Ludlow’s forces, complete with their rocket launchers.

The Bishop’s French tank after paasing a nerve test, ramed the QoD in the side knocking it over, and causing it to explode !

My MHC section tookm cover behind various hard objects, the Morris A/C fired but failed to damage the Bish’s tank, and was in return fired upon several times and had its two weaponsn (Bren and BOYS) knocked out, rendering it a tin can much like the Bish’s tank. 😉

Whilst the pepperpot hastily reversed up the road to provide cover for its BUF comrades on the bridge, the BUF charged eastwards over the bridge and into Sir Gilbert’s rabble. The BUF’s QoD rode through this mess and injured precisely no-one based on my hastily made up rules for tank shock !

Lady Maud’s column advanced and engaged Sir Gilbert’s troops, distracting him sufficiently to prevent proper support in attacking the bridge.

Rev Verity’s bombers failed their nerve test and refused to attack the QoD which was immobilised but spitting HMG fire left right and centre at Verity’s other troop’s and Sir GHilbert’s that were facing off against Lady Maud’s troops as they moved through the open woodland.


The Bishop’s seamen had fired off their rockets, and armed with pistols lined up for a rendtion of YMCA before heading off for a cross country march. The rockets had rpoved not very effective (as all AVBCW contraptions should be), but had shelled the farmhosue taking out 3 brave MHC troops.

By now the Bish’s tank had roared off down the road after the pepperpot, but it was the closing stages of the game as dusk fell. The BUF section was eventually repulsed by Sir Gilbert’s lackeys, and regropuped on the bridge. the MHC had the equivalent of two sections holed up in the farmhouse a semi functioning mortar and HMG with which to fend off the sailor boys and the remaining section of Anglicans.

Lady Maud’s troops were barely scratched, and the BUF still ahd a cavalry squad menacing the flank of the Bishop.

The jury is still out on who actually won the battle.

Best of all a good time was had by all.

To follow: propoganda broadcasts by less worthy news-sources.

Interlude – Presents

As an interlude (and because I am cream crackered after the weekend), a small update:

Top Left:
AVBCW dice by EM-4. Doug, one of my adversaries is the proprietor of Em-4 but kindly sold us these dice at a discount price on Saturday – thanks Doug !

Normal d6, but with the 6 replaced with a logo by PanzerKaput for one of the AVBCW factions. Not a transfer but actually etched into the surface so it won’t wear off.

Top Right:
Some RCW gun crew gifted to me by Tym on Saturday to compliment my current gun crew !

Bottom Left:

One rubber glove in black and red. Found on the front doorstep after the event, obviously brought home by a ferocious cat that had tracked it down and captured it.

Talking of The Glove:

A sweet slice of psychedelia.

And finally:

Bottom Right:

One rodent, probably a mouse, becauswe I am obviously not eating properly – too much fruit and veg.

Thanks BlackJack.

AVBCW: Big Game 2015 03 14 Part 2

The battle now hotted up.

The MHC supported buy the pepperpot, seized the road junction to the west of the river/bridge just as the Anglicans under the devious Bishop of Ludlow arrived, and a shoot out started. The MHC QoD roared up and gave the BIsh’s forces a broadside to much squealling.

Meanwhile the BUF cavalry rode over the hedges and into the woods on the western side of ther river, to “menace” the Bishop’s forces who promptly had to turn and face this threat – Arrowmsith’s infamous cavalry charges could not be ignored !


Meanwhile, as Sir Gilbert’s latest steam A/C contraption chugged forward, Arrowsmith snarled and forced his QoD forward onto the bridge in order to support his infantry.

Verity’s forces burst out of the trees and started sniping at the BUF, along with Sir Giulbert’s retainers.

Lady Maud’s female Jaeger’s infliltrated the open woods on the east of the roiver, pasing the BUF mortar spotter team which had been firing ineffectually for several rounds.

More women emerge from the trucks !

Whilst Sir Gilbert’s WI rush forth to meet them and fire at them from behind the cover of an untrimed hedge…

Supported as they were by the gallant menfolk of Rev Verity and the (paid for) Police of Sir Gilbert.

Sir Gilbert and Rev Verity’s troops converge east of the bridge before the fiunal push from both sides.

(To be cont’d)

AVBCW: Big Game 2015 03 14 Part 1

Yes, JP, Roo & I held another AVBCW Big Game – we’ve now been doing this for four years. We had two tables (each 6×10′) set up. I’ll concentrate on the table I was playing on for the first couple of postings.

Breinton Bridge

At the northern end of the Golden Valley control of this bridge was being contested between the rebels and the Royalists, as it is on the way to the market town of Hay-on-Wye.

Roo did us up some new river sections, rest of the secenery is the stuff I have churned out over the last few years.

My Malvern Hills Conservators (led by Sir Ed Ward-Glear) set up, along with Captain Arrowmsith’s (Richard) BUF tank and…pepperpot…
Our third ally was Tym’s forces.

More BUF infantry deploy. As the table edges qwere split in two, the three of us loyalists opted for the MHC and BUF to deploy on the western edge of the river, with Tym deploying pretty much alone on the eastern river bank. Our goal was to seize the bridge ASAP, occupy the cottage, and block both of the road junctions.

Gavin (as the Reverend Captain Verity of the Anglican League), deployed his Anglicans on the eastern bank of the river.

Clive (as the Bishop of Ludlow), deployed his forces including the awesome scratch built rocket launchers.
Both sides advanced.

The Bishop of Ludlow’s forces advanced with trucks pulling hand break turns to act as cover ! Behind the trucks, the rocket launchers prepareed for their first salvo.

Meanwhile the BUF forces, raced towards the bridge – the BUF’s tank ignored the Bishop of Ludlow’s forces leaving them to the pepperpot and the MHC. Arrowsmith’s cavalry occupied the road, whilst his infantry and command squad occupied the cottage and bridge.

Verity’s Anglicans move through the woods aiming to flank the bridge.

Meanwhile, Sir Gilbert’s LDV roar forward in their trucks and improvised contraptions !
(NB: Doug’s last game was hampered when he pulled a random event card reducing everything to mud and his vehicle column got bogged down for virtually the entire game – this time he was luckier)

And Sir Gilbert’s supporters the WI mounted the crest…of the hill…

Tym’s Royalist column arrives – lots of Crossley’s filled with…more women !
Is there something we don’t know about the women of H’ford ?

AVBCW: Behind the Scenes

All is quiet, quiet as a mouse, well that’s because BlackJack has probably killed them, meantime I’ve been busy.
So here’s a few glimpses of the behind the scenes stuff we do to put on our Big Games where we hire the village hall.

Roo dropped off “the beast”…his huge hill and some more river sections he has been working on. He kindly helped me load up my car with the table boards (ten 2×6 plywood boards) and then we emptied his car boot into mine. I added a few bags of hills and other stuff.

FYI, my car is an estate car so the 6′ long boards fit into the boot no problem…but that’s not enough room !!!

JP came round with his car, also an estate car, and we filled that up too…

Roo had done some 12 foot of river…and had helpfully labelled all the sections so they fitted together properly. That’s dedication.

JP and I spent about an hour setting up the tables, adding the boards and then doing the basic dressing of them. No trees, no bridges.

Needs more trees and railway track – and this basic level for the two tables took two of us an hour.

We’re back at 10am tomorrow to finish stuff off, open up the hall, and let the hordes in.

So I guess I’ll have some more exciting photos tomorrow !

Mordheim: Rebuilding ruins again

In the last game, Byakhe Anthony had the raised market hall I createdabout 14 years ago.

It was a fairly common building in many rural market towns in the UK. Ihave the intact version from 4Ground to be built for my AVBCW games but it looks complex !

A very simple raised building that sheltered the lucky few market stalls underneath it, and often doubled as a town hall and so on. The base had warped meaning it spun on the spot, so I blu-tacked it down. Coming to remove the terrain….

Yup, the upper storey came off. As it was a very rough and ready job anyway I opted to keep it to hand for a proper rebuild.

As you can see the interior wasn’t done well, so will be receiving some balsa wood flooring. The pillars are also only about 2.5 inches high, and they really need to be 3 inches high so that fat fingered idiots like me can shove miniatures underneath it. Finally, the entire building should have stone flagged base for the Market.

This will mean a new base being created, the stairs being altered, and the interior being worked over.

This is this weeks project number one, with the next coming tomorrow…

In the mean time…

I renovated another of my original Mordheim buildings, again just a very simple set of washes and highlights of the plastic pieces and base.

The rubble was created from the old WH40K ruins piece, plus chopped up sprue pieces – simple !