WHFB: Xmashammer Pictures

We’re still playing today, but here are some pictures from the game.

There’s 70 of them !

Awake Ye Scarey Great Old Ones

Awake ye scary great Old Ones
Let everything dismay!
Remember great Cthulhu shall rise up from R’yleh
To kill us all with tentacles if we should go his way!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

In Yuggoth and dim Aldebaran the great Old Ones were spawned
Imprisoned by the Elder Gods to wait for long eons!
Enticing humans to release them,
Chanting dreadful songs!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

An Arab said “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons you will find that even death may die”!
The great Old Ones will rule once more
Then all will be destroyed!

O’ tidings of madness and woe, madness and woe,
O’ tidings of madness and woe! (and great woe)

Xmashammer 2012

Yes, here it is, Xmashammer 2012, two days of games, beer, wine, pizza and curry.

The Scenario

Deep in the jungles of deepest darkest Herefordshire Lustria, is the ruins of the city of Copalotaothat.
Within these ruins are rumoured to be great riches, and there is a race to gain those riches.
There will be the stepped pyramid oif Itzadotal, the head of Notalotabotl and the recumbent remains of Litatraybox.
In order to win the rights to loot the ancient city, you must win on the following Victory Points:
– Number of PV left at the end of the battle
– Plus 200 points per tile of the board occupied with no enemy presence
– 100 points per tile where you have the greater points value
– 400 points for occupying the pyramid of Itzadotal
– 200 points for the head of Notalotobtal
– 100 points for the remains of Litatraybox
The city also has other notable features, like the eldritch statues: For each Wizard/spellcaster/runesmith in base contact with them then you add a d6 to your Power/Dispel Dice Pool.
The rules from the Lustria supplement: Loose Order; Events, and Encounters will be used
There will be other surprises on top of this.
Yup, this is the third year of Xmashammer, two days of about half a dozen of us having a no holds barred game of Warhammer, each fielding armies of 5,000 points (each).
I’ll be posting the Evidence(TM) of this mayhem over the next few days, including some scenery you haven’t seen before.
But we’ll start with the board….


Red Dwarf X

Strictly speaking not a film, but this year Santa brought me Red Dwarf X, on DVD. I escaped from the clutches of my family and fell into the pit of Cats/Gundarks at home and had to watch the DVD.

Having seen Red Dwarf from season I onwards, I was intrigued as to how it was going to go, as I was less than impressed with series 7 (meh), 8 (meh) and Back to Earth (ommmm).

Well this series does seem to be a return to form in terms of script, and dialogue. Many Rimmerisms surface (m’laddo) with out being forced as do the Cat’s mannerisms from the first few series, especially the physical ones. Lister is a bit over dressed in leathers but he’s still a pleasant slob. Kryten is pedantic and wound up as usual, only a small niggle that sometimes his prostehtics/makeup around his eyes looks a little green.

The first episode: Trojan is good, though it doesn’t explain why the ship was abandoned. The data freeze Arnold, Howard and the simulant suffer is hilarious (and I wonder when the simulant is going to return, she was good). Fathers and Suns was good overall though the plot did a sudden lurch half way through. Lemons allegedly the best episode left me a bit cold, it was fine, but well, I think other episodes were better as did Entangled which was saved by really really good performances by Cat/Kryten.Dear Dave was really good, with Rimmer discovering his past but maintaining his weasely self. The final episode The Beginning had some good scence, and as they commented in the making, some of those scenes had none of the Red Dwarf crew in them for the first time. I’ll be watching that one again.

The production values are high. Not convinced by the amount of green screen in the bunk room that seems to happen, but the rest of the SFX are good.

Overall, a good return to form, 4/5, not the best but certainly a keeper and repeat watch !
I hope they get series XI commissioned.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast (or at least another blog roll entry tomorrow wrt Xmashammer 2012.)

WHFB: Ogre Leadbelchers

A small unit of leadbelchers.

Again sporting a large amount of add on bits.

Byakhee Stuart did a commission painting Ogres and was driven mad(der) by all the extra luggage…

Size doesn’t matter though, or so I’m told:

Also for sale with their own KR storage case. (On sale due to lack of space!)

Cats = Greater Stomp Attack, and White Russian Lancers

Whilst taking pictures of the Ogres, I activated the Jealousy Rule in BlackJack.

Here he is moving in to the photo box.

And he sat on the Ogre I was photographing.

It can’t have been comfortable.

Obviously Cats have a Greater Stomp Attack rule…
Just as well he didn’t sit down on the 15 White Russian Lancers I photographed !

The lances are steel pins…

WHFB: Ogre Ironbreakers

Some more Ogres, this time Ironbreakers:

Great big models these !

Unsurprisingly, with such large models, I used the Kaiser Rushforth cases to store them.

Again, these are for sale.

WHFB: Ogres

Well here are some I did earlier:

A nice lump of lard.

Oh here is the champion.

I did a mane of greenstuff to look like fur to bulk him out and make him different to the rest of the troops.

Along with the standard bearer.

And from the back.

These are for sale.

WHFB: Dark Elf Cold One Knights II

Sometime ago I did five Dark Elf Cold One Knights, but they weren’t a proper unit, just the first lot on the painting pad. Now I have completed the unit with another 5 that make up a proper unit.

Yup the front five have lowered lances ready to charge, the back row lances raised.
One of the key problems of these models to get them to rank up properly, as the Cold Ones’ tails overhang their bases by quite some way.

Definitely something to remember when building the models !

Now I have a useful unit – a unit of 5 in WHFB 8th edition is far to fragile, so a unit of 10 is much better.

Learning from this experience I have another unit being painted now and they are ranked in a slightly different way.

Clearing out the Play Room

Now the observant will have noticed a lot of RCW/BoB figures being painted.
Yup, that’s because I found a box of them on the floor of the playroom and I’m trying to paint all of them along with their brethern before I put them all away and I am catalogouing them on the way. So lots of White Russians, especially mounted figures, and you’ll be able to see the next unit in the background in the next couple of photos:

Yes I found a big box of stuff that needed sorting through.
As you can see from the photos, how big it is, because there is a cat who loves it!

And anyway, it’s not like I’m going to get to see the DVD/TV:

So I have three days to clear out:

  • 10 Plastoon
  • 5 RCW Command Squad
  • 10 BUF Cavalry
  • 5 BUF Command Cavalry
  • 15 Cossacks

For starters.


(The Dark Elves are done just waiting for the winking of a photograph)