FG 2019 02 18 – The Living Museum

Another outing for Old Mother Parma and Tipstaff.

Standard scenario.

the Orc figures are the statues !

the joys of Telekenisis – move the treasure from under the enemy’s nose, and then collect at your leisure whilst the statue animates.

Main problem, I learnt this tactic from Alan, so of course he did the same to me when playing Tipstaff.

A melee ensues, fortunately I came off best.

but only just – Tipstaff sent a war hound round to try and distract me, but Henrietta the Apprentice dealt with it.

Another statue down – more XP.

Down comes the wall, as Tipstaff’s minions try and escape with the loot, whilst the statues move ins on them.

Three of them, things looked bad for him.

A second flanking attack on the ladies, was dealt with decisively. The thug top centre, did a sharp exit, as my Captain was carrying a bow…

And for good measure another Wall was dropped in the way of any pursuit by my ladies.

A win for Old Mother Parma !

FG 2019 03 08 – The Well of Dreams & Sorrows

Second game of the day, standard scenario.

So I positioned Old Mother Parma and Apothecary ready to make a dash for the well. Only for Tipstaff to dump a Wall right in front of it.

But I did manage to get some troops to a treasure, one fell, but then I outnumbered the enemy.

On the otehrside of the board, henrietta helped with Telekenisis and my thuggette was running for the board edge and safety.

And in picking up the treasure, I triggered a random monster event of two wolves who popped up behind, and attacked Tipstaff’s Ranger.

In the centre, Tipstaff with his abhorrent undead minion moved towards the well and pushed up troops to take on mine.

Whilst his Ranger despatched the wolves easily.

As did my archer who raced to the rescue of the thugette in another random monster encounter.

A second wall was cast to try and cut off my troops, and Parma retaliated with a fog spell – bit difficult to see as it is white on white (it sits behind the main combat upper right. This also stopped an exchange of fire between my Markswoman and some more of Tipstaff’s Archer’s which had gone mostly in my favour.

A swirling melee took place in the centre wedged between magical walls and the ruined walls. In this case, the UNDERDOG won, with my war hound biting and killing the Barbarian.

And then the hound went on to attack Tipstaff, injuring him but…

…then being mobbed by minions and succumbing himself.

Two of my remaining warriors, decked another enemy, and started lugging the treasure away to safety.

Which triggered another wandering monster…an ice spider turned up behind Henrietta.

With real life time running out, and having dispatched the ice spider, we rolled to see if my two adventurers escaped with a third treasure for me, and sadly I failed.

Must be time to paint up more of my ladies ahead of next week’s game.

Some more retrospective games to follow as a wade through the backlog.

FG 2019 03 08 – The Complex Temple

A trip down memory lane as I start going through the accumulated photos and battle reports of the last~6 months. Here’s one from march.

Aland I were playing Old Mother Parma and Tipstaff for our third game.

Standard “the Complex Temple” scenario.

I still hadn’t progressed my painting beyond basic silver and flesh with the odd bit of colour (shame on me).

So off we go, Alan wins Initiative (an eerily familiar feeling), and promptly downs my Captain with a Elemental Bolt.

So in response, I surged forward to engage the first Pillar with an old lady, an Apothecary and a thug….

Given that in previous games of this scenario, I’d managed to kill two of JP’s figures I wasn’t feeling hopeful of these three attacking an inanimate object.

Especially when in the Apprentice phase, my Apprentice got zapped, followed by the war hound getting zapped.

First round, and a quarter of the war band out of action !


But at least my Ranger decked one of his Archers.

My remaining troops attempted to assault the pillar and failed, whilst an Archer took cover.

Having beaten the first pillar which disgorged its treasure, I promptly lost the Apothecary to a well timed shot, leaving Old Mother Parma scuttling for cover.

Leaving my X-bow woman to provide cover from the advancing minions of Tipstaff.

But not enough cover to help the thuggette who got downed by a Barbarian and Archer.

melee !

And then Tipstaff and his sidekick Canaan Banana started conjuring up Walls.

I’d chanced my arm…and it got pretty much cut off !

karma was restored when Tipstaff attacked a pillar, and I rolled a natural 20, and down he went ! very ironic as that is what I had rolled (twice) when JP had assaulted the pillar in our game over a year earlier !

Tipstaff again won, but not by quite as much as he had hoped.

To make things worse, even though 2/3rds of my warband had been put out of action every one of them survived unscathed even the warhound !

On to the second game.

AVBCW: Shobdon 2019 03 23 – Part Three

The third table for Shobdon Correctional facility, at the other end of the hall didn’t get much attention from me – too busy staving off both losing my voice entirely (I had a curry night lined up), and staving off a crushing defeat.

The camp – the idea was the BUF and Royalists would evacuate some high profile convicts.

At least they (Tom) got some barbed wire to defend themselves, as once again they were outnumbered 3;1. (Old Man shakes fist and shouts at sky)

The Bishop of Hereford (Clive).

And his allies Tim and ??? move in for then kill.

I don’t think the convoy escaped.

From memory, some of the lorries used to ram the oncoming hordes were “dummies” without any of the convicts.

Random stuff from the middle table (eye candy):

Yes, random fields have pill boxes, airfields and other important sites don’t. ;-/

Now back to editing Frost grave photos – next AVBCW in October 2019 !

AVBCW: Shobdon 2019 03 23 – Part Two

We had three tables, mind was on the southern end, in the middle was Shobdon Hall, and the third was Shobdon Correctional Facility.

My allies should they bother were coming from the middle table.

Lots of AA vans for the Royalists.

But there were a group of squabbling LDVs to get past.

Here they came having made a deal with at least one LDV.

But one of the other LDVs got an it5chy trigger finger and the convoy ground to a halt.

Even the late arrival of an LDV lorry, and the Twiggy Moments (summoned by GM pity on me), field to make a difference.

Under artillery fire, I pulled my troops back taking casualties but dishing out a fair amount more.

With the KO’d lorry acting as cover, my troops outnumbered and outgunned fight to allow two of the transports to escape.

Before, as the LDV’s lorry was damaged still some way from the airfield….

Captain Queeg evacuated his remaining troops (about half of the platoon) in the third and final transport plane.

What the “Special Stuff” was, was never found out and is in the hands of the LDV.

AVBCW: Shobdon 2019 03 23 – Part One

A Big Game in the Village Hall – you’ll spot we’ve just started renovating it…but that didn’t detract from the gaming tables provided by Clive and Too which were as ever excellent, aided and abetted by Tim.

The day for me was great, marred only by a hacking couch that had come on with a vengeance and developed in to laryngitis over the next week.

First posting focuses on the table I was.

On my own, holding Shobdon Airfield, against 3 forces of revolting Reds.

What was surprising that both sides were fielding sailors…in land locked Herefordshire !

So here’s the arifiled, yes an empty field nicely mown. No defensive obstacles installed by the nimble brained Royalists that pleaded with Wryrd Force 1 to defend. And who parked the a/c and lorry on the furthest point from the road ? BUF !

So I was allowed to deploy on the edge of the airstrip, and what’s this – the red blob, yes a fizzing bomb dragged around by two sheep courtesy of the local pacifist group (or rather the GM’s EVIL and disruptive plans…each player got an extra initiative card to move one of these round the board to cause mayhem). Somehow, mutton was going to be on the evening menu.

The enemy deploy, or “Sailors Sir, thahsands of them !”.

Plan A was the Marines were to load up in the lorry and go rescue the “Special Stuff” that resided on another table, as per my orders. However it rapidly became clear that (a) the rate of progress cross country by the vehicles was laughable, and that a third squad was needed to defend against the advancing unwashed hordes.

A squad of Jolly Jack Tars advanced towards the edge of the field and towards the road leading in from the middle table (see subsequent post).

BOOM ! The bomb and the sheep were machine gunned, in order to secure the airfield’s land strip – the bombs would cause craters which aren’t good for the incoming planes that were meant to collect the “Special Stuff”.

Just for good meaqsure, I moved two pigs and a bomb in front of Rob’s hedge removing tank (his commander got longer and longer numbers of titles throughout the day something like Comrade, Commander, Captain Commisar….).

Sadly, Rob then used his card to keep the pigs out of the way.

Incoming – the radio tower had got one of the cargo planes incoming !

The hedges were my only “cover” and were quite far forward, so the hedge clearing tank despite coming under fire from my mortar, Oikerlon AT gun, and HMG advanced unscathed.

My advance got this far and no further. The lorry (top right) broke down with a puncture courtesy of random event cards so never made it to the road even, instead being turned into some cover !

Second aeroplane lands. So now I have the means of getting the “Special Stuff” out of the airfield, but there was no sign of my “allies” turning up.

There was also a lot of sign of Roo’s cavalry dismounting and pillaging the farmhouses along the road and taking up position to rake any traffic coming down the road.

Rob’s infantry were not far behind – they had sensibly used such novel inventions as “gates” as opposed to trying to jump over hedges.

In a pattern to be repeated throughout the rest of the twentieth century, vandals ripped out the hedge, my only cover, and allowing easy access for the red hordes.

Just as the red artillery opened up. Luckily only one casualty, and the squad being Veteran and Courageous stood their ground (for good or bad).

Now all three transports were landed, fuelled and ready to take off.

A BUF biplane fighter made a brief strafing run, before…

…being shot down by LMG fire and crashing at the far end of the airfield.

Having ruined the hedge, the tank withdrew as the infantry piled in. Finally, I hit and immobilised the tank, and then machine gunned an enemy squad.

Now where were my allies with the “Special Stuff” ??