Baygar and the Beggar

Another couple of golden oldies.

Baygar from the C02 Wizards range. Often mistaken for the Agyar Mistletaine model, of which it is an obvious variant.

This one I painted back at uni some 25 years ago, and the basing just isn’t up to scratch. There were also a few knocks chipping off the paint.

So I tidied up the chipped paintwork, and re-based him. Obviously you can tell. 😉

FSS 11 hunchback beggar on crutch – must have got this as part of a job lot a few years ago on Evil-Bay.

The old beggar Jon Priceless always in need of Lead Cross parcels. He claims to have had two daughters and a wife, but lost everything on the roll of a d20 in a gaming session….

No known gaming use but one ion those nostalgic pieces that just cry out to be painted

Its a study in sludgy browns. The hood is Bay brown, the cloak Quagmire, the trousers Tan, the stick Spearshaft. All Foundry paints.

Red Faced Thug and a Thief (Updated)

Caught red faced ?

The first of two pre-slotta C04 Thieves finished today. he looks somewhat red faced, despite using Foundry Expert Flesh D, might have to have another go at photographing him, and the club needs straightening.

UPDATE: Slightly less red fced, and with a straight club !

The second pre-lsotta thief painted in exactly the same way and photographed at the same time, but not red faced. Duh ?

Both useful minions for Mordheim and Frostgrave.

Nice and simple to paint and lovely sculpts despite being from ~1983.

The Astromancer’s lair

having started to play the Forgotten Pacts campaign, and then bought the Maze of Malcor, I promised JP I’d get some scenery pieces that were required for the scenarios. he’s done so many items I thought it was time I ponied up some more scenery.

The Nickstarter, the Maze of Malcor is much longer than other supplements.

However, in both supplements there is a need for telescopes !

Good job I had one, bought and painted whilst at uni some 25 years ago. Metal Magic.

Could I find the other five I needed to make the half dozen needed ?

Yes I could !

Once again Midlam Miniatures have re-released the item, I think re-mastered as they are slightly larger. So now I have the half dozen telescopes required.

With a few other pieces of scenery being painted up/finished, I think I have some suitable scenery for an Astromancer’s lair.

And the all important throne – this time by Ainsty, bought as part of a not so secret project.

FG: The Coming of Ambronnax

The third part of the first scenario. We were amazed we’d got through the first two scenarios so fast.

Slight re-arrange of scenery.

My full warband, and this time, Axel Starsong is a real Templar with a real double handed weapon ! As JP comment4d, he knew it was a real soldier this time as I couldn’t do the same trick twice. Though there may also have been another illusionary soldier along for the ride.

Aeon’s bunch of hippies opposite.

The target as per the scenario was the central treasure with the true name of Ambrronix.

My warband punted on the first treasure luring the failing wretch to jus, which my REAL templar promptly dispatched.

Whilst the second wretch was felled by Aeon’s Demon hunter – this is a scenario about demons so it was totally appropriate !

As my rangers lugged the treasure away, Shazzam’s! Captain and Templar reached the central alter and took the central treasure, along with the war hound, only for Ambronnax to materialise.

At this point both Jp and I went in to narrative overdrive as opposed to power gaming.

A failing wretch popped up and attacked Shazzam! My ranger intervened and helped Shazzam! fell the creature. Curiously the thug didn’t. 😉

Having no beef with the demon, my Captain, Templar and war hound made a swift exit – well as swift as one action allows (scenario rules).

But Aeon threw her minions at this dangerous demon as per her back story as written by JP.

A few sticks were hurled at the war hound who became confused that they were aimed at it, not for it.

But this didn’t stop me from half hinching another piece of treasure.

Captain, Demon Hunter, thugs were all thrown in to the fray by Aeon (JP). At this point a lot of good fighters went down against the demon.


The demon was being whittled down on Health points despite the Captain dying, the demon slayer dying etc…


…it was felled by a roll of 20 by the last remaining thug !

An excellent game that swung back and forth until decided by a final single dice roll.

JP advanced the narrative and I have now threatened to use the True Name of Ambronnax to forge a pact to help play in to this narrative.

Here is JP’s take on these three scenarios.

FG: Time Rot

Scenario One, Part Two.

This was the second part of the scenario where the “other” half of the warband got to fight.

We didn’t shift the scenery around much as we wanted another quick game.

Aeon and her minions this time – the reverse of what happened before.

Marvo III and the Captain with a few side kicks.

Off we go, I picked up some loot, and a Barbarian Thief was attracted to the sound of gold coins ! This would prove a rather important event later.

Whilst Aeon’s thief lugged away another item of treasure.

Alerting a ghoul, hunched, dirty and generally insanitary. So nothing like JP or I. 😉

This time we had remembered to add the failing wretch to the central item (another Amulet of Constancy), but that was drawn off when it went for one of JP’s thugs, thus leaving my tunnel fighter and Captain to nab it. At this point the Captain was on one Action due to the Initiative Roll table that is special to this scenario !

Marvo III had hidden from the Barbarian thief, and my thief and illusionary soldier were trying to peg it, when the Barbarian caught up with them.

My Captain made a rush for Aeon to slay here (again), and ended in combat with a thug, who slew him (again). Worth a try.

A threesome – my thief, Aeon’s Archer, and the barbarian thief…we all fall down.

So Aeon (JP) one the battle, as I only got 3 items off, but I did get the second Amulet much to JP’s annoyance.

On to the third and final part of the scenario…

FG: Secrets Uncovered

Now that we had finished the last campaign, I suggested to JP that we do Forgotten Pacts. For once JP had a random day available, so off we went !

Unfortunately, I’d managed to lose Louis the camera, so all the photos are from JP.

JP’s failing wretch, which resembles neither of us !!!

As per the scenario, we only had half our war bands, so I fielded Shazam! first, with a mysterious new warrior with a great big axe.

And JP did the opposite – Apprentice and Captain, which I had planned for the next part of the scenario.

Aeon’s warband struck first killing a failing wretch.

And then the puppy killers shot my war hound.

Before shooting the second failing wretch.

With such firepower Shazam! approached the central treasure which was an Amulet of Constancy somewhat cautiously.

Before sprinting in to action after his Illusionary Soldier had been revealed ! His Rangerer joined him as the enemy war hound attacked. Obviously this brutal beast got the treatment it deserved.

A timely retreat was in order.

An act of petty revenge and the Rangerer/meat shield was cut down.

Quite a quick game, not surprisingly due to only having half sized war bands. We forgot to have a failing wretch guarding the amulet.

Now on to the second part of the scenario with the other half of the war bands with roles reversed…

Doors to the Maze of Malcor

Northstar/Ospreys latest bundle arrived today.

Having read through the book (not the novel) it looks an interesting expansion to say the least, with new deployment of treasure, XP and spells. There are twelve scenarios that will certainly test players, and it also introduces the potential for the wandering monsters to be controlled either by a player, or a third party – my preference is for a third party/GM.

Many of the scenarios call for doorways as entry points, and quite by co-incidence I have been busy painting some doorways up ! So that was serendipitous.

Old Metal Magic items now available vis Midlam Miniatures.

I had bought them for the Alone in the Crypt scenario from the Spellcaster magazine.