Xmashammer 2016 – Battle of the Barrows

The fourth and final scenario from the Blood of Sigmar book, and our last game of the two days. I was once again, not catering in the afternoon so there’s more photos this time round.

A bigger battle the the previous ones. The Vampire Counts set up, but expected to receive reinforcements that would randomly emerge from the various mausoleums on the board.

Just as well as the Empire came packing Loonarks and other weird stuff !

We won initiative, and cast a spell to push a bunch of skeletons across the table to get down the enemy’s gun line ASAP.

Which we followed up with more of our forces.

Doh, we had hoped to get into combat with the Witch Hunter again, but failed.

Quelle suprise.


We engaged the enemy, not with great success.

Well this should be an easy win, shirley ?

Don’t call be Shirley !

All out war !

Reinforcements arrived for both sides as we clashed in a mass combat.

Somehow skeletons versus heavily armoured mounted knights, is not a fair fight…

Eventually the Vampire Counts were defeated, which we suspect was the intended outcome of the campaign.

Bar a few silly mistakes, the dice and scenarios were against us.

What also didn’t help was Gav and I not being au fiat with the Undead rules. C’est la vie.

Important thing was we had a good time.

Xmashammer 2016 – The Hidden Necropolis

Third scenario, and I was playing.

Very few photos, as I was again catering, which is a major distraction from actually playing.

Again small forces deployed, to fight over a ruined house.

One Mortis Engine, and five Hexwriths supported by a banshee and Cairn Wraith.

The Looney-Ark and various Empire moved forward straight through the cemetery – as ever the WHFB rules don’t seem to make any difference moving over scenery. (Hmm, what is that call…Oldhammer ? Sanity ??)

WE finally clashed along the wall and the Hexwraiths were shot down by gunners before the Mortis engine was destroyed.

Quite a short game, the dice were not with us.

This meant the White Wizards would join up with the other Empire forces in the fourth and final scenario…

Xmashammer 2016 – The Midnight Hunt

The second scenario, played in the late afternoon and evening.

Anthony & Jim continued with their role as Empire players, with Gavin, Richard and then me as the Vampire Counts generals.

So late on in the day, I came in to play an army I had no clue on !

This time the armies were slightly larger, but the Vampires were on the defensive.

The Vargheists were hidden behind the woods, which as we now know don’t even block line of sight – yeah, a WHFB “thing”.

The Empire chose to situate their cannon in the tower.

The dire wolves were sent round the flank to gobble up the Empire hand gunners, which proved a futile idea as they can’t double move and don’t count as fast cavalry, so limped around until the last moment before being shot to pieces.

The Empire approaches with their Heavy Cavalry and chariot nonsense.

The Vampire army prepares to receive the inevitable charge

And the other wing of the army prepares for the flagellants who can cross the fence without penalty (a WHFB “thing”), at least Manfred was able to goad them into double move along with the Vargheists who were thought to be wimps.

Zombies vs Flagellants – no contest really, more like a speed bump.

The Ghoulies charged into the Knights who had suffered wounds already from a slightly better magic phase.

And they were supported by Manfred and the Vargheists, along with a few hex spells.

Empire reinforcements and more Skeletons joined the swirling melee.

Resulting in a Vampire counts win in combat, which turned out to be a physic victory (see below). The Vargheists pursued and wiped out the fleeing knights.

Only for the flagellants to wipe out the Zombies and charge Manfred in the rear, along with the Empire troops doing the same to the skeletons.

My mistake !

I should have pursued with Manfred to get him out of the way. I did not need to kill the Empire Theogonist.

As a result, I lost combat, with the Undead rule that I did not think applied to Vampires (DOH!) Manfred died, and as general the entire army became unstable and we had to throw in the towel.

On to the third scenario…

Xmashammer 2016 – The Dying Light

Thew first scenario involved quite small forces on a 4×4′ board.

Here are the Vampire Counts’ army, and in this case the Dire Wolves have a special rule as Ambushers.

The Empire army was similarly small, being lead by a Witch Hunter running around on his own.

And they’re off !
Diagonal set up zones, the Empire have to get a message off from the tower in the bottom left hand corner of this photo. Naturally, the Vampires are keen on stopping any such nonsense.

ironically, Richard who was leading the Vampires had named his Vampire in the Chariot as a female halfling called “Buttercup”….

With so few units on the table, both sides were very cautious, with Buttercup hiding behind a small mausoleum.

No surprise – the dire wolves turned up by the tower to prevent the Witch Hunter getting there to send the signal to the rest of the Empire for help.

the Skeletons mae a doomed charge in to the Empire Knights to hold them up and prevent them charging Buttercup, or helping the Witch Hunter get to the tower.

the Ghouls charged the Handgunners and chased them off (yes they’re Dryads, but Richard has made them look like Groovey evil things).

The Vampire Counts won, JUST.

The Winds of Magic were not with them and that was the only advantage they had. So I recommended a can of mixed taco beans to help with Gavin’s wind issue. 😉

Just as well we would be having a curry later that night.

So the Empire failed to get off the signal and couldn’t expect help anytime soon.

I hadn’t played in the game as I was busy catering and hosting, and new that Richard was departing in the evening, so would take over for the second scenario…

Xmashammer 2016 – Sigmar’s Blood

Firstly, Happy new year to all my readers, and happy birthday to anyone who has a birthday in the next 365 days. 😉

Now, my group usually holds a two day session of WHFB.

This year due too a couple of factors, rather than one simple head to head bash we decided to do the “Blood of Sigmar” campaign – four interlinked scenarios between The Empire and Manfreed Von Carstein (Vampire Lord).

Introduction over I’ll post the first of the four scenarios we played.

As an aside, I suspect this game book was a test run for the battle tomes for AoS.

Xmashammer Lite 2015 – 2

But on the right flank, the flank guard defeated the Orc Wolf Riders and faced off against the Night Goblin Archers, who had also been reduced in numbers due to the Rangerererers.

The Black Orcs caved in against the Steam Juggernaut, and the Pony Express flank charged the Night Goblins.

And the Dwarves won the combat and ran down the Night Goblins and the Black Orcs, destroying the BSB – something which we often forget about.

Lone Night Goblin Fanatic whirling around on his own !

The Dwarf Flank Guard unit broke the Night Goblin archers but failed to catch them but pursued them across the battlefield.

Obviously this reversal of fortune was due to BlackJack’s superior Generalship ! 😉

But the game was not over.

Having destroyed the Dragon Guard, Harboth’s unit turned andran down the Organ Gun, but not before they held them up for a round so that my General Shambles’ unit of Quarrelrerers turned to face them.

Meanwhile the Warriorererers under One Eyed Sally held up the Savage Orcs, made them lose combat (and Frenzy) and ground them down.

Shambles and Harboth faced off and attacked each other, whilst the Steam Juggernaut flank charged harboth’s and the combination defeated Harbpoth’s.

The other combat, with the Savage Orc was finally joined by the Spider Riders who had spent two rounds squabbling (Animosity), but that ended up in a mess and the Dwarves won.

This left very few Orc or Goblin units left intact, but several Dwarf units intact.

Eventually after 6 hours and 6 rounds of hard combat the Dwarves won. A clopse battle though that had started badly for me, and then swerved back to me.

Xmashammer Lite 2015

Byakhee Gav and I had a single day game this Xmas – 3,000 points Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves.

My Dwarf army is very “Oldhammer”. A cannon, organ gun, 20 Rangerererers, 15 Quarrellerererers, 20 Warriorerererers, 20 Dragon Company, plus the Pony Express (10 pony riders) and a Steam Juggernaut.

Vs Gav’s lot: Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys, EEza Ugezod Black Orcs, Savage Orcs, Night Goblin Spearmen, Night Goblin Archers, Spider riders and a trebuchet.

The spider riders moved into the woods as they cxan ignore difficult terrain.

But the Rangerererers defeated the Wolf Riders’ Vanguard move.

Gav one first move, and proceeded to shoot my Pony Express unit with his Spider Riders. With a 4+ armour save, what did I roll ? Yup nearly half the unit killed first round !

The Wolf Riders charged the flank guard unit, bounced off, retreated and then reformed.

In the centre, the Orc columns advanced. Gav had predicted he had little chance of good Magic Phases so had not come packing, and was vindicated.

Just short of charge range, the orcs managed to get charged by my DWarves, after they had taken a lot of damage from missile fire. The Steam Juggernaut and remaining Slayers charged into the Black Orcs, and the Juggernaut did a lot of damage.

Following up the Black Orcs, the Slayers got side charged by the Night Goblin Spearmen.

But meanwhile, the Warriorererers and Dragon Guard were charged, and the Dragon Guard failed their LD test ran away and were run down by Harboth’s Black Mountain boys.

Things were looking bad.My slayers were only just above 25%, the Dragon Guard gone, and the Pony Express was at half…