Demo game

JP & I had a game with some scratch war bands at the start of the Board Games Club last Saturday, just a simple head to head to demo some of the rules to people who wandered over.

We arranged the board so we get show the scenery cost as much or as little as you wanted, and the rage of options available to scratch build your own.

Jon’s war band.

Off go for the treasure.

Templar down !

A wandering outer showed up behind Jon’s war band, and started trashing their firing line.

Now you see the treasure…

…now you don’t. Fools Gold !

WE rigged the game so Jon could use his Poundland Giant, bought for the princely some of £1.

Who proceeded to stomp all over my war band.

before starting on Jon’s.

Whilst the demon put Jon’s wizard down.

Whilst a timely placed couple of walls saved my wizard who escaped.

Must have been interesting for others cos a couple kept coming back and asking questions.

Demo’ing Frostgrave to Boardgamers

As mentioned, JP & I got invited by the Hereford Boardgames to demo Frostgrave.

So we rocked up on Saturday and put on a demo game. They meet in the function room above a pub. Drink !

A couple of dozen people were there – this photo doesn’t do justice to the number as it was taken at lunchtime when people were heading to the bar for food, and other nonsense.

Lots of games were being played.

Makes Warhammer look dice lite ! 😉

We were next to a table demo’ing X-Wing, the Star Wars space fighter game.

During the day we had a fair amount of interest and I gave away best part of a dozen flyers.

Jon and I got in one game between the two of us, and then lured one of the X-Wing guys to play a second game which allowed me to sneak off for a bit to take the photos.

Looks like we have at least one new player lined up !

The game photos will follow shortly.

Not so quick win

This item has been on my table for over two months and I have been dragging my feet about finishing it.

GW’s Ophidian Archway.

A solid piece of scenery that in should be a nice piece to paint – simple thin linear structure, with an upper storey and a large archway.

BUT, it suffers from a huge exuberance of detail that is just OTT.

The detail of a dragon/wyrm coiling round the piece is great and on its own wouldn’t be too bad. But it is the back ground detail that merges with it that makes it way more fussy then most people will want to have on a piece of scenery.

Having broken that painting block, I cracked this out in just 2 days.

Again LOTR scenery, plain and simple and ideal for Saturday’s jaunt.

A second quick win

The second major component of the GW LOTR ruins kit.

There’s a third small part to be done, and I’ve also completed a very annoying piece of scenery that has been on the table for two months of more.

Another quick win – LOTR ruins

Sitting on the table have been some GW LOTR ruins, another quick win.

JP and I have been asked to do a demo game at the Hereford Boardgames club later this month, so doing up some new scenery seemed a good idea.

Simple and easily put together the kit is of thick plastic and doesn’t have the warping effect of some of the other GW kits.

I’ve got a set previously and done it up for WHFB/AVBCW.

Isotype – AVBCW 4th November

From OMD’s latest epic CD, The Punishment of Luxury.

Are blogs and other digital publications replacing our tactile communications ?

Well all well and good that Clive and Roo have been busy organising the next AVBCW Big Game and they’ve confirmed the 4th November is the day.

So haul ass, and get here to Hereford.

And you’ll get to see us all for real.

Log defences

I’m sure there is a proper name, but here are some log barriers that act as barriers. I had one set painted up years ago, and bought some only for them to be lost…

I’d undercoated them and then packed them away in a box of stuff I’ve now sold.

They’re by Ainsty.

Simple, log barricades kept in places by staves at either end. I’ve added flock on the outer side.


These should be good for AVBCW, BoB, and WHFB games as well as my long planned AWI project.

In a wild moment of madness I painted the staves on this set a different colour.

The usual paint mix is:
– Foundry Bay Brown (Shade)
– Foundry Granite
– GW Agrax Earthshade wash
– Foundry Boneyard (shade), for the logs’ split ends and staves

The alternate set had the staves painted in Granite (light).

Wild I know.

Some more figures have been found in advanced states of painting…