Comments Policy

  1. The King In Yellow, is the king in The Lost City of Carcosa. As such I make the rules and I am capricious.
  2. Back up any claims with links to scientific peer reviewed papers, not blog rolls.
  3. Any claims not backed up in such a way, will be deleted. I may tolerate links to other blog rolls that contain such links
  4. Mention Al Gore, and expect summary deletion (Gore’dwin’s Law).
  5. No discussions about moderation will be tolerated.
  6. No ad-hominems, or personal abuse. Profanity may be tolerated if used judiciously.
  7. If refering to other blog roll postings, other online fora or the like, expect the poster there to have the right to reply.
  8. Play Nice.
  9. Do not go into the Lake of Hali.
Thank you in anticipation for your co-operation.

And now, the 10th rule, provided by one of the Byakhees (Rich):

Feel free to leave intelligent comments. The King in Yellow doesn’t bite, though he may obliterate your mind with screaming madness at a moment’s notice.

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