Thieves, Cultists & Treasure, sounds Familiar ?

More poor lighting, a couple,ncil meeting then topped off with a stomach bug, so here’s a catch up of stuff done late last week and this week.

Two C04 Thieves, one of which is my Tunnel Fighter for the new “into the Breeding Pits” campaign with Jon.

Each of the C04 thieves are unique and in way a regimented figure so take a lot more time to paint. You can see how much clutter they have on them. Still, very good figures to have.

Mordheim Chaos Cultist, another one that has been kicking around too long, complete with Hannibal Lecter face mask.

I said I wouldn’t get side tracked with treasure, but I was finishing these two items off.

Again, some treasure specific tokens – scrolls and grimoires.

Two more familiars. One I bought on evil-bat recently, and the other from way back when rebased and tarted up.

The “bird thing” familiar has multiple arms including a dagger hidden behind its back.

Yet more !

The mannequin will do as both familiar and small construct. It’s a Failcast version, the club is ever so slightly bent.

And then there is Cousin IT. (Addams Family)

Bought on evil-bay, rebased, not my paint job.

Nice item.

C33 Wizard on Whirlwind

This is one of the rarer C33 Adventurer packs from the mid 1980’s as slot bases were rolled out.

Does what it said on the (blister) pack, but hang on, it’s not that simple.

Yes, the “tab” is virtually non existent, so amongst a grab bag of stuff I took to Byakhee Richard was this one, there was no way simple stupid glue would suffice to keep this on a base.

So Richard pinned it, added a stabilising square of something, and then a metal washer to provide weight to the base (30mm GW round base).

Much better.

The female wizard on foot.

On the whirlwind. I base coated it with a dark silver and then worked up to white.

The pair together.

Sharp eyed people will have noticed that I have two of them (see the tab photo, and the raw metal, compare and contrast oxidation of the white metal).

Best check on the wizard on flying carpet next.


In between dispiriting visits to houses to buy I managed to do some painting.

Citadel Lord of Battle, Axel Starsong. One of those figures I had to have, but never got round to painting. Will do service as a Templar.

Citadel Paladin, Lady Zoneliegh. She will do service as a Captain.

Foundry Pict crossbowman, who will do service as err, a crossbowman, I know it was an inspired choice.

Citadel Familiar, because ….

CP Models, dungeon treasure items, yes I know I said I wasn’t going to get sidetracked but I’d ordered them along with the toads sown to finish them off. Nice items, only annoyance is the bases are smaller than the 25mm round bases I use for all the other treasure items.

And finally…

Thing !

I think this was included both in the Citadel Familiars range and the Night Horros range.

So it’ll double up as a familiar and a Construct.

In the meantime…

FG: Fungus Foray

Byakhee Jon and I agreed to start new war bands and start the Into the Breeding Pits campaign following the descent of his main wizard whose name I have entirely forgotten. 😉

So at a day’s notice Jon organised another gaming session. Due to another meeting I had, we only had two hours.

My new Wizard and Apprentice were part painted as was the Tunnel Fighter.

The first scenario was the Moving Maze where fungi start moving things around and violent fungi turn up to defend their patch.

Shazam (with two A’s) and Marvo deployed the war band – Illusionists.

Against Jon’s new war band led by a Chronomancer ette.

Though I won initiative, this allowed Jon to dictate what scenery was moved by the fungi…thus cutting me off from my rightful loot. Luckily I had managed to cast both Fool’s Gold and Reveal Secret.

Picking up the treasure triggered the Violent Fungi to appear, as placed by the opposing player (Jon), guess where…

Which was reciprocated.

easy to kill, but injuring/killing them releases spores causing models to be wounded.

Good job I had also taken the Heal spell !

Unless you passed a Will test like my war hound did.

I closed in on my fifth piece of treasure, the Chronomancer’s thief having been tricked by Fool’s Gold.

Wizard’s Eye -a late hope to use it to cast Elemental Bolt.

We’d spent so much time fighting the Violent Fungi we’d barely exchanged blows, but here my war hound finished off a thug, before being mercilessly cut down with a plaintive yelp by an archer.

And so to the departure lounge – in Into the Breeding Pits, you exit via doors/archways only. Shazaam (spelt with two A’s) escaped with a load of treasure, which was mostly gold but alas no grimoires !

A good start for my new wizard.

Jon was completely hampered by poor dice rolling when it came to casting spells. And he didn’t even roll any 20’s in combat :-O

Sadly we did not have time for a second game as we would have spent too long setting up bases, counting treasure and so on…so the saga has only just begun.

FG: The Final Battle (Part Two) – How to kill a Liche Lord

The Wraith Knights started stalking purposefully toward our two war bands. Fortunately, one for each of us.

the first one got to Thaddeus’ war band, before the one (far left) was just behind a piece of scenery where I had an Archer, Ranger and my Captain. (The Green Knight despite being buffed with fleet feet was still some way behind)

Ipounced with the three aforementioned figures utilising my Captain’s Group Activation (3) trait. This enabled my Captain to put the foul undead out of this world – especially as she had been equipped with a Ring of Life giving her another bonus on her Fight skill.

Moments later, the other Wraith Knight was despatched by Thaddeus’ minions.

In the mean time Thaddeus’ war band had also been exchanging fire with the Liche Lord to mutual ineffective. (I expect nothing less of Thaddeus, but the Liche Lord ?)

So Holbron cast Draining Word on the Liche Lord’s favourite spell (Elemental Bolt) just too help buy some more time.

Thaddeus sent his usual demented mutt into combat with the Liche Lord. Typically Jon rolled a 20 in combat ! But of course cringing canines do not come equipped with magical teeth, so the combat was technically won by Fluffy even if no damage was done. BUT this move did mean the Liche was immobilised and unable to cast magic as both of us moved in for the kill now all the Liche’s minions were dead dead. (They’re dead Dave, they’re all dead Dave.)

My Captain pounced at this opportunity ! Eager to claim the kill for herself and Holbron. By now even the Green Knight had caught up.

Thaddeus’ minions piled in as well.

But my Captain was the first to defeat the evil Liche Lord, and turn him in to a pile of dust and rags.
(I even forgot to add in the Elemental Hammer damage bonus I’d buffed her with the previous round !)

With the creator dead, the floating castle started to quake and fall apart. Naturally the coining scum of Holbron’s entourage seized two treasures and legged it.

Talking of cringing scum, as Holbron’s war band made for safety (it’s different to running away), they saw Thaddeus and Oddleigh (his odd apprentice) holding hands and dropping off the floating fortress. Sounds like they DESCENDED rather than TRANSCENDED. 😉

With all his war band safely on the ground, and proclaiming victory to the cheering crowds,Holbron was still not satisfied. Thaddeus had escaped his justice, and the cheap baubles in the six treasure chests had not slaked his thrust for riches of arcane power.

Something is changing here with my nemesis escaping, we must look to the future, intoned Holbron to his apprentice Gideon, and they weren’t even holding hands.

Yes, the campaign was complete, another excellent game had, leaving me with some questions to be resolved.


FG: The Final Battle (Part One)

Despite arriving late, Jon and I decided we had enough time to play the final battle scenario in the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign.

Jon had already announced that his goal was Transcendence, and that he had acquired all the spells he needed to achieve this goal, so this was going to be Thaddeus’ last game.

The notes in the scenario, and the very impressive array of opponents persuaded me that an alliance with Holbron’s old foe would be a necessity, even if it meant breaking it after the death of the Liche Lord !

On the far wall with two Wraith Knights waited the Liche Lord with his treasure.

Six death Cultists were in the middle of this floating fortress os evil.

Along with 12 Armoured Skeletons.

Just for once I won initiative, buffed both the Captain and Green Knight with Shield, and sent them in to battle against the ranks of the undead. A Ranger supported them and to my surprise decked the first Armoured Skeleton.

Thaddeus had a similar plan to despatch a group of warriors (and demon) to wipe out the skeletons, but lost an Infantryman in the first go.

The Captain and Knight finished off another 3 of the Armoured Skeletons, the rest were pinning down Thaddeus’ forces and were outside of my area of battle, so I left them to it. The Knight would take long enough to get back to my forces as it was. (M=5)

Meanwhile I had dispatched “Gideon Force” along the far edge of the table my side to outflank the Liche Lord’s minions and get ready for the surgical strike to remove treasure. My new Bard was there to ensure Will was with me in case the Liche Lord had any fancy spells.

Holbron’s Archers and Rangers started picking off the Death Cultists in the centre and took down four of them, whilst Holbron and Gideon started buffing up all of the minions with Fleet Feet spells.

Common cause made erstwhile enemies prepared to hide behind pieces of cover as Holbron and Thaddeus’ bands approached the Liche Lord, who had already started summoning an extra skeleton.

Said Skeleton was put down by my Ranger with a well aimed arrow.

We were now so close, the Wraith Knights activated and started to seek out the living…

FG: The Bone Wheel (Part Two), the messy bit

Both Thaddeus’ and Holbron’s war bands had 3 treasures each and both were shifting them off the table. However as a summoner, Thaddeus had advantage in numbers and I had 4 Death Cultists at my back too.

That wasn’t all:

Jon threw and Imp to also slow me down which resulted in a Ranger going down.

The Archer despatched the Imp, and then the two death cultists before moving on to help out his comrades.

Only for an Elemental Ball to cause mayhem after they’d sliced and diced the cultists !

I was by now running out of minions as they were rapidly exiting the board voluntarily with loot, or rather less voluntarily !

Ambushed by a war hound, Gideon the Apprentice was stuck.

Before my own archer, suffering Mind Control stepped in to finish him off !

Good job Holbron and the Captain had escaped earlier.

Gideon had a “close escape”, so ~700GC worth of valuables were lost.

Jon was the winner of this game as he had put down more of my war band, even though we both had got 3 items of loot each.

Even though I’d turned up late, we had enough time to do the final scenario of the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign – a showdown with the villain of the piece himself…

FG: The Bone Wheel (Part One), the easy bit

On Friday BYakhee Jon and I continued the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign, with the penultimate scenario. Jon had done a unique scenery piece for it.

Bone wheel in the middle.

My band of heroes set up with brand new spanking matching colour outfits and familiars.

The enemy: the motley crew of Thaddeus, including a weird mutant demon that Thaddeus (who is EVIL and must be destroyed) had summoned before the game.

For once, I had read up the scenario, and kitted my war band out appropriately. So what happened ?

I win initiative, roll for Elemental Bolt and kill the Banshee facing me first time round.
Nice load of XP, gritted teeth my planning was (mostly) wasted.

Thaddeus (Jon) had the same idea, and launched an armoured skeleton 9also summoned) and the demon in against his Banshee opponent, but he took longer to deal with it. 😛

The defenders down, the next two rounds consisted of us both getting war band members in to the bone wheel to collect the loot/rescue the victims (yeah right).

Covering my flank, the Green Knight waded into combat to support the war hound, who promptly died, as did an Infantryman of Thaddeus’.

This drew and inevitable response:

Yup a mob of Barbarian buttock clenching thing wielding presence backed up with a second infantryman !

And four Death Cultists turned up behind my forces, joy of joys.

I made good my escape with three treasure tokens, utilising the ever handy “Wall”.

Unfortunately, my escape was hampered by the Death Cultists which slowed me up….

To be Continued…

Familiar faces

In preparation for today’s gaming session with Jon, I finished off these two Citadel Familiars for the newly painted Holbron and Gideon.

Painted with reds to make them key in with their masters.

(NB, the “black stripe” on the walking book is an optical illusion, it’s just acres in the page !)

I chose these two as Holbron being a Sigilist would probably like a walking book.

The games session was one of the best Jon and I have had, we finished off the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign, and these two long term foes have reached an end of an era.

More to come tomorrow, once I’ve edited the photos of the two scenarios we played: The Bone Wheel; and The Final Battle.