WHFB: Arcane Ruins

The old GW high density foam scenery piece.

Counts as an Arcane Ruin as per the rule book.


  • Cannot be climbed nor fought over by normal Infantry or Cavalry (from the outside).
  • Can be fought over by Monstrous Infantry and similar such models.
  • Can be climbed over by such models (Difficult Terrain test).
  • All models can climb down them, but must take a Difficult Terrain test.
  • Flyers may move into the ruins.
  • Infantry may only move into it using the stairs.
  • Formed Infantry units must start at the beginning of their move at the base of the stairs, and make a double move to get into the terrain piece.
  • Skirmish units must start at the base o the stairs, but only make a normal move.
  • Infantry and all other units defending the walls, counts as defending an obstacle.
  • War Machines may never enter the ruins – in the middle of battle its just too difficult.

This was a LE item from 10 or more years ago.

Nice piece straight out of the bag, I should tart it up a bit…

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