Laserburn: Robots

Here are some DRAFT rules I knocked up for some Imperial Robots for a simple 3-way fight, that is then complicated by some Imperial Robots turning up to shoot everyone !

Scenario Rules:
– At the beginning of the second turn, the player with the lowest initiative Character rolls a d6, on a 5/6 a large Imperial droid and a small Imperial droid turn up.
– At the beginning of the next turn roll again, for either a first, or second or third unit of Imperial Droids….
– IF a unit of Droids turns up, then the player with the highest Initiative rolls a d6 for which side they come on: 1-2 on his left, 3-4 opposite, 5-6 his right, and they are set up within 10cms of the board edge, in the middle of that edge (not the corners!) within 10cms of each other
– the third player, then moves the Robots (as per normal Initiative) towards the nearest two Characters that have been shooting that turn, via the shortest route, ignoring all cover and tactical thoughts.

Large Imperial Droids:
– Full LA
– Heavy Laser, Autolaser
– WS = 130….CS = 40….Initiative = 5

Small Imperial Droid
– Full LA
– 2 x Autolaser
– WS = 130….CS = 40….Initiative = 8

– May not fire into a Building, or into Cover unless they have been fired upon from that area
– May not fire upon a character, that has NOT shot at them, or another character (when they were present and within 20cms)
– May not fire on an unarmed Character
– Must fire at the last Character to have shot a weapon
– Unless a Character fired at it, or another Imperial Droid this turn

If Hit and wounded in the Head (anything other than Blinded or Light), then that counts as a malfunction: on a d6 a roll of anything other than a 1 results in shut down. A roll of 1, then it targets the nearest two characters automatically and will fire and pursue them to the ends of the planet !
Wounds to left/right (anything other than Light), will disable the weapon accordingly
Wounds to legs, affects movement as normal except for a DEAD, which immobilises the robot
Wounds to the Body, damages the fuel pack, and on a DEAD roll, causes an explosion with a large template. ON a KO’d roll the Robot ceases to function. On a Serious roll it is inactive for d6 turns.

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