FG: The Wyrm Hunts (again)

Second game of the day, and due to my continuing lack of dedicated scenery, I suggested “the Wyrm Hunts” as Alan had not played that.

As a small experiment I opted to play Lady K’s warband considerably higher level than Rinsesoap to see ion the difference in levels made much of a difference.

We slightly changed the scenery with the arched hall in the middle.

We scattered the treasure as normal, and I conjured up both Fools Gold and Reveal Secret.

Which as you can see allowed me to win two treasures within the first two turns.
Kerrching !
And no Wyrm was summoned – phew !

I made an elementary mistake, Leaping my Apprentice into the middle of the main square, forgetting that any figure so moved can’t do anything for the rest of the turn. DOH !

But I did manage to Teleport in to block LOS to a treasure chest that Rinsesoap was moving towards him using Telekenisis.

Unfortunately, as you can see Lady K instantly attracted a lot of the minions towards her.

So I moved up my Captain, Archer and Warhound to protect her, even though Rinsesoap’s bone darts were having no effect.

The bear killed my Captain, and then moved on to a Treasure Hunter I’d moved up, just after Lady K teleported out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile my Apprentice had leapt up to the treasure chest in the middle of the arched hall, only for her to confront two of Rinsesoap’s minions. Having foiled them by the Fool’s Guild they came up, and even Pushing them away hadn’t given them the message. So a simple Wall blocked their advance.

And as my Apprentice picked up the treasure, the Warm emerged, unfortunately behind Rinsesoap’s Apprentice, who duly was torn to pieces.

Alan was gnashing teeth at this point, as both my Apprentice and Lady K showed their mettle with high Fight and Armour, thwarting all his bone darting efforts.

Carnage continued with the bear taking out more of my minions.

Whilst Rinsesoap had a narrow escape with the Warm, beating it in combat and pushing it back, to make good his escape – or rather pursuing my now fleeing warband as Lady K had weighed up her benefits and found 5 treasure chests was a good idea to get away with.

Regrouping with a Ranger, Apprentice and Lady K make ready to get out of the city.

Only for Rinsesoap to finally put the Apprentice down !

So, a nice protective wall sufficed for the Ranger to pick up the 5th treasure and make good my escape.

Whilst Rinsesoap’s Archer put down the Warm.


Well I won, the treasure was useful. The game was not one sided. Once Rinsesoap has some different spells, Lady K’s high Fight and Armour could be negated.

However, its also shows a difference of ~20 levels is probably starting to change the balance of the game.

FG: The Silent Tower (scenario)

Alan and I had a bash last Saturday, first umm was the Silent Tower scenario which Alan had played once before but not got anywhere near it. It was also my excuse to get the new scenery out.

Alan was using a newish warband led by Hashpot Dribbleweed, and I was using a much neglected newish warband led by the King In Yellow.

So deployed I aimed to get KIY into the towers for the 50XP to bump him up a level or two.

Which with the judicious use of some Wall spells, he promptly did.

I sent my Captain after the loot which Hashpot was moving away with Telekenisis (sound familiar ?).

Of course this triggered the arrival of some Zombies that bumbled around a lot and were an aggravation.

Hashpot managed to lay his hands on 3 treasures.

So I sent my minions to retrieve MY treasure, the Treasure Hunter was promptly bone darted.

And things didn’t get much better when Captain, war hound and thug got into combat with Hashpot’s minions.

All of which also failed in combat.

So foolishly I sent my apprentice to help out, only for him to immediately be out out in combat. DOH !

The Zombies finally caused some aggro, luckily I managed to get away with that piece of loot.

But then disaster struck as KIY was also struck down with a bone dart. Things were going badly wrong for me, with Alan’s Hashpot stomping all over my warband.

Even the thug that had collected the treasure chest from the top of the tower was put out of action, leaving Hashpot in almost complete control of this scenario.

I have got used to having Wizards who are capable of defending themselves against incoming arrows and spells. I’ll have to play KIY again once I’ve got some more unique figures, probably the cultist set in the next few months to remind me of the frailty of the low level wizard.


I got away with two pieces of loot, a lot of experience, but an apprentice that is missing a game.

Second scenario to follow.

FG: Folio

Well earlier last month i touted a Kickstarter (Kickstarter) campaign for the Frostgrave Folio collecting the three digital downloads. It finished on Tuesday evening, and today In received the results.

It contains the:

  • Sellsword supplement that introduces the mercenary Captain, a character able to gain XP and hence stat/skill increases, along with three scenarios to flex their muscles.
  • Dark Alchemy campaign, that has a revised potions table, and can be played as a solo set of games.
  • Hunt for the Golem, which I’ve just done with JP, the clue is in the title.
  • Arcan Locations, three new scenarios with strange scenery, sigh, I fear I will have to start building these places…and a set of upgrades for a wizard’s base.
  • and a new Campaign of three more scenarios “The Ravages of Time”, which I think is aimed more at higher level wizards and is the exploration of a Vampiric Choromancer’s lair. Looks interesting.

So the book has plenty of meat to get your teeth into. After nearly a year JP and I are still wading through the existing scenarios so these will take us another 6 months to get through.

As can be seen, the campaign came with the promise of extra goodies:

  • Sprue of 5 plastic barbarians – very detailed and easily a match for GW plastics.
  • A metal head and weapon hand for conversion of the above to make a model similar to the cover art of the book.
  • A Sigilist Wizard, again to match the book’s cover art.
  • And then there was a stretch goal, of an Appr4entice Sigilist.

The extras alone added up to more than £10 – the price of the book.

these figures are the first official Frostgrave figures I’ve acquired and they are very compatible with the old C02 Wizards I ahve, and the other C series figures I am using.

Which is good, and offsets the bad news I received regarding my former sister in law today. 😐

Scenery: The Silent Tower

For one of the Frostgrave scenarios I have been building the requisite “Silent Tower” from Pringles tubes. My deadline was Saturday when I had a game lined up with Alan,m which I almost met. Or at least enough to deploy the scenery.

I hadn’t highlighted the stones, and missed out the top most piece, but it was good enough.

I used a very old (and very soft) lead ladder to reach the top level, gluing it into place for added strength as it was very bendy.

The top most level I added an overhang to, just to make it different and provide more room.

The two walkways were pre-existing false wood ones.

Now on to the games…

FG: Field Study

The second scenario of the Hunt the Golem campaign JP & I played.

The scenario was that the wizards had hunted down the Golem, and needed to study it.

It was a Large Construct, and would attack anyone in LOS and within 10″.

Now at this point, I have to point out I’d not printed out Lady K’s warband details, and had brought my laptop instead…only to realise I had not brought the USB stick with the spreadsheet on so I’d been going from memory.

JP won the dice on choosing sides, so I set up opposite, immediately spotting that (a) the Golem was closer to me than him, and (b) all the treasure chests were in LOS and within 10″ of the Golem.

I did manage to lure one of his thieves into the open with a Fools Gold treasure chest, with Thaddeus close in tow, who used an Invisibility potion.

So i was left pondering did Lady K have an Invisibility potion ? As I couldn’t remember, I couldn’t use it.

Having also lost Initiative, when I did move my Rangers forward to pick up the closest treasure chest, it immediately caused a random creature to turn up.
Behind me.An Imp. No big deal but I had to dispatch the Captain to deal with it.

I had hoped the wall would have blocked LOS to my Ranger, so on a 50/50 roll, guess what..it didn’t so the Golem charged in to combat. Now the aim of the game was to get your wizard within 10″ to study the beast, and if you killed it, no XP for any spell caster…

I’d pushed my Apprentice forward, with a war hound. Oh look, JP’s war hound Fluffy VI, with a Barbarian leapt in in support, and just for good measure, my war hound was subjected to Mind Control.

Fantastic, “we’re in a load of shit now”.

So Lady K took a peek at the Golem by teleporting in before scuttling for cover, only to find her Rangers being knocked about by the war hound(s).

I’d hoped to pick up some treasure on the other side of the table, but (a) failing my personal “Spot Treasure” roll, followed by the advance of Thaddeus’ Captain and Knight, thought better of it, picked up the now observed treasure and headed for the hills.

As did Lady K. Whilst her minions were cut down, and one Ranger was also subjected to Mind Control – the Ranger with one of the treasure chests of course so that went into the greedy paws of Thaddeus.

Oh great, my Ranger having had Elemental Hammer cast on his weapon, actually destroys the Golem – so campaign is over and as per the scenario rules no XP for either Wizard.
This gets better.

For the final insult, the collection of treasure spawned another random creature – or in fact TWO wolves right behind me. The Captain dealt with both of them, the only character I had that gained XP for this game.

Schadenfreude: JP’s marksman became cat food for a wandering Snow Leopard.

Two dead Rangers and very little to show for it.

Must remember to bring my spreadsheet next time, as Lady K did have a potion of Invisibility, and more annoyingly also had Telekenisis which would have helped shif the treasure towards me.

Ho hum !

FG: The Attack Site (Part 2)

Jo had been reading my bat reps, and had picked up the Mind Control spell, and used it on the bear, heading it toward my minions, and of course the wall faded away.

But as one wall went down, another went up ! Thadeus’ barbarian had found the Golem Notes, and stuffed them in his loincloth (where he also kept something also small…).
So intent on getting the notes the Apprentice was moved to create a new wall cutting the barbarian off from escape.

And so I sent in my Treasure hunter and Ranger, only for the barbarian to trash both of them !

(Wall removed for dramatic purposes)
This left my Captain and the pushed back treasure hunter to deal with the thieving barbarian.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, a boar turned up preventing an easy escape for one of Thaddeus’ minions.

Thaddeus’ barbarian drank a potion of leaping, and escaped my trap !

Cursing the low life, Lady K’s warband decided to make a decent orderly retreat.

The bear jumped one of my Rangers who had been limping off the board with a treasure chest. The Captain was then sent in, and the bear was defeated.

but then Thaddeus used the Mind Control spell to control the Captain, only for Lady K to Dispel it.

..just as the Blue Knight went in to the fray, and who was then defeated.

And the game ended with my Ranger finally putting down he invincible zombie, after some 6 turns of combat !

Overall, we both left the board with 4 treasures each, though one of JP’s was the Golem Papers, so overall a marginal victory for Thaddeus IMHO.

So Lady K was on a mission to catch up with this Golem…

FG: The Attack Site (Part 1)

A visit to price Towers on Friday, and we agreed to start the Hunt for the Golem campaign – three scenarios. JP had the digital download and I didn’t so I was going in blind. I decided that I’d play Lady Katherine, as an Enchanter she should be working up to making and animating a Construct so it fitted with her narrative to go hunting a real live construct – a Golem.

JP has been busy with mdf scenery and now has an impressive board to set up. Very chilly.

Hunting for the rogue Golem, the war bands stumble on a site of carnage, with body parts in piles everywhere, so they say about investigating, to see what if anything the corpses can tell them about the Golem.

JP fielded the thrice cursed Thaddeus and his warband.

lady K teleported to one of the grisly sets of remains only for it to arise from the dead as a zombie ! Soon dealt with, as Lady K now has a =2 Magic Sword…

And my treasure hunter did the same, and again found a zombie. Whilst not defeating the zombie the treasure hunter defeated it in combat and used it off the pillar. Little did either player realise, this zombie would hang around as an invincible blast from the past the entire game tying up two of my models (and two out of 11 is a lot !)

Luckily, whilst i was distracted, a wandering bear turned up and took on two of Jp’s gang.

teleporting to the next treasure Lady K, was looking for some papers rumoured to contain secrets as to how to make this rogue Golem. Alas, all it was was another very rich victim (treasure chest).

Lady K’s Apprentice cast a Wall to protect the minions, and JP sent a thief who had used an invisibility potion to secure one of his treasures.

Behind the wall, a Ranger wades in to help the treasure hunter against the invincible zombie…with precious little result…

My owes were mirrored by the bear mauling to death JP’s Captain.

To be cont’d…