AVBCW: Hugh The Dispenser’s LDV

Sir Hugo comes from a noble family who are based in Hanley Castle (Worcester…near Madresfield) and Huntingdon (Hereford near Kington). The family has estates throughout the region. An ardent aristocrat and purveyor of the Third Way, he has a long history of supporting the BUF in the region having lead troops into battle in both of the Battles of Ledbury.


Allying himself to the Baron of Foy he hopes to expand his focres and lands seizing lands from the Anglicans. he has already taken over much of the Church’s lands in Hereford as they were ejected from the east, central areas and the city itself.

Obviously this has come at a price as his forces are now depleted, and he has incurred the wrath of certain members of the church hierarchy…

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